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Indy in US is Shrinking

Indy dead or slow links from indymedia.org home page shows US Shinkage
Our Kabal
Our Kabal
The following links are out of service today. I will check the world latter. Cause of failure unknown.

Santa cruz
New Mexico
Kansas City
a server must be down... 28.Jun.2004 23:47


it looks to me like a server has gone down for a little bit. i would not jump to any conclusions though...

- we are everywhere (and we are not leaving)

Mark my words, this is but the beginning... 29.Jun.2004 04:44


the closer we get to the coronation of fascism with the false elections the less indymedias will be around with any excuse seen as good enough to blame the diminishing sources of truth.

Could it be that the virus's are sent through java files? 29.Jun.2004 14:22


What files do the anti-virus programs scan.

Why do you think that java updates so often.