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government selection 2004

Meeting with Congressman Kucinich in Portland Sunday evening, 6/27

Many of you may be wondering what's next for the Kucinich campaign beyond
the national convention. How do we build an ongoing progressive movement
using what's already been created?
Congressman Kucinich will be coming to
Portland for a Sunday evening meeting/gathering/working session to talk
about the future of the campaign. We hope everyone interested in building
a cohesive grassroots progressive movement can come to this very important

If you have any questions please contact Diego Alvarado at (503) 232-8201
or  diego@kucinich.us
Event is at 8 PM 26.Jun.2004 11:43

Diego Alvarado

WHAT: Meeting with Congressman Kucinich regarding the progressive movement
WHERE: The Rockwood Grange, 18305 SE Stark St. (183rd & SE Stark across from McDonalds), Portland
WHEN: Sunday, June 27 at 8:00 pm

Transportation option - Ride MAX 26.Jun.2004 14:20


MAX will get you quite close to 183rd & Stark (with a short walk). There are also bus options, check out  http://www.trimet.org and use the 'Trip Planner' link to see what works best for you.