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Tales From Middle America 5

Okay, this is the last installment of Tales from Middle America, although I am still here and will still be here for more than a week! The reasons are many, but mainly, the conversation I am having are striking and it leads me to think of a propoer course of action. That I will attempt to lay out, although it will read as if it isnt the right way, being here and there it seems that this is truly the only way that we can accomplish anything.
In the midwest, life is different. I was at the bar the other day with my mom, AmVets, which stands for (American Veterans) and, much to my chagrin, my mom asked me what protest I was going to. I am on the way to the DNC, the dnc2rnc march (dnc2rnc.org), and finally the RNC. Then she asked me what it was I was protesting, because as she understood it, I am against George W. Bush.

I went on, again waiting for one of these people listening to give me some patriot schpiel and really dig into me, about how I am against electoral politics on a national scale and other things that this administration, system does to gain my resistance.

Unlikely to me, the first response was in agreement. From an older lady with kids in the military and a former local politican saying right on. Turns out she is from Oregon, the Dalles, and she was happy as hell to see me. WE got to tlaking about just how different the Pacific Northwest is fromt he rest of the country. Both she and I have been all around the country and apparently, to us, there is no place with the same energy as Cascadia.

She siad that it would have been nice to have me in the sixties, and that she was glad I was going out doing these things. Then later on that week, a friend of mine came in from out of town, someone who lives in the midwest and has visited me in Portland. And we talked about the scathing differences between Cascadia and the resto f the country. It seems to be everywhere, those that go to Cascadia to visit or live or whatever, they can feel that it isnt part of America.

I can feel it too.

These ncounters, that are mounting and really helping me reshape my convictions point to one course of action. The secession of the state of Cascadia from the countries that occupy it, Canada and the United States.

Activists all across the country are floundering because of low numbers and treouble assimilating to being against this country while the people around them are so blinded and for this country. They are becoming disillusioned and giving up. They are giving up. Everywhere in America, we are being marginalizewd and sidelined, infiltrated and destroyed and we are feeling it everywhere and just giving up.

Anti-g8 protests on both costs of the states, total turnout, maybe 2000 people. TOTAL TURNOUT ON BOTH COASTS OF THE US, *MAYBE* 2000 PEOPLE. FTAA protests in Miami, radical turnout, maybe 1000. The Miami Model in Florida, Martial Law in Georgia. Our movement of dissent and allt he rights to it are being eroded and destoyed.

Perople are getting out of the game as more names are added to the lists of domestic terrorists and without adequate support networks, they are singled out and taken out of action, by whatever means necessary by this regime. In Cascadia, a new Anti-Terrorism center put up, why? Brecause everywhere, people are looking to us there as the insurgent model, we have the best chance of overcoming and seceding from this so-called "union" and people want to see that , they need uprising to rally behind.

In the past I had entertained the idea that all the radical activists should come to Cascadia and join the militia fight the United States and defend Cascadia. The rest of the country is out of reach...too far gone, there are no bright spots left they are slowly being taken over...the governement is doing whatever it can to win the hearts and minds of the enemy, the constituents of the U.S. And they are doing a good job of keeping people out of the streets (protesting atleast, theyare doing a great job of increading homelessness and putting people ON the streets.)

I think that while we still have this chance, the defenders of the Republic of Cascadia need to organize and really start getting something done. WE can already see with this next election that we arent going to win. The pro-bush propaganda out here is insane, and I am in the only democratic county in the state of Indiana. This is one state that is pro-bush.

The less we do now to disrupt this governemnt, the more complacent people will become, that includes the drones and the radicals...on all fronts our peaceful movements are losing the battles that are being waged against us. We are vigilant but I think we may need to be more vigilante.

I dont know what else I can say in this, but our numbers and our the rsistance in middle america doesnt look promising. I will let you know what it looks like when I get east, but I am keeping all hope and energy in Cascadia. In the coming weeks I am going to change my focus of posts to the pride of Cascadia, the movements we have to rally behind and perhaps some hints at things we can do now to build unity and create a rue revolutionary movement!

Keep Loving, Keep Fighting.
'Republic' of Cascadia? 27.Jun.2004 18:16


I love the idea of Cascadia having its own autonomy but I hope it wont be another shitty 'Republic'. I was looking more toward having a direct democracy or at least something that allows me more say in government.
With that said I think we're a long way off from being able to launch such a movement (albeit I've been wishing for one for years) because right now all of our economy is still tied to large corporations, most of which are headquarted out of the area. I think we need to organize ourselves more toward getting free of the rest of the countries economy first before we think about automony. No matter how good the idea is, nobody is going to be a part of a process that will lead to having no food, housing or other necessities of life.
Also, I don't think the rest of the US will let us succeed without a fight. So how do you defeat the US army? Invasion of Iraq shows that trying to get rid of the US military is going to cost possibly tens of thousands of lives if not more (and no I don't they'll be 'nicer' to us because we're Americans. They'll just label us 'terrorists' and start bombing).
Actually, do we need to declare ourselves as suceeding from the US? Maybe we could build 'communities' in and around Cascadia and just ignore the rest of the country? Or would even that be possible?
I would be nice to have a discussion on this someday. I want to take my mind off this miserable election year where I feel like I'm forced to vote for someone I don't like again because I hate to have someone else win :{

succession 01.Jul.2004 10:01


Outright succession is out of the question. The federal government has many decades of experience in quelling popular insurgencies all over the globe. Whatever kind of financial backing you can find in Cascadia, and whatever kind of security you can provide for your organization, it won't be enough to counter the big dogs. They'll buy you out, put you down, infiltrate, humiliate, and make your support dissolve. If push comes to shove they'll just firebomb a school full of kids and blame it on you. If you haven't figured it out by now, these guys don't fuck around.

The best bet is to organize a resistance movement that includes elements of the existing government, especially the bureaucracy and law enforcement. From there you can begin to systematically curtail federal access to state records and try to weed out as many federal elements as possible from the existing government. Then you can start talking about defiance. Without federal oversight the system will be arguably susceptible to corruption (i.e. polluters, government contractors), but since the feds have been a bit derelict in their oversight duties as of late, I don't see it getting much worse than the status quo, likely even better.

I don't know exactly how such a movement could be formed, whether it would have to be from scratch or if an existing movement could be used as a seed. Call me insane, but if I had to pick an organization that I thought could be most effective, it would have to be the Libertarian Party. These guys are already established in politics and law enforcement and are as anti-fed as anybody. It can't hurt to have a few judges, sheriffs, National Guardsmen, and county commissioners on the team. Granted, the platform would eventually need some tinkering, and there are definitely some nutters onboard, but it is essential for any political party to make room for extremists. If a political party consisted of only rational people, there'd be nobody to shout in the streets. My guess is that if liberals began to take active participation in the party their enthusiasm would eventually be welcomed and everybody would realize that they share common goals. This is especially true if everybody could rally around a cause such as exclusion of the federal government. For many of these people, all you have to tell them is that they won't have to pay federal income tax.

Oh yeah, and eventually you might have to firebomb a school and blame it on the federal government!

Viva la revolution!