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Democratic Machine Coming Down Hard on Nader

In a letter to Ralph Nader, Democrat Ron Wyden claims that Nader is attempting to defraud the citizens of Oregon by collaborating with groups supporting Bush in order to get on the ballot. Read Wydens Letter

The Nader campaign responds:
1.Does Nader have anything to do with the announcement of pro-Bush groups that they are going to try to stack his convention?

Answer: Absolutely not. The press reports that two pro-Bush groups are trying to get their supporters to come to the Nader Convention at Benson High School on June 26. The Nader Campaign has had nothing to do with this effort.

2.Does Nader seek the support of genuine conservatives?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Nader has always had a strong appeal to classical conservatives, because his values are Jeffersonian. He comes from a small town and a family business, has fought the government along with big corporations, he stands for government efficiency, ending police state legislation, ending corporate welfare, rejecting trade agreements that destroy American sovereignty, and believes our foreign policy should support ordinary people overseas, while resisting the lure of empire. Read More...

Another Poster writes: The Democrats are digging their own grave. Naders campaign is gaining momentum because it is filling some of the vacuum left by the Democrats abdication of any real dialog with the people. And if the Democrats lose, they will blame Nader again, and not look at their own failings.

Nader is running a smart campaign because he is breaking out of the conservative/liberal rut and reaching out to people based on common sense and the issues important to the majority of people, regardless of political affiliation. He is pointing out the path that reaches beyond this false dichotomy and which can unite people in common cause. The responsibility is not with Nader to drop out, or with the voters to vote democratic no matter what. The responsibility lies with the Democrats to articulate something worth voting for. Read More...

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