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Let the FUCK-YOUs Begin!

Answer "Fuck You" by not bending over...

Let the FUCK-YOUs Begin!

Enemy of the State

There has been a lot of noise and chiding over Cheney's hateful vindictive against Leahy. I applaud the use of "Fuck You" on the Senate floor, not out of any support for Cheney, but because it signals the end to pretenses of unity. It puts aside the notion that, "we are all in this together." The fact is, under the surface, this country is the middle of a cold war. Unlike the previous cold war, this cold war is a civil war. When someone says, "Fuck You", what they really mean is "I'd like to kick your ass." With that said, let the mutual ass kicking begin!

I've been saying "Fuck You" for some time now. I'd like to hear a chorus of "Fuck You" coming from the people of the United States of America, directed at their misrulers, and I'd like to see the rise of the "I'd like to kick your ass" mentality among the downtrodden. Let us direct the ass kicking in the direction it belongs: upward into the political and economic hierarchy.

Thank you, Dick Cheney, for opening your heart. The feelings are mutual. The people of the United States say, "Fuck You Too, Dick!"

Don't be Dicked by Cheney!

Thats the spirit! uh kinda. 27.Jun.2004 06:25


Um, gay bashing isn't cool dude. Other than that I suggest you buy a gun and learn how to use it.

Where's the gay bashing in 27.Jun.2004 10:34

very curious

that post?

gay bashing??? 27.Jun.2004 11:30


Gay bashing. Gay bashing? What the fuck are you talking about? Get your head out of your ass.

re gay bashing 27.Jun.2004 12:20


I think that what zilla was referring to was the reference in the article to things a gay male normally does ("bending over" (presumably in expectation of having a penis inserted into one's anus), getting "dicked") in a derogatory manner. While I don't consider that to be "gay bashing", I do think that it is one of those things that even well-meaning people say from time to time that really kinda hurts the feelings of gay people. It helps to perpetuate the mainstream/conservative attitude that a person who is on the receiving end of a sexual encounter (the "bottom", in other words), especially a gay male, is somehow submissive, weak.
I think that confronting references like this with the use of such hostile buzz-phrases as "gay-bashing" is counterproductive. It puts the person on the defensive, and no real discussion can ensue.

I have no fucking clue what the "get a gun and learn how to use it" comment was supposed to mean, though...

o.k.--the bending over I didn't see, and that I wouldn't 27.Jun.2004 13:34

very curious

call gay bashing so much, but I see the point. The "dicked" part I don't agree has anything to do with gays at all. Women, men, dogs, anyone is dicked over by dicks.

what does "get a gun" mean? 27.Jun.2004 16:49

I wonder, too.

I guess the only thing the "get a gun and learn how to use it" comment could have meant was that the poster thinks a violent civil war is coming, and that participants in that war will have to arm themselves in order to fight and in order to protect themselves, their families, and their homes, like, say, in Falluja.

I guess the comment does sorta make sense, if you think a civil war is coming.

I don't like "fuck you" much as a curse 27.Jun.2004 16:55


I never really liked "fuck you" as a curse or insult because it perpetuates an anti-sex attitude that is at the root of so many evils. Fucking, if done right, is a great thing in my experience. It shouldn't be associated with insults, violence, or anything like that.

I like a more creative cursing, like the Turks, who might say, "Cheney, you are worth less than the shit-fleas hanging on a wild dog's ass!"

Save your fucking for the bedroom with your lover.

Lazy Language 27.Jun.2004 20:29

Curious George

Yes, using the term "fuck" exposes a lack of imagination on the part of the speaker. Crutch or filler words like "fuck" often take the place of a reasoned response or a scathing verbal knockdown. It doesn't take any special talent or skill to scream four letter words at someone who has irritated you and it usually doesn't get you what you want either. They're not going to agree with you, you're not going to gain anybody's respect, and you're going to look stupider than a five-legged chicken in tennis shoes.

Just imagine if somebody yelled "fuck" in Parliament. I think they'd be escorted out until they developed better manners or made a public apology to the entire room.

But then Dick Cheney is not civilized and here is the proof. I've noticed this kind of behavior in many self-entitled, rich, and powerful people (although not all -- there are moral and decent wealthy folks out there). As long as they are getting their way, they are sweet as pie. When crossed, they degenerate into nasty pieces of work and began to threaten and deride others. This behavior is so unattractive that Bush (who often snipes at any perceived insult, real or not) is purposely shielded from nearly anybody who doesn't agree with him and is not willing to throw money at him so that we've only had a few glimpses of his petulant, weak king rage.

simple is good 27.Jun.2004 20:58


"fuck you" seems like an appropriate response to much, these days.

Cheney didnt say f*** you 28.Jun.2004 08:50

He said go f*** yourself

Get your facts straight.

Senator Leahy, avoid private planes 28.Jun.2004 17:52


The last Senator who affected the Bush junta this way was named Paul Wellstone.

Chenney on Fox 29.Jun.2004 10:28

Elma Fud

Chenney was asked about this episode on Fox Sunday and said something to the effect of:

"Senator Leahy had stabbed me in the back and spread false rumors then the next time I saw him he wanted to act like he was my best friend"

I have met my share of people like this from highschool on, screw you over one minute your best friend the next. As far as that goes I can respect Chenney for being honest with this Senator even though Chenneys politics are not my cup'o tea.

I think more US Senators should be told to Go Fu*k Themselves.