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Treesitter Injured

Freshwater, CA - Life has been quiet around the treesits here over the last few months (minus the incessant logging, of course). That ended today, when representatives from Pacific Lumber paid visits to at least two of the treesits in Freshwater. No trespassing signs were nailed up, along with signs reading (ironically enough) "Keep California Green." Spray paint was used to mark the trees occupied by treesitters, as well as every tree and stump leading to those trees.

At the treesit called Presidia, the words "Gass [sic] here" were painted on the tree with an arrow pointing up. The words "night ops" (as in "nighttime operations) were also tagged. Treesitters were enjoying the view from the top of the tree when they heard hammering as the signs were nailed around the area. Attempts to communicate with the man wielding the hammer were unsuccessful. Shortly after they left, a young woman treesitter began rappelling down the climbing rope. She realized too late that the Pacific Lumber employee had cut her rope when she slid off the end, falling fifteen feet to the ground. No serious injuries were sustained though she will be sore and bruised in the coming days.
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