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TRIBUNE, which successfully sued a court to gain access to Illinois Republican Jack Ryan's divorce papers [over the objection of both Ryan and his former wife], is considering a similar push on Kerry

After last week's front page headlines over unsealed divorce record in the Republican Illinois senate race, media outlets now face a dilemma: What to do about Democrat presidential hopeful John Kerry's sealed divorce records!

The race is on in political and media circles to gauge the import of Kerry's sealed July 25, 1988 divorce from his first wife, Julia Stimson Thorne.

TRIBUNE, which successfully sued a court to gain access to Illinois Republican Jack Ryan's divorce papers [over the objection of both Ryan and his former wife], is considering a similar push on Kerry, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

[TRIBUNE owns WLVI-TV Channel 56 in Boston. It could use its Massachusetts connection as a jumping point to petition the court which granted Kerry a divorce, sources explain.]

Other news outlets may soon follow.


The Kerry campaign late Sunday called any old divorce digging a game of political "gutter ball."

"This is a trash hunt," said a senior Kerry source, who asked not to be named.

"No, I do not have a clue what is in the papers," explained the source. "But it is none of my business. And its none of your business, or any one's business... You're playing a game of gutter ball, Drudge."

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What could be in there? 27.Jun.2004 18:23


They don't seal them for nothing. There is something there. An Affair? Money? Drug or Alcohol problem? Wife beating?

I doubt if the press will dig into it..

from divorcesource.com 27.Jun.2004 18:28


I found this :

Sealing the record, however, poses its own set of problems. There is a strong tradition in the United States that government should be conducted as openly as possible. In the judicial arena, this tradition translates into a general rule that the public should have access to court records. This tradition is particularly important with regard to the media, which has an ethical duty and a constitutionally protected right to inform the people about the actions of the government. This right applies to divorce cases with no less force than other areas, as public scrutiny can help to prevent divorce judges from abusing the substantial powers they exercise. In addition, when a divorce case involves a public figure, information disclosed in the case can be essential to informed public judgment on matters of legitimate governmental interest.

******* 27.Jun.2004 19:35


I am sure that the republican disinformation team will get ahold of the divorce information.They badly need to discredit anyone who has a fighting chance of beating their muppet.
I have backed Rep. Kucinich throughout this campaign and feel that he has made a substantial impact on the way many people think. But I think that it is time to pull together forces and consider what will be lost if bush wins again, and then actively work to undo the bush machine rather than fight each other.
In the areas of womens' rights and gay rights another bush term will be a disaster. Even if the two men, bush and kerry were exactly alike on other areas, these two areas alone could make life significantly less than optimum for many people living here in Cascadia. I am still trying to get a handle on Kerry's environmental record, but it can't be worse than bush.
I want to keep on organizing for a better world. I am not sure that I would be able to under bush's authoritarian dream of amerika. How could I vote in a way that possibly gives bush the chance to fulfill his meglomaniac vision? Those who dis Kerry and look for dirt on him may indeed be anti Kerry but they could as well be pro bush. That worries me.

More coming out (from same article) 27.Jun.2004 21:37


Here is what just came out tonight!

In 1991, a court also sealed a complaint amending the Kerry-Thorne divorce, concerning economic and child visitation issues.

In her 1996 book, "Change of Heart," Thorne said that playing the role of wife to the rising political star had made her so depressed she wanted to kill herself.

Thorne said she still associates politics "only with anger, fear, and loneliness."

She wrote "A Change Of Heart" to help other unhappily married couples; in the book, she called her relationship with Kerry a "suffocating marriage."

Does anybody think that certain (un-named) democrats could be behind this effort? If somethigng comes out before the convention, and Kerry has to pull out of the race, it frees it up for others, perhaps Hillary? (I personal loathe Hillary, but I'm just wondering out loud).

The republicans (in my opinion) don't want any dirt to come out on Kerry until after the nomination, not before.

facing facts 28.Jun.2004 18:33

Kerry is unelectable

Kerry is a horrible candidate. If the democrats put him up as a candidate he is going to lose, and it is hard to lose to Bush. If you do not believe me, go to cspan and watch his speech at san jose state. He was horrible. No one cared. They had to play music to cover up the lack of applause. Shouldn't that auditorium be full of people supporting this guy?

Now has anyone heard a speech of Dennis Kucinich? Kerry is busy fighting for Bush's voters, but it makes no sense because if they see that the war is a lie and decide not to vote for Bush, they aren't going to choose Kerry who believed the lies and will continue the war. Dennis Kucinich can inspire the masses who don't vote, as well as most of the american people who are dying for the truth in politics right now. Dennis Kucinich would win...easily. We must go to the DNC and DEMAND DENNIS!