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f911 torrent

in the usual places. it a cam but its got the FACTS.

homepage: homepage: http://s---nova

Need to show some neo-con buddies.. 27.Jun.2004 10:38

Crucified Ego

Any word on an ed2k link? I've got some buddies coming over, and there's some scenes they need to see...


yep, released within 24 hours to the internet 27.Jun.2004 12:56


What did I tell you.

I'd say ed2k is going to be too slow in the forseeable future. Azureus + SafePeer is a good bet if you want the movie now. Plus, you can grab the videos from this site.


Wow, this is *by far* the most popular torrent I've seen. 290 seeds, 11010 peers. That's over 11,000 people downloading right now. Just hope it's not a fake.

so then... 27.Jun.2004 14:23

fahk0 ygu

the torrent you snagged was ' Fahrenheit.911.CAM-POT.torrent ' prolly... ill try that. theres only 2 torrents.

right now im downloading a small movie clip off of that aging edonkey network called "Michael_Moore_about_filesharing.avi"

thinking theres really only 2 positions he can take on filesharing; one to make me see him as self-aggrandizing or one to

change that initial ' im trying to be rich and famous ' impression.

Actually theres a third route he could take, and that is to say "its not under my control to prosecute or not prosecute you for

stealing my works" over at slashdot, where the michael moore article collected well over 1200 posts

 http://features.slashdot.org/features/04/06/27/1315218.shtml?tid=149&tid=188&tid=97&tid=99 the general understanding is that

michael doesnt own the movie rights; could be wrong i dunno.

HERES A QUOTE FROM MIKE (that vid clip) "I dont agree with the copyright laws and i dont have a problem with people

downloading the movie and sharing it to other people, umm, as long as theyre not doing it to make a profit off it, as long as

theyre not , you know, trying to make a profit off my, labor; i would oppose that, but umm, but ya know i do, i do quite well,

and ya know, im um i dont know i-i, make these, make these books and movies and t.v. shows because i want things to change and

so the more people that get to see them the better. and um so im happy that that happens, should i not be happy? i

dunno , its like if a friend of yours had the DVD of my movie an gave it to you to watch one night, is that person doing

something wrong? im not seeing any money from that , but hes just handing the DVD to you. So that you can watch my movie, you

know, the DVD that he bought.but youre not buying it, yet youre watching it without paying me any money. see i think thats

okay, thats always been okay, right? you share things with people. i think , i think information, and arts, should be shared."

wow, mike, thats alot cooler of a thing to say than to be honest, i expected. MUCH LOVE now that i heard all that. P.S. can we

sneak this statement by mike moore into the front page so that EVERYONE KNOWS ITS OK TO DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE so that i can get a

faster download??!!??

i use shareaza(windoze xp) and it handles the torrents well, at times amazingly well, these torrents; i see a lot of azeurus clients connecting and sharing with me.. does azeurus do anything other than torrents? if not i suggest all windoze users give www.shareaza.com a whirl... its open sourced software now grab the latest version

KEEP SHARING, I WILL... afraid of offering intellectual property? download a knoppix.iso (an operating system that runs totally from cd and ROCKS @ about 700mb) because the latest version of that is more freaking popular on the fileshare network than the new beasty boys DRM'd album.

ill try to post the video right here 27.Jun.2004 14:36

fahk0 ygugeyz

see quote in above post for transcript

yep 27.Jun.2004 14:52


fahrenheit.911.CAM-POT.torrent has about 1100 sources, but be weary: it clocks in at a whopping 1.051 GB >:O

ok... allow me to correct myself. 27.Jun.2004 17:51


damn thats a popular torrent. ive suggested shareaza to many a windoze user, and also sygate personal firewall(imo better gui than kerio personal and definately more secure than zone alarm) but it seems even this new comp i bought, 1.9Ghz processor with 1gig of ram, cant handle the amount of torrent sharers. with the regular settings, my firewall would crash around 2000-3000 sources for the torrent, with everything else disabled, my firewall still crashed; at 5000 sources...

so i went and got azeurus. no peer guardian yet (still more to learn) but at least its not creating such a packet party that my windoze crashes the firewall.

soon i hope to learn enough of linux to use it as my main OS, at least with linux and no firewall the chance of getting rooted and fuxxored is lesser.

or with guarddog for linux. tried blag; its exactly what i need for my media whoring but alas fedora core doesnt come with the necessary drivers to get me online and im just not skilled enough yet to do any fixes.

anyways my goal is debian.

happy downloading and good transfer rates to u all.

15,000+ downloaders 27.Jun.2004 19:50


1000+ seeders. It's a 2 cd vcd set. It's cam capture, but it is indeed the movie. Ah the internet...

update 28.Jun.2004 01:02


Still 15,000+ downloaders but now 2400+ seeders. The movie seems to missing about 8 minutes of film. Conspicuously absent is the entire portion about the patriot act, police infiltration, and snitching citizens.

damn 28.Jun.2004 12:02

fahk0 ygu

no blank cds; love the daemon tools.

HRrMm HOW TO GET THE 8 MINUTES? is there any other version available?

anyone have the nerve to just record the audio and post it here?;)

or even just 28.Jun.2004 12:10

fahk0 mih

a text transcript would be key:D