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Hannity Wants YOU to Volunteer at the RNC

- from sean hannity's web site -
"We Need Your Help! We want to deputize you, and put you to work as a volunteer later this summer, when the Republican National Convention comes to New York City in August.
We need thousands of the Hannitized faithful to help us out and perform critical jobs, as the city welcomes 50,000 delegates, guests, dignitaries and reporters. If you'd like to volunteer please visit  http://www.nyc2004.org for further details."

Sometimes i listen to shows like his. Know your enemy. It's a good tactic. Anywho, listeneng to Hannity's show this week, i heard this advertisement to volunteer at the RNC like 3 times in 5 minutes of commercials.

So, apply, ASAP. Remember, you're a siked, ahead-of-the-game Republican - preferably from out of town, that seems to be what they're digging - who just found out about this unique opportunity, otherwise you would've applied long ago, cuz you really want to be a part of it all.
I did. Go to an orientation; i've already reserved a time slot for one. Dress and behave accordingly. Get assigned an important job, do your best, and at the most crucial moment when things could get the most fucked up, well, you choose what to do. Persons without serious background in acting (i.e. drama class in high school) need not apply.

Have fun!