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Greens choose woman for Vice-President

Greens at their national convention this week selected David Cobb for President and Pat LaMarche for Vice President. The Greens provide the only national ticket with a woman.
Patricia (Pat) LaMarche --

Is an environmental activist and was the Green nominee for Maine Governor in 1998. In that capacity, she won enough votes to restore the party's automatic ballot access in the state. Cobb selected her as his VP runningmate on the eve of the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention. A native of Rhode Island, her family moved to Maine when she was still a child. LaMarche earned her BA degree from Boston College (1982). Soon after, LaMarche developed the Earth Bank -- a building materials company that provided "a line of environmental alternatives to the usual toxins found in construction supplies." LaMarche is also the former director of The Children's Miracle Network attached to Eastern Maine Medical Center, which is the state's largest children's charity. Over the years, LaMarche ha also co-hosted a radio show and worked as an educator at Husson College and for the Forest Ecology Network. She was a registered Democrat until 1997.

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