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Join NW RAGE for a GMO teach-in and Reclaim The Commons reportback

We're gearing up for a summer of petitioning, and we need your help! Join us for a GMO presentation; the legalities of petitioning and how to petition; and RECLAIM THE COMMONS reportback.
Join NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering for a Reclaim The Commons reportback, and a presentation on GMOs and the legalities of petitioning. Summer means warm weather and lots of outdoor activities for us to help spread the word about Genetic Engineering and our food. Getting out into the community and talking to people directly is one of the most important tools we have to defeat the Biotech giants! Lawyer Paul Loney will give a talk about the legalities of petitioning and we'll go through the basics on how to petition. Come out to help us on our campaigns to get GMOs out of Safeway-brand products and to ban GE Trees!

We'll also be hearing back from folks who went to Reclaim The Commons in San Francisco - find out what happened as people took to the streets to say "NO!" to the corporatization of our food supply.

So, join us on Wednesday, June 30 at 6:30 for snacks at our office, 3347 SE Belmont (above the Belmont Inn). Here is the schedule:

7:00 What are GMOs? (History, case studies, and recent victories)
7:20 RECLAIM THE COMMONS reportback
8:00 Legal issues on petitioning by Paul Loney of the Belmont Law Center
8:20 "How to petition" teach-in
8:45 Q & A

We hope to see you come and get involved with us to help end Genetic Engineering and promote sustainability! We're looking to expand our active volunteers, so if you're interested, come and get involved!

PO Box 15289
Portland, OR 97293

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