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Fahrenheit 9/11

This movie without any need for trick editing or showing things out context brings to the american public the truth.
Well some said it wouldn't make money! YOU WERE WRONG!!!!

This movie without any need for trick editing or showing things out context brings to the american public the truth. You can witness, on film, an incredible amount jaw dropping stupidity from George W. Bush and many others on capitol hill! It's Shows the sad, stupid, lazy, ignorant and blatantly arrogant minds that are at work "serving the people" of this country.

Yes Moore's sense of humor at times may slighlty detract from what he is saying or bringing to light but, in a way it only encourages more people to see his films. Long Live Michael Moore!!

Once you see this film you will understand why we should have more than two parties in this country. The two we have are corrupt. At the very least hopefully people will see that George Bush should be impeached and "outsourced" back to Texas. He should go back to running a baseball team.

A Concerned American
Red White and Blue 28.Jun.2004 14:01


It is time for the TRUE American patriots to take back the flag. I am so sick of the Love It or Leave ditto-head idiots claiming the flag and country belongs to them. They are a herd of lemmings running to the cliff at their leader's call. This country was taken out of the control of the tyrants that once ruled from England by radical revolutionary patriots. I believe this spirit still lives, not in the mindless followers of Lars Larson, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk, but in us, the writers and readers of IndyMedia, and all our peers who care enough to get involved with doing what is right for humanity and the planet that nourishes us.

It is MY FLAG, dammit! Not Enron's or Mobil's or Bush's or Halliburton's. The hell with them. It is time to for a tea party.

2+2 does not equal 5 28.Jun.2004 15:41


Great a movie exposing the white houses (Bush's ?!?) imperialist agenda is earning Michael More and his friends many millions of dollars! Michael Moore is blazing a trail for other Radical documentaries to follow. He's exposing a market demand and I'm sure in no time flat we'll start seeing other documentaries in the theaters. How long will it be before the Lars Larsons of this country start doing their own? Well, if Lars wants to draw a target on his back that's well and good by me. My point is what is Michael Moore inc. going to do with all this money? From what I've seen of Michael Moore's documentaries they follow this predictable format: throw in some tidbits of fact, follow it up with some nice in your face footage, and ask alot of revealing questions. The trouble is Michael Moore has more questions than he does answers.
Democrats often tell me that this country is going to hell. This position makes me sick with rage. I'm left dumbfounded by the position that we can continue another electoral cycle without addressing the murderous history of this nation loved by many Americans. I guess you could say that Michael Moore's southpark blurb on racism "bowling for columbine" was good enough. Really though, US corporations that trace their financial roots to SLAVERY are still quite alive and kicking. There has been NO reparations by them. Both political parties are currently deciding on a bill as to weather they will steal land from the Western Shosone in Nevada.


While we're at it why don't we explore the roots of the POLICE in this country? This standing army of the united states first reared it's ugly class war head to put down the debtors rebellion of poor farmers that mortgaged their homes to buy guns to fight the British- this is often referred to as Shea's rebellion.


Or the MASSIVE prison industrial complex found in this country. Which traces it's roots to forced servitude as well.
I am often amazed that the same philosophies held by BUSH are held by almost every elected official in this country. Namely that capitalism IS democracy. I'm sure that meant allot to Thomas Jefferson but what did it mean to his slaves? The constitution of the united states contains in its list of agreevances against the British government mention that the British government was in league with "savages" against the people of the unites states, and conspiring to deny them of land that should rightfully be "ours." When it comes to matters like this the line between racism and capitalism gets more than a little blury.
The patriots of this country often look to the sons of liberty as a source of moral inspiration. The sons of liberty however conspired to undermine class struggle in this country. When the poor whites of this country banded with black slaves and burned the houses of wealthy British slave traders they were condemned by the sons of liberty. This in my mind bears some resemblance to groups such as the sierra club going before the house congressional grand jury on "eco terrorism" and stating that they will do all they can to help track down these terrorists. Good and decent people like Jeffrey Luers, and Mumia Abu Jamal are sitting in jail as the same media that supported the war labels them terrorist.
My point is the middle class of this country did not spring up over night. There was a day when poor white peasants were rounded up and forced into boats to work as slaves in America. When your master could lengthen your indenture for mearly speaking ill of him. When punishments for crime in Europe often led to forced labor in the colonies, and as much as 60% of these "lowly trash of Europe" would die on the voyage for lack of food and water. White servants started being treated better than blacks, when they started "conspiring" with black slaves and natives to kill their masters. The people that framed the constitution of this country conspired to create a white middle class to discourage class rebellion against their own priveledge and focus it against British tyranny. They did this by incentivising RACISM. Colonial houses of burgess (governing councils of rich colonial landholders) passed laws to give white servants land (which happened to belong to angry displaced natives), food, and positions as overseer of plantations. As the rapper KRS one says there's a reason overseer rhymes with officer.
This is a historical legacy that permeates America. What it means to be an American to this day is shaped by this legacy. It's much, much, bigger than bush. For dog's sake, this country still to this very day maintains COLONIES. Guantanamo bay Cuba ring a bell?



We maintain racist embargoes against Cuba, while we work diligently to promote an oil economy aka capitalism, to the billions of china? The imbargo against Cuba isn't because they're run by a socialist dictator, or for human rights abuses. If it was about human rights abuses you'd find embargoes against cities in america. I don't see Mr. Bush, or Kerry for that matter crying out JUSTICE for James Jahar Perez. Both Republican and Democratic presedents maintain this imbargo because Cuba broke free, and is no longer a colony of the United States.

see american imperialism-


There's a reason US journalists can't grasp how they could have been "led" to support this war and it ain't Bush. I am not a stupid man. I do not believe that bush developed some magical charisma that made them all support another war as subsidy for the likes of haliburtan. The shell shock that many Americans feel is rooted in a firmly conditioned denial of history. We are aparty to a historical legacy that to its very roots America denies. Bush is just a scapegoat. We are caught in a lie, our cheeks are red and it hurts. So we lie more to escape the lie saying things like "Kery will get us out of Iraq", and find that we are forced to lie again to substantiate the new truth. As for bush I give to him the gypsy's CURSE "May you get all that you deserve, Mr.Bush"

As for Michael Moore I am troubled that he sat on footage of Abu grave prison abuse when his going public could have saved Iraqi lives. However, I sincerely hope this wasn't a capitalist ploy to let public outrage over this abuse make him a Millionaire. I hope he isn't a liberal.

Only time will tell. Will Michael Moore make a documentary that focuses on American history? Will Michael Moore's future works challenge the political identity of the people that watch his movies? Would he ever say do a 3-part documentary of the peoples history of the United States by Howard Zinn? Or back a documentary by Ward Churchill?

Where are the Real Patriots While Bush Rapes and Trashes America? 28.Jun.2004 16:52

Rob Kall (repost)

It's so easy to line up mindlessly behind the president, to follow orders and feel like you are doing your duty. It must be. There are millions who are taking that route. But I wonder where the true patriotic conservatives are.

The main bulk of American patriots voted for Al Gore and have been watching in shock and awe as the Bush Regime loots and destroys our country's resources, defiles our values and pulverizes our economy. But, by now, it should be clear to real conservatives-- that the country is being run by fake neoconservatives-- radical right-wingers who are nothing like real conservatives.

Where are the true conservatives who value an honest America, a country where leaders tell the truth to the people. We are now being led by chronically lying fundamentalist, recovering alcoholic, drug abuser with grandiose religious delusions who is advised by liars who believe that lying is good for the country. These advisors are not patriots. They are taking care of themselves and their special interests. They are setting up the US for the biggest fall it has ever taken. Already, they've led us to a futile war in Afghanistan that did nothing but stir up and disperse the nest of Al Qaeda hornets to spread and hide throughout the world, inspiring thousands of new recruits. The lies about WMD got us into Iraq, and now, Bush can hand out oil leases to his friends and set up long term military bases in the middle east. But it is looking more an more like we have ourselves our own cross between Vietnam and Lebanon. These are failed plans, in terms of US interests.

We can expect to see our economy to continue to tank. This will hit us even harder locally, as states are forced to come up with local funds for anti-terrorism alerts and related expenses, and, as federal funding for all sorts of things like medicare and medicaid dry up. We are losing our buying power overseas. In the short run, we'll probably see our economic partners absorb the 15-20% drop in the value of the dollar. But eventually, they're going to have to charge for the exchange costs. Those cheap Chinese clothes and sneakers, made by prison laborers, will rise in price. This is all the result of the Bush regime's destruction of our economy. And it's not just happening inside the US, or through the exchange rate.

The globalization of trade has something to do with it to. You see, even though our dollar is worth less, it means less to us as a positive economic factor. Normally we'd take advantage of the drop in the dollar's value to sell more of our goods to the rest of the world, but, because we no longer have as many hard goods to sell anymore, this advantage doesn't mean as much to us, except perhaps in farm goods. And there, we're at a disadvantage because our huge, federally subsidized farming corporations have converted to genetically altered foodstuffs which are unwanted in Europe, the best foreign market. Of course the US is using the WTO rules to bully its way around laws passed by voters in Europe.

Globalization, particularly ala the World Trade Organization, was signed on to by Clinton. He sold the US out on that one. Globalization has helped wipe out industries that were healthy in the US. Globalization allows the WTO to tell the US and any other country that laws we passed by voting are not allowed. The WTO can, by committee fiat, wipe out our laws as it has wiped out some of our industries.

The thing is, as the world's greatest economic power, the US could afford, in some ways, to let some things fall while becoming a player in the WTO. But that's all changing. We may be the world's biggest economy, but we are becoming the world's biggest loser state, financially. So let's look at how the WTO, the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) handles countries that lose, lose lose until their debt is so high they are drowning in it.

The WTO, WB, and IMF will always go to the rescue. But that rescue comes at a high price. The country being rescued must give up its resources. Privatization is the magic word. Sell the oil rights to a mega-corporation like Exxon or BP or Mobil. Privatize water, so people have to pay four times as much as when it was publicly held. Privatize the banks, the healthcare system, schools, the roads, the forests. If they could, they'd privatize the air. These three organizations are the RAPISTS of the world, of humanity.

And after the Bush regime's economic voodoo does its dirty work for another year or two, the US will be ripe and easy pickings for them. Already, BushCo has been doing the same thing to the US, privatizing wherever possible, handing out deals to the new Enrons of the planet-- corporations that put money and profits over humanity.

Where are the patriots among the republicans in the congress who can see that support for Bush is not support for the US? Senators Snow and Voinovich stood up to the Bush steamroller and they were viciously attacked. It's no wonder that it's not easy to find republicans standing up to Bush's abuses. But if ever there was a time when the US needed true patriots, it's now.

People who are singing the Bush "rape America" song are the real traitors-- like the vichy French who went along with the Nazi invasion. The next time you face or are in contact with a Bush lover, envision a nazi lover, a person who would sell out the US for a tax discount (if he's a millionaire.) IF he's not a millionaire, then he's a fool, hoodwinked, hypnotized, mob psychologized to stand and watch as the KKK crosses are burned on our constitution's greenest lawns.

And you ask "What can I do?" Think about what the American colonists did when they faced the fact that King George was screwing them. Do you think it was easy for them to leave their families, to face the risk of death? We need to raise our voices, to march and show ourselves-- not in Washington, but in our communities-- to show our neighbors that we are not accepting thecoup d' etat, the occupation of the US Whitehouse by a thief who stole the election. You can support the organizations that are taking risks, that are leading the fight. There is still a need for more such organizations to emerge. Help found them Help them emerge by funding them. You can get ready to face the fact that the Bush regime has stolen the America you love and declared war on you, has already attacked you and has already done severe damage to you and your family. Take a look at your retirement savings, your kid's college savings and how they compare to what they were before Bush was elected.

Take a look at your attitude towards going to an airport, at visiting foreign countries, or New York. Have you ever thought to yourself, as you were in a stadium or movie megaplex or busy shopping mall on the weekend (or is it just me being paranoid?) "this would be a good terrorist target." There were terrorists for decades before Bush stole his way into power. But we were'nt attacked until Bush made it clear to the world how he was changing America, making it that much more toxic and hateful to the rest of the world. Think about what would happen if American dissenters started engaging in non-violent civil disobediance actions. it seems clear enough, with the way Tom DeLay abused the Homeland Security Act that such dissenters would risk being mistreated, of being investigated and having their constitutional rights violated by John Ashcroft or his SS minions.

If you don't think that the policies and actions that Bush is taking will cost you thousands of dollars... then do nothing. But if you can see through the smoke and mirrors, and you realize that you'll be paying more state and local taxes, that your assets will continue to depreciate (wait until the coming real estate collapse) then you'll realize that it pays to invest in supporting the people who are spearheading the fight against Bush and his army of demagogues and haters.

As I've written about before, we need to develop progressive think tanks that act as progressive command and control centers in the war against the rightwing takeover and destruction of America and democracy. Be ready to contribute the most you've ever given for a political cause. Be ready to sacrifice.

Hey! mb, I like your style; keep writing! 29.Jun.2004 05:01


that's what this is supposed to be for, writing the truth about what we really are as opposed to what we have been led to believe we are by racism, fascism, imperialism, sexism, elitism and other isms that characterize stupid white america. That's also what is so cool about Michael Moore, in spite of himself!