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AUDIO FILE: : Ralph Nader Succeeds in Getting on Oregon Ballot

This evening, June 26, 2004, Ralph Nader gathered 1150 people in his bid to be placed on the Oregon Ballot for the 2004 Presidential election. This was his second attempt, the first falling short by a little over 250 people.
Ralph complimented those who attended this convention: "you gotta be the most stalwart voters in the city to come out against all the sabotage and trojan horses." He was refering to the many recent attempts at blocking him from the Oregon ballot, such as a letter from Democrat Ron Wyden condemning his candidacy to strategies of attending the convention and then not signing the petition, hoping thereby to fall short of the 1000 people necessary to hold the Convention.
"Isn't it time to give voters in Oregon here an opportunity to vote for withdrawing from Iraq, for a living wage, for a universal health care plan,...for a genuine environmental strategy moving forward to the conversion to renewable energy and shutting down nuclear power plants...?" He goes on to say that it is about time to give Oregon voters the chance to vote against: the failed war on drugs; the misnamed PATRIOT Act; Capital Punishment.
"Isn't it time for the voters in Oregon to reflect their judgement with the only candidacy which is willing to take on the bloated, redundant, corrupt, military contracting budget that is eating 1/2 of our federal budget?"
Though later, during the Q & A period, he was repeatedly challenged for his candidacy, Nader gave better than he got and showed himself to be gracious under fire and always demonstrated respect and courtesy to his audience. The following is about a 30 minute audio file of his speech this evening. The audio isn't the best, but it is possible to discern what he is saying, though a little bit of an echo is audible. Well worth the listen
Nader Oregon

Ralph Nader on Oregon Ballot

Audio file about Skull and Bones, not Nader! 27.Jun.2004 00:31


I assume this is a mistake..

Nader is a Trojan Worm 27.Jun.2004 01:12


Peak Oil marketing fraud dead?

pay the PNAC trolls

to talk about Ralph


Interesting speak 27.Jun.2004 03:48

Tony Blair's dog

Thanks for making the speak available :-)

What other states 27.Jun.2004 09:00

Ross P. Rot

If he qualifies in the Beaver state, what other state's November ballots has Nader made?
I was watching the news last night and it was matter-of-factly mentioned that Ralph was not on any other states ballots.
Corporate media aside, is this true? Is this just a process much like Oregon?

FINALLY! A prez candidate who opposes the war in Iraq! 27.Jun.2004 20:57

Menopause Red

Can someone confirm that Nader is really on the ballot? Kerry thinks if he continues to shut up about everything, like he did over the last 2 years, that he's got our vote. I don't think so.