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Sunday afternoon, July 27, 2004, an event entitled "Rise in Remembrance" was held in Laurelhurst park to honor the US soldiers killed in Iraq. The event culminated in the release of black balloons carrying a red tag for each US Soldier who died in Iraq.
(Taken from the "Rise in Remembrance" website:) "At a time when the images of fallen soldiers are being censored by the media and the government, we are clouded to the true casualties of war--those lives lost and the families they leave behind. In recognition of their service, an equal number of black balloons to the number of American soldiers killed in the Iraq War will be released from Laurelhurst Park June 27th. Each biodegradable balloon will carry a card stating a soldier's information in remembrance to the individual sacrifice made for our country. The intent is to provide an opportunity for release and communal support for those who have suffered a loss, and to question whether the casualties justify the war's goals and agenda."
After Andrea of Rise in Remembrance
made some brief introductory remarks, the event was then moderated by Marvin Simmons, of Northwest Veterans for Peace. Speakers included Jefferson Smith of the Bus Project; Grant Remington, Veteran and President of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72; Tom Markgraf, Sr. advisor to Rep. Earl Bluenauer; statements from family members of those killed in Iraq war and occupation; and one other speaker, a minister I believe, whose name I didn't catch.
Unfortunately the event was sparsely attended, but what it lacked in numbers it made up in heart and compassion. The deaths of these soldiers in the face of the lies and dissemulation which brought them to this fate is more than tragic, it is CRIMINAL. Those who love Democracy in this country are burdened, not only with an Administration seeking world Empire, but by a population apparantly asleep at the wheel, lulled into a numb state by a Corporate Media refusing to ask hard questions of government officials or challenge the growing Corporate influence upon every facet of our daily lives.
People spoke with a depth of feeling that went far beyond Death and Loss, but welled up from deeper sources of Love of humanity and Democracy, which alone makes this country great. Neither wealth nor the bludgeon we wield across the planet makes this country great. What makes a nation, a people, a culture great is it's ability to provide space for all voices and keep its promises, especially to those with little power.
As Jefferson Smith said: "If you were to adopt a religious matra for international policy, it would not be peace through strength, but strength through peace."
This is an 8 1/2 minute video of a little of those speakers and music.

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...american exceptionalism. 29.Jun.2004 11:36

...traitorous bastard

...while the loss to the parents is real, why the rest of us should 'honor' the imperial stormtroopers is open to question. the text contains all the standard falsehoods of state approved 'history', that the 'american people' love humanity and democracy, that we've been led astray (this time) by corporations and the bush junta, yadda-yadda-yadda. historically, this country is one of the most aggressive, expansionist, imperial minded enterprises in existence. not a single year since it's birth has passed without 'our' military being used somewhere in the world, protecting us from savages, bandits, commies, terrorists, ad infinitum. american policy is bi-partisian, and consistent thru out that span of years. the creation of a standing army by the founding fuckwits was first to protect the wealth and property of the elites from the common rabble, and to expand the reach of their 'vision' (i.e. murder and theft) starting with this continent and later the world, with whatever jackals among the masses to be bought off with the crumbs of these adventures. the 'honored' dead in this instance were paid killers in the service of the ussa, they were occupiers in a foreign land and as colonial soldiers got what they deserved. and shame on the parents for filling, (or allowing to be filled by the institutions of indoctination, oops, i mean 'schools)the minds of their children with the self-serving gibberish of 'americanism' so they would be willing to go die for the rich...R.I.P.

a balloon for each soldier... 29.Jun.2004 21:40


is at least better than a plastic 6-pack ring for each soldier.


a balloon for each us soldier, and a grain of sand for each dead iraqi.

honoring voluntary US war criminals... 30.Jun.2004 11:19


...and forgetting the 11,000 to 55,000 dead iraqis.

no balloons for them.

the american way.

If you'd been there you'd have heard... 30.Jun.2004 12:07

Kyle Collins

I am the co coordinator behind the Rise in Remembrance event. We paid our respects to all human lives lost at the beginning of the days speeches. Including Italians, spanish and Iraqis. We simply had not enough balloons or assistance or $ to reperesent all. Watch and listen to the clip again. Thanks for posting..

pardon me if i don't cry 30.Jun.2004 12:58


If you want to shed some tears for the victims of imperialism, that's fine, but don't include the soldiers of conquest. Remember when we told the Germans they shouldn't have obeyed the Nazi's? Why are americans exempt from this? It's every human beings duty to refuse to obey the orders to march to war. If they are to mind numbed to realized what they are doing is evil, too bad, they deserve what they get. When the British, French, Portugese, and German soldiers marched out on their genocidal wars of conquest they were no less responsible than the parasitical leaders and wealthy fucks that ordered them to do it. What does this maudlin teary eyed hand wringing acomplish anyways? It's a typical liberal panacea designed to fool people into thinking that they are doing something.

i must say kyle 30.Jun.2004 15:10


that your response is admirable...

peace to you!;)