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"Fahrenheit 9/11" Tops $8 Million On Opening Day On Just 868 Screens

Below are the top ten grossing movies, accoriding to Box Office Mojo. The numbers following the tittle are number of screens, the gross for the day and the per screen average. Expect to see the number of screens "Fahrentheit" is playing on grow considerably over the next week or two.
1 fahrenheit 9/11, 868, $8,200,000, $9,447

2 white chicks, 2,726, $6,760,000, $2,480

3 dodgeball: a true underdog story, 3,020, $6,436,000

4 the notebook, 2,303, $5,220,000

5 the terminal, 2,914, $4,138,000, $1,420

6 harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, 3,404, $3,379,000, $993

7 shrek 2, 2,937, $3,187,000, $1,085

8 garfield: the movie, 2,880, $2,401,000, $834

9 two brothers, 2,175, $2,070,000, $952

10 the stepford wives, 2,437, $1,649,000, $677

homepage: homepage: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2004-06-25&p=.htm

Fahrenheit 9/11 a must-see for military families 26.Jun.2004 16:17


Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 this afternoon. I don't know why people say it's anti-military. My husband and I share his outrage over the manipulative tactics employeed by recruiters trawling for kids in poor neighborhoods. Our son was "bribed" into the Air Force with a 13 thousand dollar bonus -- $13,000 for four years of service and two years of the Reserve. He was going to get married, he was broke, he couldn't resist.

We're proud of his courage and willingness to protect the rest of us, but we hate this war of choice in Iraq. In the film, Moore says what should be obvious to anybody: that our men and women in uniform shouldn't be sent to war unless it's absolutely necessary.

My bumperstickers from MoveOn came in the mail this morning so I took all but one to the theater and at the end, while the credits rolled, I quietly passed them to the people sitting beside, behind and infront of us. They say "Defend America--Defeat Bush" and I'll tell ya, they were very well received. Too bad I had only 9 to give away.

if you go 26.Jun.2004 20:10


go early and buy your ticket in advance. I went yesterday and started looking for tickets around 2:30 pm. Every show in portland was completely sold out (even through 11 pm). Instead I tried theaters in washington was still able to get a ticket through fandango for the only late show not sold out. I got there 45 minutes early and still had to sit in some relatively lousy seats in the very first row off to the side. It can be exciting to watch it with a rowdy crowd, although some may prefer to wait a while when the shows are not a total mob scene. All in all a good movie and I'd recommend it. If I was a theater manager, I'd put the film in heavy rotation to satisfy the incredible demand I've seen in the first days.

In terms of information content of the movie, there wasn't a lot I didn't already know, but I'm a bit of a 24-7 news junkie. Didn't have a big impact on my way of thinking because I already viewed Bush as completely intellectually and politically bankrupt in 2000 and there's only so much more outraged one can get as time goes on. However, the word of mouth on it should be good, I expect, and it should be enlightening for the folks who rely solely on the mainstream media for their info. More than anything, it's somewhat entertaining to watch the FReeper message boards to see their reaction to it and their tactics to sabotage moore and the movie.

Box office returns are great, butů. 26.Jun.2004 23:38

Ghost of Gene Siskel

The money from this weekend will without much doubt make F-911 the biggest money making documentary in history!

However, don't expect the number of screens its being show at to increase. Its showing on about 1 / 4 of what a normal movie would be seen on. This wasn't done for political reasons, it was done for financial reasons.

Its also not on very many battle ground states screens either. If you are familiar with any large metropolitan area in one of the battle ground states, check their movie theater listings and you will see its being shown on just a hand-full of screens compared to Dodgeball, and White Chicks, etc., and those screens are mostly in trendy or affluent areas of those cities.

Most of the 800+ screens its playing at are on the east and west coasts. These states are not going to be voting for Bush anyway.

Once again, if the distributor of F-911 was looking for converts and not cash, areas in each city that F-911 is playing in would be much different.

In Rural areas in the battle ground states you may have to drive several hundred miles to a large city to find a theater showing it.

Small towns, county seats, etc. have only a 1 or 2 screen movie house. Almost all are showing last months hits, and F-911 won't make it to most of these theaters.

So is F-911 preaching to the choir? No, it will make converts. But it probably won't be the silver bullet that will sink Bush's reelection plans.

However, F-911 will be out on DVD before the election, but so will Spiderman II, and Dodgeball.

Got My Tickets... 27.Jun.2004 01:04


...for a showing later today (Sunday).

The girl selling the tickets said that every showing at Lloyd Center on Friday and Saturday have sold out, and the Sunday shows were getting brisk business as well.

And it's not just progressives and hippies - it's a good cross-section of movie-goers.

Thanks, (Bowel)Moving America Forward and other conservatives - you've just made F911 *the* hot ticket all over America - a caller into Randi Rhodes on Friday said that a mid-day Friday showing in *Jacksonville* was sold out - it's selling out in red and swing states, too.

Any theatre owner would love to have a movie like this that sells out on word-of-mouth and hype - the only problem is are there enough prints for the theatres that want to show it?

cuba's take on f9/11 27.Jun.2004 01:05

you can probably guess

I had to get through dozens of data stoppages to get to the Radio Havana Cuba English site, so here is their take on Fahrenheit 9/11:

Fahrenheit 9/11 is Received in the US with Phenomenal Success

New York, June 26 (RHC)--The phenomenal success of Michael Moore's much awaited documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11", which opened last night in 900 movie theatres across the United States has sent shock waves all the way into the Oval Office.

In every state of the Union the film received standing ovations and was always sold out. In many theatres, the crowds were so enormous that owners chose to reshow and reshow the film well into the early hours of the morning.

The film, which openly seeks to influence November's presidential elections, combines newsreel of US President George Bush taking vacations in the most critical periods of his tenure and footage of US politicians being pursued by Michael Moore questioning their role in the Iraq invasion and if the draft was reinstituted would their children serve? If the children of members of the US Congress and ruling elite were forced into the draft we would have no wars, says Moore. To date, over 16,000 Iraqi civilians have died in the US/UK-led occupation and over 900 foreign troops - the great majority of them from the USA.

Moore commented in an interview Friday that the Bush administration had made a half-hearted effort in pursuing Osama bin Laden immediately after the September 11 attacks, and instead devoted vast resources to invading Iraq and unseating the Bush family enemy, Saddam Hussein.

"There are more police here in Manhattan than the number of soldiers we sent in to get Osama bin Laden," he said, quoting Richard Clarke, a former White House counterterrorist coordinator whose devastating book attacking the Bush obsession with Iraq has caused a furor in Washington.

The film has been attacked by the US right wing as "slick propaganda" but nonetheless won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival -- the festival's highest honor.

In an indication of the level of the administration's irresponsibility, say critics, the man who continues to send hundreds of US troops to their deaths and has plunged the Middle East into chaos that could last for decades, joked through his Communications Director Dan Bartlett that he would prefer to watch the sequel to the popular animated film "Shrek" than "Fahrenheit 9/11"

And Michael Moore's response? Register to vote.

Ahem, denial anyone? 27.Jun.2004 03:21

Michael b mb@resist.ca

Great a movie exposing the white houses (Bush's ?!?) imperialist agenda is earning Michael More and his friends many millions of dollars! Michael Moore is blazing a trail for other Radical documentaries to follow. He's exposing a market demand and I'm sure in no time flat we'll start seeing other documentaries in the theaters. How long will it be before the Lars larsons of this country start doing their own? Well, if Lars wants to draw a target on his back that's well and good by me. My point is what is Michael Moore inc. going to do with all this money? From what I've seen of Michael Moores documentaries they follow this predictable format: throw in some tidbits of fact, follow it up with some nice in your face footage, and ask alot of revealing questions. The trouble is Michael Moore has more questions than he does answers.
Democrats often tell me that this country is going to hell. This position makes me sick with rage. I'm left dumbfounded by the position that we can continue another electoral cycle without addressing the murderous history of this nation loved by many Americans. I guess you could say that Michael Moore's southpark blurb on racism "bowling for columbine" was good enough. Really though, US corporations that trace their financial roots to SLAVERY are still quite alive and kicking. There has been NO reparations by them. Both political parties are currently deciding on a bill as to weather they will steal land from the Western Shosone in Nevada.


While we're at it why don't we explore the roots of the POLICE in this country? This standing army of the united states first reared it's ugly class war head to put down the debtors rebellion of poor farmers that mortgaged their homes to buy guns to fight the British- this is often referred to as Shea's rebellion.


Or the MASSIVE prison industrial complex found in this country. Which traces it's roots to forced servitude as well.
I am often amazed that the same philosophies held by BUSH are held by almost every elected official in this country. Namely that capitalism IS democracy. I'm sure that meant allot to Thomas Jefferson but what did it mean to his slaves? The constitution of the united states contains in its list of agreevances against the British government mention that the British government was in league with "savages" against the people of the unites states, and conspiring to deny them of land that should rightfully be "ours." When it comes to matters like this the line between racism and capitalism gets more than a little blury.
The patriots of this country often look to the sons of liberty as a source of moral inspiration. The sons of liberty however conspired to undermine class struggle in this country. When the poor whites of this country banded with black slaves and burned the houses of wealthy British slave traders they were condemned by the sons of liberty. This in my mind bears some resemblance to groups such as the sierra club going before the house congressional grand jury on "eco terrorism" and stating that they will do all they can to help track down these terrorists. Good and decent people like Jeffrey Luers, and Mumia Abu Jamal are sitting in jail as the same media that supported the war labels them terrorist.
My point is the middle class of this country did not spring up over night. There was a day when poor white peasants were rounded up and forced into boats to work as slaves in America. When your master could lengthen your indenture for mearly speaking ill of him. When punishments for crime in Europe often led to forced labor in the colonies, and as much as 60% of these "lowly trash of Europe" would die on the voyage for lack of food and water. White servants started being treated better than blacks, when they started "conspiring" with black slaves and natives to kill their masters. The people that framed the constitution of this country conspired to create a white middle class to discourage class rebellion against their own priveledge and focus it against British tyranny. They did this by incentivising RACISM. Colonial houses of burgess (governing councils of rich colonial landholders) passed laws to give white servants land (which happened to belong to angry displaced natives), food, and positions as overseer of plantations. As the rapper KRS one says there's a reason overseer rhymes with officer.
This is a historical legacy that permeates America. What it means to be an American to this day is shaped by this legacy. It's much, much, bigger than bush. For dog's sake, this country still to this very day maintains COLONIES. Guantanamo bay Cuba ring a bell?



We maintain racist embargoes against Cuba, while we work diligently to promote an oil economy aka capitalism, to the billions of china? The imbargo against Cuba isn't because they're run by a socialist dictator, or for human rights abuses. If it was about human rights abuses you'd find embargoes against cities in america. I don't see Mr. Bush, or Kerry for that matter crying out JUSTICE for James Jahar Perez. Both Republican and Democratic presedents maintain this imbargo because Cuba broke free, and is no longer a colony of the United States.

see american imperialism-


There's a reason US journalists can't grasp how they could have been "led" to support this war and it ain't Bush. I am not a stupid man. I do not believe that bush developed some magical charisma that made them all support another war as subsidy for the likes of haliburtan. The shell shock that many Americans feel is rooted in a firmly conditioned denial of history. We are aparty to a historical legacy that to its very roots America denies. Bush is just a scapegoat. We are caught in a lie, our cheeks are red and it hurts. So we lie more to escape the lie saying things like "Kery will get us out of Iraq", and find that we are forced to lie again to substantiate the new truth. As for bush I give to him the gypsy's CURSE "May you get all that you deserve, Mr.Bush"

As for Michael Moore I am troubled that he sat on footage of Abu grave prison abuse when his going public could have saved Iraqi lives. However, I sincerely hope this wasn't a capitalist ploy to let public outrage over this abuse scandal make him a Millionaire.

Only time will tell. Will Michael Moore make a documentary that one's up to American history? Will Michael Moore's future works challenge the political identity of the people that watch his movies? Would he ever say do a 3-part documentary of the peoples history of the United States by Howard Zinn? Or back a documentary by Ward Churchill?

P.S. I will break out, dust off my magic books, and use the darkest magics against the fool that tries to make this flow a Nader advertisement.

my thoughts 27.Jun.2004 03:50


"My point is what is Michael Moore inc. going to do with all this money?"

The same question posed by the corporate media to try an discredit Moore. I guess it's good that you're not reading that crap, neither am I, but it was discussed in this post:

And really, any corporate interview with Moore will have him discuss what he does with his money since everyone wants to paint him as a hypocrite. I'd check out the guardian if I was interested.

Anyway, I got to see the movie and it is true that people have very little idea of what this movie is really about. All this talking makes people feel like they know what the film is about. But really, you should see it (for free of course, or at a cheap theater, or download it off the internet). The analysis of class and race, particularly with regard to military recruitment made me immediately think of the military recruitment posts on portland indymedia.

Like everything else in life, you will never find a person or work you agree with 100%. I'm sure there will be many things for people who are familiar with these issues to wish had been included and other stuff that they find not so important and could have been left out. Ultimately I think it's a solid work. I suppose you could still argue that it doesn't provide all the answers, but then, I'm suspicious of anything that does make that claim.

"As for Michael Moore I am troubled that he sat on footage of Abu grave prison abuse when his going public could have saved Iraqi lives."

To the best of my knowledge he had no footage of Abu Ghraib or of that level of abuse. What was shown in the film was of people with hooded Iraqis having their pictures taken with soldiers. Disturbing, and perhaps there is other footage that hasn't been made public, but from that footage one couldn't infer the severity of Abu Ghraib (though I'm sure Michael Moore, like most of us, is quite aware that these things were happening). Perhaps some earlier whistle-blowing could have made a difference. Perhaps not.

Moore's indictment of the corporate media in his current interviews is refreshing and entertaining. And I think his movie will wake people up to some things, mainly because they're guarded for the wrong movie.

P.S. The cartoon in Columbine is not related to southpark in any way. Common mistake.

ok 27.Jun.2004 06:19


I listened to the state media NPR the other day and michael moore was asked about the charge that he new about abu grave before others he said that he had footage of it that disturbed him, that he thought might have created a scandal- but he wasn't sure that his footage showed illigal abuse. That he just wasn't sure. He sounded honestly troubled and concerned about it. I concede it could have been media manipulation but he really did sound concerned.

As for south park doesn't michael moore interview the creator of the show in the movie, saying that the show refers to a town near where he grew up- shortly before going into the history of racism skit?

As for people agreeing with you 100% that's not what I'm asking. Liberals and neo cons often use this critique to brush past honest dialoge about this nation or political figures role in it.
What I'm asking is will Michael Moore ever do more than a issue expose? He's got the resources now to really get to the heart of the matter. Why I ask is his polital critiques of national figures and issues are in many cutting and concise, meaning they're radical or to the root of the matter. Then he says vote. I ask that people honestly consider how we can support a political system that isn't honest, or cantidates that arn't honest about the history of the political establishments we're asked to support. How can an honest person hold bush to one standard of scruteny and kery, or the political establishment of governance in this country to another. All these cantidates claim to be down with John Locke, but what I wonder is really how can I trust cantidates that arn't honest about what the system is? The same question applies to everyone else. No harm intended.

Whatever your political persuasion, see this movie. 27.Jun.2004 19:16


If you have been paying attention to the details of the news over the past few years, not what you hear on TV, but the details you have to dig up in the back pages of the papers and magazines, there will be no big surprises, but some of the disjointed stories will come together with clarity.

If you have been watching the TV headline news, you are in for some surprises.

What this movie makes abundantly clear is that our country has been hijacked. We the people have been duped in an unbelievably colossal way.

If you know yourself to be a patriot, you MUST see this movie. Our flag and country have been stolen by a very powerful and extremely rich elite that exists far beyond imagination.

I wish there were a better alternative to Bush than Kerry, but I assure you there will be no way I could ever support Bush. The corruption of him and his family is almost beyond comprehension.

America is a great country. We have the brains, resources and technology to be fantastic - all of us, not just a few "leaders" on top. Somehow we the people have to get our country back.

No you have not been "Duped" you hopped, skiped, and jumped into it willingly. 28.Jun.2004 12:20

Michael b

The actions of bush do not exist in some historical viod. He is a war criminal, he's used the laws of this country to expouse a racist agenda, but as a presedent he is no way alone in doing this. To say so is to lie or to strategicly turn a blind eye to history. I hate the pig, if the people of this country drag him out of his "white" house and institute JUSTICE I'd applaud. The point is people like former presendent and agent of the natives holocaust Andrew Jackson are memorialized on the twenty dallor bill, Henry Kissinger still walks the streets of this country, the slave holding class war bastards that united this country are seen as "heroes" and bush is just a reflection this legacy. If you, me, or the American people had the moral dignity to forcefully object to these facists representation of democracy we'd be organizing in the streets with arms. We're not. The will of the american people has from it's very begining been "duped" into supporting one more holocaust denier after another, one imperialist war profiteer after another, try looking up anti war protest on google if you don't believe me. Well I just looked on google and I guess they don't have pictures of earlier war protest. What's up with that!?
The signs that we carried to protest bush are the same signs broken peoples struggles have been carrying in this country since it's inception. If I could find the links I'd show you. A good movie that illitrates this is "Hearts and minds" it's as good if not better than Moores movie. It's about the vitniam war. You can buy it on ebay.

F9-11 05.Nov.2004 09:35


I don't think its fair that all the tickets were sold out when I got there to buy them I actually had to buy 2weeks in advance to see the movie.