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Farhenheit 9/11 Review

Review of the movie we are all talking about.
For several years I was really sceptical of Michael Moore. I thought is use of humor down played the need for change, and came to close to the techniques used by the right wing radio shows. I spin doctor, working on the side of the left, and hurting more then he helped. With sceptical eyes I watched Bowling for Columbine, and my oppinion started to change. I began to think, maybe we as humans need a little bit of humor mixed in with our pain in order to take on some of the issues that activists feel so strongly about.

In F 9/11 Moore did an amazing job of combining information with a successful pop culture composition to get, what was in reality a really really hard subject out to the public. The movie is well worth seeing, and even more worth supporting with what little money many of us have.

It was difficult at times, and at one point it brought all of us to tears. While it was hard to watch, at the same time it through in little glimmers of hope that helped get the viewer through the 2 1/2 hours of a review of our last four years. Moore, more so then any activist I have meet was able to construct an argument about the current administration's crimes in a way really succesful way. He counters his critics at the same time that he is bringing forward an issue.

Unlike Bowling, and other movies he doesn't jump in with his oppinion as much in F 9/11. There is little of the smart ass comments that can, at times make Moore just look like an insensitive prick. He does a better job in this movie of just holding the camera, and letting the world speak for itself.

I don't want to ruin this movie for anyone, but I will say that seeing it is well worth the money/wait/and time it will take to see this movie. It will hit home in a way un-like the news footage or our protests can, and believe me it will leave you with a desire to do more!!!

Check it out, and make up your own mind.
I Have Not Seen It Yet... 26.Jun.2004 12:39

Go Nader!

...but I wonder if the Kerry supporters will be able to figure out just how complicit their candidate is in the schemes of the Bush gangsters.

I'm sure they know 26.Jun.2004 13:37


and they hate themselves for knowing such. Perhaps that is all they know about their candidate, as his issues are blurred and vague. A "better Bush" indeed.

The world according to Bush 26.Jun.2004 15:59

AmigaPhil AmigaPhil@ping.be

A documentary film by William Karel
Comment posted here: The world according to Bush


Commercials and Previews - Weird 26.Jun.2004 16:17

Cheney Watch

I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 at the first showing in the Lloyd Mall theater. The Mall had devoted two theaters to F911 and although the theaters were full there was none of the huge lines described at the Fox Tower downtown. No lines AT ALL. We had prepurchased tickets and were able to walk right in at 12:30 for the 1:00 showing.

One person went around the theater handing out Kerry contact literature but I didn't see any other people with handouts, voter registration cards, etc.

Regal devoted 15 minutes BEFORE the movie previews started at 1:00 showing commercials and promotions for games like Everquest 2. Inappropriately, they aired a promotion for a series on fighting terrorism in which the Muslims were depicted as an evil, crafty, technologically-advanced enemies and followed up that trailer with a commercial for the Army. What were they thinking about? Both sequences drew loud boos, catcalls, and shouts of "WRONG MOVIE!" Was it a way to cover their ass if someone complains that they are "supporting the terrorists" by showing F911 ("Oh, yeah, well we carried the terrorism trailer and the commercials for our armed forces!")

I thought the movie was great but... 26.Jun.2004 17:30

local yokel

the only criticism i could make is that the movie is mainly about the lead up to the iraq war and so he limits his discussion of many important issues (such as the PATRIOT act) to only how they relate to the iraq war issue.

For example, when he talks about the breakdown of civil liberties and rights, his point is "they SAID that this was to protect us from terrorists, but look at the stupid mistakes they are making, so therefore this isn't REALLY about terrorists."

it's true, but this means he limits the discussion about the consequences of the breakdown to three examples:

- an old man who was talking about how the war was for oil who got turned in to the FBI by fellow gym-users
- a women who was forced to drink her own breast-milk to prove that it wasn't posion
- a peace group infiltrated by the local anti-terrorism task force

all of these are serious issues but Moore doesn't mention that many americans are being illegally held with no due process. His portrail was key-stone-cop like not revealing the fascist danger of the situation.

the only other critique i have is that he could have gone further in suggesting that Bush helded cause 9-11. Instead he choice to present the administration as a bunch of idiots who, once the attacks happened, used it for their own gain and manipulated the country.

I understand why he didn't pursue that line of thought: he would have lost a lot of his audience. i think that is perfectly fine.

He did show the Bush-Bin Laudin connection to a certain extent, but i throught there was one GLARING OMITION in this part of his argument.

He briefly mentions the censored pages of the congressional report on 9/11. But he never mentions what has been revealed about those mission pages.

Greg Palast and many others have pointed out that those pages mentioned that PBI agents were asking to investigate Osama's brothers for possible involvement with Al Quada but were barred by the administration and told to wait until September 13, 2001.(see www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=03/08/22/1529206&mode=thread&tid=29)

This suggests that the members of the family who WERE known to be close to the Bush' were suspects in the attacks but that Bush protected them.

I was very surprise that Moore choice to leave this out.

Other then all that, i thought it was a very important movie and i feel grateful for his efforts.

Just saw it 27.Jun.2004 00:49


Hey NADER/BUSH voters, this blood is on your hands. Your own damn candidate even said to vote for Kerry in swing states!


whose hands? 27.Jun.2004 00:58

our hands

Those who sent us to war, including every congress person that authorized it, and all those who voted for them, including myself who voted for a democrat in VA that voted for the war.

Blood is on Kerry's hands. The blood of Iraqis will be on the hands of anyone who doesn't withdraw from Iraq, and those who vote them into office. Time to stop blaiming others for our mistakes, like thinking the democrats would oppose anything the Bush administration had in mind.

Remember that.


made up

This is a must watch documentary

Video: Breaking The Silence

A hard hitting special report into the "war on terror" Award winning journalist John Pilger.

This is a must watch documentary.


There is a story at that page. The page has a link you can right-click to download the video to your hard drive.

This is a very large file that plays on windows media player. If you have a modem connection to the internet, you should use a downloading program that allows faster downloading and resuming of the download if disconnected. I use the free Star downloader, which doesn't take very long to get and installs very easily. It does not have any nasty aspects.

"If we remain silent, victory over us is assured." -- the closing words of Mr Pilger in this report. He is talking about fascism.

what will we do? 27.Jun.2004 22:16

peace rebel girl

Fahrenheit 9/11 did not contain anything shocking or new to me. In fact, I personally feel that there were important elements with re to what really happened on 9.11 that were not included in the film.

Fahrenheit 9/11appropriately opens with perhaps a full minute of audio juxtaposed with a dark screen. This felt symbolic of how 'in the dark' America is. And interestingly enough, when we exiting the dark theatre into the late afternoon sun we were greeted with a nearly blinding light ~ illumination to help wake us up!

Fahrenheit 9/11is powerful; I broke down three times during the film, twice during scenes from Iraq and then when a Mom of a U.S. soldier loses her son to the war. The four of us that went to the film together talked about it for a few hours afterward, all of us feeling anger and grief, left wondering what we can do, because you cannot walk out of the theatre and feel complete when the film is over; there is no conclusion or resolution, only a restless feeling of the need for revolution.

Michael Moore is beyond brave to go up against the United States Government to expose the truth about 9.11 and the Iraq war! Now, we must decide how to collectively rise up against the serious and completely unacceptable charges against the Bush Administration.

It takes only one spark to start a fire! 28.Jun.2004 15:12

Bird dog

But, when it starts to burn!

It can not be stopped!

Truth will burn out the corporate lies!

One day at a time.

So do not put down Mr. Moore for trying to light the fire.

It's our responsibility to finish the job!

I agree . 30.Jun.2004 10:24

Red Silver

I've seen the movie yesterday . Although you can't take a movie like that as the absolute truth in all details , because we know that Moore has a definite position and he obviously does not try to look objective , there are too many real flicks and too many actual facts that so overwhelmingly support his view , than it's very hard not to think he is right .
He did an incredible job with the movie . The movie is funny at times because of his use of humor , by at the same time is very moving and it really makes you sad about how the human race has yet to learn everything about how to live with each other and it makes you somewhat angry with those that exploit other people hopes and fears . But the problem is that , after all this centuries of wars , man hasn't learned yet to look deeply inside himself and really understand what's it all about .

All Voters with a Conscience Should See Moore's Movie 05.Jul.2004 07:43

Concerned Voter in Florida

Many Bush supporters claim that Bush should be President because he is a devout Christian. Fahrenheit 9/11 demonstrates in a poignant way that Bush's actions and policy decisions, in many cases, are anything but Christian. First, it is clear that he is a liar. Second, one of his main motivations is greed. He is interested in lining the pockets of the Saudis and a close circle of friends. Third, he has the US involved in an immoral war. Pope John Paul has even criticized Bush for starting a war that lacks moral justification.

Bush should not only be turned out of the White House he should be impeached from office. May God Bless America by having John Kerry elected President.

you are all sheep 12.Jul.2004 02:31


You are all sheep. If Moore said in F9/11 that Bush was an evil robot clone of Hitler and American troops in Iraq drank the blood of newborn babies, you'd all be bleating it right back to each other. Did any of you bother to check on his facts afterword? I did. Unlike you all, who had your minds made up before hand, I watched, took notes, and did some digging. Sept 13- guess what: flight restrictions were EASED across the country, and the FBI DID questionat at least 20 members fo the Saudi/Bin Laden group before take off. It's all in the 9/11 commision report. When the Taliban visited Texas- guess who it was at the behest of: Clinton administration. Bush never even MET with them. And before you think I'm Clinton bashing, his administration told the Taliban to eff off during that meeting, which was why the pipeline deal fell through, cause everybody knew they were evil bastards. If the Saudis were pulling Bush's strings so much, why did they refuse to let us use bases in Saudi for the war? You'd think they wouldnt bite the hnd that feeds them. Moore makes a big deal over the lack off Congress people having kids in Iraq- guess it didnt matter in some had kids at sea in the Navy, or in Afghanistan, or in the military at all. Or that over 30 members were all veterens themselves. Oh, and how about poor Iraq: from the footage, you'd think the only people getting shot were civilians. Never mind that the Amnesty Internationl 2002 report listed Iraq near the top of it's human rights abusers list. And don't think FOR A SECOND that Moore gives half a DAMN for that poor mother who lost her son, or the troops: his OWN words on his OWN websight say that the insurgents are really just minutemen and revolutionaries who will win, and that since Americans supported this war, we'll just have to pay for it in our children's blood. Oh, there is so much more: Moore never actually lies, he's too crafty for that. All the facts he presents are technically true- it's the way they are presented, the implications, the things he doesnt show, the things he doesnt say that make him a lier. Dont take my word for it though- if you all can pop Moore's ultra left wing teat out of your mouths long enough to think for yourselves, do some digging. Take notes. Check out what he DIDNT say. Prove me wrong.

Moore is a liar! 23.Aug.2004 17:32

Vincent Weeks

Has anyone else seen this!! To call this a documentery is absured! These two articles discribe some of the manufacturing of "truth" by Michael Moore! Read for yourself http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5575561 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5538722/ If he was willing to do that much what else did he make up and portray as truth????

Yes, you are one of us too! 30.Nov.2004 12:08

dilly and Vincent's brother

dilly, Looks like you are the real sheep among us who wants to think for a moment he is not!
It is ideal not to be swayed by propaganda, keep ones ears/eyes open and make educated judgements.
Everybody here knows that F 9/11 is not to be taken at its face value. Its only message to me was
to ask myself if the American press is telling me ANY truth about the war. Most Americans never
ask this to themselves, and unfortunately, know SHIT about anything non-American. You should
thank Michael Moore if you got this message from him.

And Vincent, when will you grow from your crib-talk? You don't call a 2+ hrs documentary absurd
for showing fabricated stuff in a couple of trivial situations. The only truth that - this war is
creating more enemies of Americans than bringing terrorists to justice - overshadows thousands of
lies like the ones you are talking about. Putting this the other way around - if you discovered
Michael Moore said truth and nothing but truth would you vote for him to be the next President? I
don't think he meant to be a Messiah. He is just a reporter who wakes you up from slumber.

Yes digging does help! 18.Dec.2004 08:55

Jessica jessie_mccarthy@hotmail.com

Yes, I did digging months before that little sum beach Bush was elected into office for the SECOND time. You all remember the line from Bushes officials and commercials "Kerry WILL take all of your guns away" yeah ok . In the report on the Bush website it had the "actual bill passed by Kerry" in it there were numberous times that they mentioned any hunting rifle will be taken away. Well i thought that this was rather perculear. So I did some more digging and I went to the senate website and looked up the same bill I couldnt find any were in that bill that they were going to take my hunting rifle away...hmmmm. thats weird there isnt anything in there about them taking any rifle away. You know what really makes me mad is the fact that I'm 14 and I cant even vote but I have been doing the reserch on this and many other topicks about Bush but the rest of America has to rely on these idiotic swiftwich commercials. Come on you have to know your facts and get them straight before going into the little box pull the curtain and fill in the box with a big W.

Now about the movie amazing amazing amazing. How can the things that Moore say be false if you hear them come out of bush's mouth.

name of oil group 22.Jan.2006 16:50

Marilyn Santilli nsferrel@columbus.rr.com

Michael Moore, in Farhenheit 11, referred to a group consisting of the Bush's, Cheney, the Saudi Prince and the Bin laden's who owned numerous oil fields etc and have worked together over the years. What is the name of their "organization." I am having a senior moment and cannot remember.