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9.11 investigation

DOWNLOAD & WATCH: Alex Jones authorized free distribution of two 9-11 documentaries

I've just finished watching the sequel one: chilling. We are ALREADY deep in a police state and only exposing it will save this country or it will I am totally convinced will be dead in 10 years. Period.
Alex Jones has authorized free distribution of two documentaries dealing with 9-11:

"911: the Road to Tyranny" and its sequel, "Masters of Terror"

Activist, analyst, author, syndicated talk radio host, documentarist Alex Jones exposes the men behind conspiracy, terrorism and takeover, in this crucial sequel to "911: the Road to Tyranny" (also available on the Internet Archive).




The second film is perfect for any brain dead skeptics on the seriousness of this, because instead of simply Alex Jones waving at you for the most of it, it is simply video image of page after page of printed corporate media announcements, held to the camera, with a bit of introduction or summary from each. Together is a massive amount of research that deserves a wider audience. These are the pieces that are being put in place to seal you (beginning with your children) into a police state dependency relationship.

They are already training kids as police military aids in summer camps. -- They are on record of planning to have everyone head/brain ID chiped for remote tracking within 20 years [Sydney Morning Herald.] -- Walmart supposedly has already wired a public town to test RFID in public spaces in real time. Department of Defense making kids video games where the 'enemy' are the state or local militiamen. I dare you to disprove it, these are simply bits of documents. It's the plan.
100 Times Better Then Fahrenheit 911 09.Jul.2004 23:21

Mean Mr Mustard

If liked Fahrenheit 911 Or even if you didn't, You GOT to SEE this Movie and share with as many people as you can.