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John Kerry & his reluctant followers

I was downtown today, at the Fox Tower for the Fahrenheit 911 hooplah, using this opportunity to spread to word about the Nader nominating convention this weekend. Never have I encountered so much anger, fear, and reluctance towards democracy. I would hold a flyer, asking "democracy, anyone, choices?" and the looks received were of disgust and discomfort. The many discussions I did engage in usually came to "So you're voting for Bush then?" When disputed, asking why Kerry "deserved" anyone's vote... there was no legitimate answer. No one present actually liked their candidate, nor could really list any of his policies....and it was quite clear the amount of fear Ralph Nader has installed within the public. People are convinced he "steals" votes, and is backed and using Repub $ for growth and power.

There were many who did ignore the Kerry volunteers, who had life in their eyes and saw hope as an option for this coming election. Those gems certainly existed. And there were those who voted in 2000 for Nader but "not this year"...basically giving up the ghost.
If not now, when? There is no waiting for democracy, for the demise of the puppets and the power system that controls them.

John Kerry is not an option, please stop pretending. His policies are vague and weak. A "better Bush" he may be, but that is not what we need.

When I would ask those Kerry supporters why the man didn't adopt the policies which Nader & Kucinich run on, thus EARNING the votes, they replied with a confused look. It's not an option, he cannot do that and still be a corporate candidate, the Skull & Boner that is next in line.

So what can we do?
First, attend the Nominating Convention tomorrow night 5-7pm at Benson High School
Listen to the man, allow him ballot access. Support his cause if you believe in what he says.
Without options we're are severely limited and nowhere near a democratic state.

There will come a time when we can no longer pretend these candidates are acceptable. And instead of giving up & not voting, we've got to allow others on the ballots, allowing others in debates and allowing others to be seen. & heard.

This is a huge goal to accomplish.

Much work lays ahead.
I know you know this, but we're a community and we've got a great forum for discussion here. I'm furthering this discussion.

Going from the FCC Town Hall meeting, to the F9/11 crowd to spread the good Nader word...there is an excellent air about... something to take advantage of.

See you all tomorrow night


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remember 25.Jun.2004 19:49

citi zen

Many Kerry supporters, both republican and democrat really dislike Moore. Remember that supporter who called Moore's movie "Goebbels all over." Kerry has a lot of support from republicans (which should tell the democrats something) and they're not too keen on Moore. Many democrats don't like Moore's failure to endorse Kerry because of Kerry's support for the war. Moore's movie may well fracture the democratic party and that may be a good thing.

Vote for Peace and Healthcare 25.Jun.2004 20:00


Both Kerry and Bush plan to continue occupation of Iraq. Neither has a workable health care plan. I must vote Nader unless Kerry gives me some sign of life.

Justella 25.Jun.2004 21:23


One thing I cant stand is people that only can get excited by charismatic personalities. Hitler had signs of life. Would you have voted for him?

Gecko 25.Jun.2004 23:29


Signs of life does not mean being a charismatic speaker, it means saying things that are real, addressing issues and asking tough questions. It means being more than a corporate stooge.

chech this out 26.Jun.2004 17:02

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