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Fireworks stink

The smoke made by fireworks is densely sulphurous, highly acidic and contains alot of greenhouse gases. Fireworks dump alot of toxic metals like lead, arsenic and mercury into the atmosphere. Besides frightening animals, fireworks poison the environment in a way that is incidious and totally unnecessary. Please limit the number you buy and use to a carefully selected few. Try using lasers, fountains, balloons and musical instruments to celebrate your country rather than turning it into a toxic waste dump.

from comments: You are so right John! And what a waste of money as well. It seems we have little to celebrate this year. I live in the woods and am always fearful that some yornk will set fire to the area. But most of all, I think of the money that could be going to something better. Want to say something good about America? Spend the fireworks money on food for the hungry instead.

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