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Michael Moore Should do a Skull & Bones Documentary

I would like to see Moore do an even handed documentary on Skull and Bones.
Please watch this VERY short video that has Kerry and Bush being questioned by Tim Russert from NBC about their involvement in the secret cult.

homepage: homepage: http://fyleserva.com/video/Secret_societies/american_dictator2.WMV

haha 27.Jun.2004 13:56


michael moore doing something even handed???? fat chance. he's about as even handed as fox news.

"even handed" 27.Jun.2004 14:11


'Fox News' isn't "news", it's corporate propaganda from Rupert Murdoch, which has been and is discredited widely and substantively every day of the week.

as for Moore, he defends himself and his sources/references at his own web site and multiple press releases. He is fully prepared to back up any claim made against him, and so far NO ONE has taken him to court challenging claims or portrayals made in his films (or on his TV shows).

all documentary films - since they began being made - necessarily reflect some amount of bias and scope of coverage on the part of their maker/directors.

but going up against General Motors (Roger & Me), the guns & ammo/NRA lobby (Bowling For Columbine) and the Bush cabal (Fahrenheit 9/11) with such disproportionate under-funding and pre-emptive bias and censorship from mainstream American corporate media - let alone from the entities themselves portrayed - justifies pulling out any and all stops, in my book.

peak oil 28.Jun.2004 03:51


I read somewhere (maybe outright on michaelmoore.com) that his next documentary will be on the petroleum industry. About time! that he expands on the second chapter of "Dude, where's my country", as this one chapter starring "his daughter 20 years from now" seems to have been paid little attention from his fans...

documentary 15.Jul.2004 23:46


moore does have a documentary on skull and bones. It is very hard to find and half of it is in german.