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Ballotification of Nader

is this still accurate
Get Nader on the Ballot! link

Everyone who wants to VOTE for Nader, please help get him on the Oregon
Ballot. If he's not on the ballot, our choices will be limited.

The word really needs to get out, so please let everyone know that there is


This SATURDAY (June 26th, 2004)
from 5-7 PM
at BENSON HIGH Auditorium
546 NE 12th AVE
Portland, OR
(1 block from Llyod Center Max Stop)

Please come. You can help get Nader on the ballot, and hear him speak. Bring
as many people as possible. Inform all your friends, family, neighbors. Get
out and let everyone know! Don't underestimate the effect that your help can
have. It REALLY can make all the difference. Volunteer, if at all possible.
Even a few hours is a great help, and you can also help at the Convention,
itself (no experience is necessary).

If you want more info or to VOLUNTEER call 503-224-2647 ext.112

Visit the following sites for more information:

ALSO, go to www.cspan.org
Do a search for Nader and you will find a bunch of interviews and speeches
he has given. The latest one announces his running mate, Peter Miguel
actually 26.Jun.2004 11:57


I'm not sure I want to vote for Nader, but I want the choice. That's why I'll be there. I believe in choice, and not in telling other people how they should vote.

Reader 26.Jun.2004 12:22


Brings all your Republican friends.

sorry 26.Jun.2004 12:28


I don't have any republican friends. I am bringing my democrat friends though. You should join us, if you believe in democracy. If you believe that you should have the power to deny other people the ability to vote th way they choose you can stay home and fume about those of us who still care about democracy in this country. I would say you give democrats a bad name, if I thought you were one.

OK, OK 26.Jun.2004 13:52

get him on the ballot

But, for God's sake don't vote for him!
Kerry may be the slightly lessor evil, but that will save lives and it's enough for me. & I hate to say it. But we got to get Bush and his pals out of office, and I'm afraid that nader being on the ballot will be bad news.

That's Right! 26.Jun.2004 14:25

Kerry is our Savior!

Kerry, saving lives by sending more troops to war!

What could be better? What could go wrong?

check out some video of nader announcing his candidacy 26.Jun.2004 16:57

pdx imc repost