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Anarchists Go To The Mall!!!!

So let's face it, we're (the anarcho/feminist/vegan/whatever we ares) are really good at making personal decissions. We boycot (usually with the help of a small group of friends) whatever it is we feel is a not just product/system/area ext. We sit in our own little worlds with our tables made out of stollen electrical spools, our dumstered meal, and our comfy neighbors and we participate in what is really a silent protest against consumer culture. We drop out.

This is not an argument about if boycotts work. I think they do, I think dropping out is the best possible thing any of us can do in this society, and that it is really the strongest thing we can do to really change anything. But, we are dropping out of this culture in ones and twos. We are moving to neighborhoods that support us, and that we support. Dropping out is good, but leaving it simply at that is, well inherentlly selfish! All of us, everyone reading this could simply continue to boycott all we want and nothing but "OUR" world will change. And I didn't drop out to change my world, my partners world, and my roommates. I dropped out to change the world the kids nextdoor live in, the world the pissed off skaters, and the depressed housewifes live in. The world that surrounds me, is killing me, and you, and all of us, including our children (whether they are alive, or will come about in the future).

The Consumer goes shopping
The Consumer goes shopping