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Banner Hang on PA Smoke Stack = State and Federal Felonies

The climbers have been charged with four state misdemeanors, three state felonies and two federal felonies.
After hanging a banner on one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country to protest the Bush Administration's energy plan, six peaceful Greenpeace activists were charged with multiple state and federal felonies. The four women and two men scaled the 700-foot smoke stack at the Hatfield's Ferry power plant, 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, and unfurled a 2,500 square foot banner that read, "The Bush Energy Plan Kills - Clean Energy Now!"

The climbers have been charged with four state misdemeanors, three state felonies and two federal felonies.

"Federal felonies charges against Greenpeace activists are completely unwarranted and should be immediately dismissed," said Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Casey Harrell. 'The real threat to Americans is the Bush energy plan, which kills over 23,000 people every year."

The arrested climbers are: Jessica Miller and Renee Blanchard of Washington, D.C.; Josh Raisler Cohn of Portland, Oregon; Virginia Hunter of Los Angeles, California; Lynn Stone of Maine and John Watterberg of Brooklyn, New York.

The Bush administration has systematically weakened clean air laws by allowing power stations to install new equipment without adding pollution controls, and permitting coal-fired power plants to continue to release tons of mercury into the air and waterways. In addition to its negative impacts on health, dirty energy wreaks havoc on the environment, causing global warming, acid rain, and smog.

The Hatfield's Ferry Power Station in Masontown, Pennsylvania was under investigation by the Justice Department for violating the Clean Air Act - an investigation that was dropped by the Bush administration.

Greenpeace activists scaled the 700-ft coal plant smokestack at Hatfield's Ferry Power Station to denounce Bush's dirty power plan. A 2,500-square-foot banner reading "THE BUSH ENERGY PLAN KILLS - CLEAN ENERGY NOW!" was unfurled.

At the same time, one activist circled the smokestack with a powered parachute, flying with the message, "CLEAN ENERGY - CLEAN AIR" on its chute.

homepage: homepage: http://www.greenpeaceusa.org

Greenpeace Terrorists 28.Jun.2004 11:16

John Phillips

This plant supplies power to my area. Does Greenpeace want to put my lights out, or deprive people who require power for their oxygen generators they use at home or the traffic lights on my street that let our kids cross safely to go to school?

Perhaps they're trying to show others how to cut the fences of a power station and get in to cause even worse problems.

I consider your description of them "six peaceful activists" to be inaccurate and self serving.

There is relief in the Clean Air Act independent of the Department of Justice. There is also State of Pa relief.

Did these terrorists have to leave their day job for this breakin? I hope their employers realize they have felons working for them.

Hope their families realize those 700 foot ladders they climbed have no cages. There's no honor in doing foolish things. Probably safer to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

For the cost of travel, living and legal expense they could have saved 100's of starving people in Ethiopia or Sudan or even some in the US.

I hope they end up in a jail cell with no lights.

Dear John 28.Jun.2004 11:32


Those Greenpeace folks are not terrorists, you silly manchild you. They simply hung a banner. No one is suggesting that you should not have electricy. All these nice peaceful activists did was draw attention to the fact that you and your neighbors are breathing bad air that is polluted from those stacks.

You have a right to breath clean air AND have electricity. We have a government to protect us and ensure that we have those things. The government's job is not to protect corporations while you and your faily and friends die a slow death from breathing bad air. Relax John and think before you lash out.

Dear John and world. 02.Jul.2004 10:42

PLEASE educate yourself then you can educate others.

John, the clinton administration created a compromise for PROFITABLE companies such as these. All new equipment had to meet the new energy standards but they could use the old equipment to old standards, this was done so you would have power for lights and medical equipment. Mr Bush repealed this compromise even though these standards should have been enforced YEARS ago. DO NOT feel sorry for these companies. They make MILLIONS of dollars that is spent on other things suh as; executive bonuses, lobbyists, advertising (who needs to advertise to sell power), etc. They keep profits down by over spending on local and national politics and their executive structure but spend the miniumum on the enviroment? It is a mind set that must be changed. Why can they spend millions to try to get out of spending the same millions on bettering our planet and your neighborhood? Why do I care that you can have serious health problems from mercury when I live thousands of miles away from you? Shouldn't you care? You may not agree with the method but they did it for you and you noticed.