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Mr. Vice President...you have a potty mouth

My letter to the president.....sent via email today - feel free to send your own original letter or use my text below.
Dear Mr. Bush

I am regret to inform you that I will not be voting for you or Mr. Cheney in the presidential election. The reason specifically is the vice-president's potty mouth. I cannot in good conscience vote for you or Mr. Cheney knowing that he has used language I would never allow my own children (or myself for that matter) to utter in our house.

And I am ashamed that you would condone such language by your assistant Mr. Cheney. I would expect at the least that you would chide him for using such expletives, and can only assume that perhaps you, yourself have used such language.

How could I explain to my dear innocent children that our president and vice-president use words that your own agency (the FCC) feels should be banned from media airwaves. Frankly, I am very dissapointed in both of you, and thus, will be voting for Mr. Kerry this November.

Most regrettably,