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corporate dominance

deschutes brewery donates $500k to bush?

deschutes brewery donates $500k to bush?
deschutes brewery donates $500k to bush?

I was told this is the case by a bartender who was very sure of this info. Can anyone confirm this?
If so, it would be good to have be public knowledge.

Really well-sourced allegation 28.Jun.2004 08:07


You might check something like the FEC Web site for this sort of thing, rather than quoting the neighborhood bartender. $500K is well over the limit for contributions by a single entity, and I doubt if the Deschutes Brewery has that sort of spare cash to throw at a political campaign, even if they are so inclined.

My bartender 28.Jun.2004 08:42

told me

that Ronny Regan was a great president, and then I realized that I had not been tipping him,,,,,,,,,,,,,go figure.

Rumors 29.Jun.2004 21:34

The Doc

Yeah, I heard this too from a local bartender and promptly changed my order to Fat Tire from Mirror Pond. This contribution is well over the individual limits that one can spend -- but I've seen this requirement in the past sidestepped by amassing individual contributions by individuals loyal to 'corporate vision' within a single corporate entity. How can we find if this is indeed the case? FEC data compared against Deschutes Brewery employees/directors??

Wanting to get this matter clarified and continue stirring up revolution drinking my favorite beer at my local pub...

'Every revolution begins over a pint of beer'...

search FEC data 17.Sep.2004 22:10


I searched for Deschutes Brewery and came up with Gary Fish, the owner of the brewery. He has made donations to Ron Wyden (D), Gordon Smith (R), and Greg Walden (R), but I found no presidential donations.

See for yourself:

 link to www.opensecrets.org

I have heard this rumor several times, and it is spreading around, so it would be nice to prove it one way or the other. Has anyone tried talking to Gary Fish himself?

Corporate vs. Personal Donations 07.Nov.2004 19:12

an employee

Gary Fish is a Republican. Most of his employees are not. He personally donates to the cause, make of that what you will. The brewery itself does not; it gives donations to charitable causes and whatnot. (He's a businessman - would he be so stupid as to affiliate his company with a political cause that would alienate a big chunk of his customer base?)

Obviously some of the profits from beer sales go to GF personally, and therfore you do indirectly contribute if you buy the beer. However, other profits go into the hands of Democrat/Independent/Other employees, who also donate time and money to their own causes.

I don't agree with his politics, but if you do some research, you'll find that he is progressive in making the company environmentally responsible, that employees are treated well (great benefits and perks, even for the peon types; also, there is lots of upward internal movement for employees). I know several people there who were vocally anti-Bush in the last election. They are all friendly with GF, they all know each others' politics and deal with it.

Definitely shoot an email over to the brewery, or call, if you are curious. Don't spread rumors that could hurt a local, environmentally and socially responsible company. Boycott the big corporations, but be educated about your decisions. Acting on hearsay is dumb, no brighter than someone voting based on what a TV commercial says.

official response 29.Dec.2004 18:17

dave PDX

ladies, gentlemen -

straight from the horse's mouth.



Thank you for contacting Deschutes Brewery and for checking out this incredibly inaccurate rumor. No, Deschutes Brewery did not donate to the Bush or National Republican campaigns. That is a rumor started by an ex-employee and has done nothing but damage. Please begin sharing the truth with those that are misinformed.

Cheers ~

Lesley Walthew
Associate Brand Manager
Deschutes Brewery, Inc.


so there you have it. the brewery is run by a republican, and that's as far as it goes. spread the word.