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Dick Cheney's diction* "Fuck off or go fuck yourself."

In the face of many million dollar new fines for pithy language on the air waves, America's appointed VP Richard Cheney exercises his prerogative to abrogate accountaability for any and all violations of law. And this is how I picture the situation.
Cheney's remark was made to Vermont's senator Patrick Leahy on Thursday June 24th 2004.
* diction means word choice; all other characteristics of spoken delivery such as timbre, inflection, rhythm, accent etc are described as "elocution".

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Vice Prez exhibits human like trait 26.Jun.2004 18:01

yer mom

Yet, it is odd that the left is playing the obscenity card. I've never met a leftist that never said "fuck".

Guilty sack of shit 26.Jun.2004 18:51

Fuck Dick

again, a guilty fat sack of mule dung is what dickhead is.

its not the word 26.Jun.2004 19:09

its the fucking


Reptilian for sure 26.Jun.2004 21:18

Snake bite

Cheney's true character really shines through. If even a small portion of the tales on the internet and in books are true concerning this thing called "Cheney" then he is barely even human.

Roughneck 26.Jun.2004 23:32

red suspenders

aw- give the guy a break, it's pretty tough to have a lifetime career in the oil exploration industry and not take the language with you other places...

Cheney's politeness is only skin deep 27.Jun.2004 04:50


I'll eat you Daschle like I ate Wellstone!
I'll eat you Daschle like I ate Wellstone!

Kettle and the Pot 28.Jun.2004 17:17


A quick search of this "progressive" site turns up 570+ occurances of the "f" word. I find this sudden sensitivity to a word quite interesting. Perhaps the "h" word could be the cause...

American English diction 05.Jul.2004 07:08

Michael Organe

Educated people in the UK have always believed that an excessive use of short Anglo Saxon words which describe the sexual or waste disposal activities of the human body is a sign that the person concerned cannot express their thoughts or feelings properly using better selected words. It may be that their vocabulary is a bit restricted, or it is possible that they do not think before they speak and therefore have to fill in the gaps with familiar aggressive sounds, to avoid the other person controlling the discussion.

There is also the theory that because educated people do not generally use these words and they inevitably come from the effete "Middle Class", to use swear words will identify the user with the more virile "Working Class". Use of such words is also expected to shock educated people and render them ineffective in argument.

In fact excessive or inappropriate use of swear words merely identifies the user as poorly educated, unable to use the English language appropriately and probably on the losing side of an argument, as well as being probably "Lower Class" and inadequate in other ways, needing violence in language and behaviour to reassure themselves that they have a valid existence.

Now come on you cuntfaced fucking shower of shitheaded moronic lower class American assholes - swear at me!


A Few Points 10.Jul.2004 22:55


1. Most Americans do tend to use saltier language than the sanctimonious right-wing would like to believe.
2, Most Americans would not use such language on the Senate floor.
3. Most Americans would never use such a word in public after a lifetime of bashing their political opposition for supposedly having a shortage of traditional family values.
4. Most Americans, if such an epithet had actually crossed our lips in public, would apologize rather than scurrying off to their favorite right-wing propaganda channel and stating, rather smugly, "I felt better after doing it."

5. This is a dangerous and ruthless group of cold-hearted men in charge of our country, whose only interest is slowly squeezing the money and joy out of the general public in order to increase profits. They see dollar signs attached to everything, and act accordingly.

Education 26.Jul.2004 10:30


While one of the comments below has some very interesting points on the use of profane language by the educated, he lost his whole argument with the last sentence. And therin lies my point. No matter how educated or elequently you speak, you lose your whole argument and reveal yourself as someone who is not in controll of oneself (the only person you can control!) with the use of profanity or agressive language. I do not hold Vice President Cheyney to higher standard than any other member of the the Senate. If Mr. Cheyney chooses to use profanity in his day to day language, so be it. However, on the Senate floor...

There are much more less educated people in much less respected position who know not to use profanity at work with other employees. It seems as though Mr. Cheyney has as much respect for the sanctity of our governments opperations as Mr. Clinton.

People are people, I will admit. But, not when you represent people of our nation.

Give me a break 26.Jul.2004 16:11


Come on folks! My GOD how many times have we heard those types of comments before and never really thought much of it? why is it now a big deal? The man said what he felyt he needed to for GODS sake! Who among us is not guilty of the same?

None 30.Jul.2004 23:04


Thats why a month later no one added a retort.

Instead of coming up with a contrived and false response, he said what he felt. I respect that. It shows he has character.

Hey......Pat Leahy should know those types of remarks are hittin below the belt. 07.Aug.2004 09:38


That's where Dickhead's pockets are located.