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Sunday Jun 27th - Remembrance Service for Casualties of the Iraq war Laurelhurst Park

"In remembrance, one black balloon released for each fallen soldier...A reminder, one red balloon for each wounded soldier...A prayer, one colored balloon for each civilian casualty..."
At a time when the images of fallen soldiers are being censored by the media and the government, we are clouded to the true casualties of war--those lives lost and the families they leave behind. In recognition of their service, an equal number of black balloons to the number of American soldiers killed in the Iraq War will be released from Laurelhurst Park June 27th. Each biodegradable balloon will carry a card stating a soldier's information in remembrance to the individual sacrifice made for our country. The intent is to provide an opportunity for release and communal support for those who have suffered a loss, and to question whether the casualties justify the war's goals and agenda.

Schedule of Events
Adrian Ate21

1:00: POETRY
Chris Cotrelle
Roger Fukes

Professor John Baldwin
Univ. of Oregon

Jefferson Smith
BUS Project

Grant Remington

Tom Markgras
Sr. Adviser to
Earl Blumenauer

Statements from
Family Members

2:30: MUSIC Live
Artichoke Music
"Travis John"
by Steve Einhorn
and Kate Power

Participating family members who lost a loved one to the Iraq War will be able to release the balloon featuring their loved ones name stating, "This balloon is in honor and memory of my child/spouse (name) and something about them."

Amnestry International

Peter Corvalis
Donated Stage

homepage: homepage: http://www.riseinremembrance.org/

up up and away 26.Jun.2004 23:03


i support your sentiment and intention, but releasing balloons like that, en masse into the air, is in eco/environmental poor taste and hazardous to critters once they deflate.

stop Bush at all costs 26.Jun.2004 23:47

red suspenders

Some of you limp wristed pale faced college students think we live in a perfect world. We dont. even if a fuzzy owl eats a balloon and dies, the "environmental damage" from some balloons is a totally insignificant cost. You don't think war does envrionmental damage? or- maybe it's OK becuase it's halfway around the world from your backyard. Shame on you. Grow up!

Woof: 27.Jun.2004 06:05

just a citizen

Environmental concerns have been taken into account by the event organizers. The baloons are biodegradable. Please come and bring friends :)

I didn't attend 27.Jun.2004 16:40


...so I'm curious. Was there anywhere from 11,000 to 55,000 balloons released, in order to symbolize the number of civilian Iraqis killed during this latest occupation? That's a lot of balloons. Or were only American deaths honored?