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Impeach Bush so we dont have to vote for Bush Lite.

Bush lite, you've heard it before. And theres the link to prove it.
Impeach Bush because he deserves it and we know it. Its no personal attack to you as a voter. Nor is it a personal attack to Bush. He's made ill willed mistakes and he cannot be left to keep on doing what hes doing.
Lets get him out so we can actually vote for a humanitarian candidate. Ralph Nader. No he didnt spoil 2000 and heres the damn proof.


There is much more than enough to impeach George W. Bush. More than a lie about a blowjob.

Please go to

Impeach him. Dont vote for Kerry because you hate Bush. He's a phony bastard, Riding on to Jay Leno, trying to model himself after JFK. He doesnt care about us. Hence Bush Lite

www.votenader.org Both Chomsky and Zinn support Nader. Please inform yourself and see why you should too.
imprisonment is for criminals 28.Jun.2004 01:56


Imprisonment is too good for Bush and his backers (including the democrats) but I'm willing to make that compromise. Let's stop talking about impeachment and start talking about imprisonment.

Where's the impeachment? 28.Jun.2004 09:17


If the democrats really think Bush is so evil, they ought to be starting an impeachment NOW (and they should have already begun long ago). The democratic media-machine is out convincing people that Bush is close to being hitler, while the democratic party sits on its ass doing nothing about it? Except, maybe, voting for Bush's wars, patriot acts, no child left behind and other "evil Republican" stuff?

Democrats should start impeachment if they love this country and care about democracy. Then, people can vote for whomever they want, without the fear of Bush. The fact that the democrats are not currently impeaching Bush says that they would rather use him as their own political tool to manipulate/control the people into voting for a "lesser of two evils". By not impeaching, the dems are complicit with Bush. Leadership? How can they tell the people that Bush is so evil that they must vote Bush out, while they are stupidly sitting up on capitol hill and NOT calling for impeachment? Isn't that their job?

fix it right or not at all 28.Jun.2004 10:08


Oh yeah, that will solve things. As you might remember from high school political science class, the Vice President becomes Our Fearless Leader if the President is impeached. So in reality we would still have the same President.

Why isn't impeachment happening? 28.Jun.2004 10:33



Cheney? That's a simplistic excuse.

So, if Cheney is president (have you seen his favorability ratings) do you think that he'd win an election? Who would they run? If dems wanted to they could impeach him too. Impeachment is reserved and intended for the shit that Bush has done -- so why isn't it happening? Doesn't it make the democratic party look either ineffective or suspicious?

But, the point is that impeachment takes some time, an investigation, and will dig up dirt on everyone implicated (so, could that be a reason dems do not want to support it)? If there is an upcoming election, Dems could take this bold step (cuz hey, the crimes really are pretty damn serious) and show some LEADERSHIP and impeach Bush (instead of using bush as a fear tactic against the people). During an investigation, all this shit will come out. People would start to become informed, and alot of people would be quite upset at Bush and the Republican Party, don't you think?

Why aren't democrats impeaching Bush now?

too late 28.Jun.2004 12:52

Teddy Ruxpin (the lousy typist)

The time to impeach Bush has long past. We should have impeached him for electoral fraud in early 2001, constitutional grievances in late '01 early '02, numerous offenses unreleated to the war in '03, and of course the war.

We fucked up, big. But it is too late to fix it now, impeachment takes several months, and impeachement does not guarantee a person will not run again. If we went balls-to-the-wall on an impeachment effort now, we could probably pull it off in October or so, and a few weeks later Bush would wind up geting elected again anyway. We would basically, at best, get a five week reprieve from him.

Impeachement galvanises supporters, republicans would surge to the polls after one of their own was impeached. As it stands now, there is a slim chance a lot of the fiscally conservative types will stay home in swing states (the only states that matter). Impeachment would just get them off their asses.

We just never got off our asses as a country fast enough, now we have to work on getting him voted out of office. At least that is my belief, I could be wrong, but it is based on the timelines of previous impeachment attempts and the "underdog" syndrome (where the electorate always takes pity on presidents in trouble, ditto for governors and mayors).

Impeach ! 28.Jun.2004 12:57

AmigaPhil AmigaPhil@ping.be

> Why aren't democrats impeaching Bush now?

Impeach Bush !
Impeach Bush !

. 28.Jun.2004 13:01


Cheney could not win an election. Also, Cheney could also be removed along with Bush.

The democrats are cowards for not strongly calling for impeachment. Instead they will go on pretending that the unelected Bush hunta has legitimacy.

the dems 28.Jun.2004 13:29

don't have the votes

for impeachment, unless I'm wrong, we would need a majority in Congress, which (obviously) does not exist.
Why isn't there a strong movement for Bush and Co. prosecution for war crimes, in an international court (but which one?).
Many European countries would probably love to have a chance at it. and the case is certainly strong now for guilt in prisoner abuse (among other high crimes and misdemeanors).
What we lack is someone who is as rabid as Kenneth Starr (did Clinton) who will pursue Bush no matter the cost.
Let's go for it!

No reason not to impeach 28.Jun.2004 13:50


the dems SHOULD have the votes for impeachment if there is an investigation, evidence and they can make a strong legal case. I've run republicans totally pissed off at Bush, btw. So, no I don't think that it would get "sympathy" in fact it would probably give the democrats credibility for finally having spine and sticking up to DO something. IN fact, by not impeaching, the democrats are losing respect. Hell, even if it didn't work (which I doubt) at least the Democrats tried to oppose Bush for once.
In all honesty, the democrats shouldn't even be worrying about their own political strategy and putting it ahead of the country's wellbeing and the fact that Bush needs to be impeached. They are being negligent in their duties as representatives. The argument that they need to keep him in for their own strategic reasons is terribly selfish. It shows just how fucked up the priorities of the democratic party are and the lack of integrity that exists.
If Bush is actually not so bad that he cannot be impeached, democrats should stop playing chicken little and run an issue-oriented campaign instead of a "Anybody but Bush" campaign.
They need to either start impeachment or stop using Bush as an argument to vote for Kerry. It's insincere for them to demand that people vote against Bush, while they themselves refuse to take action to get Bush out of office.

Cosider the facts about our legal system. 28.Jun.2004 14:14

Bird dog

Look at the facts of our countrys political system and all the payed for lobbyist in congress and the White Wash House.

With Liberty and Justice for Sale!

Need I say more?

Impeach? 28.Jun.2004 18:26

prison is more appropriate

how about we march on washington, imagine all the people joining in after watching fahrenheit 911, and demand that Bush,Cheney,Condi,Rumsfeld are arrested for war crimes and held responsible for their crimes. We can even demand that haliburton give back all of the money they have stolen from the american and the Iraqi people. First we throw Bush out, and then we march on the DNC to throw Kerry out!

Hold them accountable
Hold them accountable

Recall your representatives 30.Jun.2004 13:15

they are traitors

They do not represent you. They haven't impeached Bush or Cheney because they look for their corporate banker owners to tell them how to vote. The global elite plan to put Kerry in to continue the dissolution of the American Republic, while the voters are distracted by whatever means necessary from their end game.

The national election is out of the people's hands, a good place to effect change is at the State level, where it is hard for the globalist puppets to hide from the people.

Why bother with voting 30.Jun.2004 13:25


We are not allowed to vote for the CEO of corporate America. They are selected at the shadow government level, which supercedes our House of Representatives. They are nothing more than puppets and if they veer from that role they are simply JFK'd.