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Tehran Times Tribute to Kim Jong Il's 40th Year as Statesman

The Tehran Times published a full page tribute to Kim Jong Il's 40th year as the leader of the DPRK on June 5th
The article stated inter alia, "The 40-year history of his leadership of the WPK is an immortal history of his renderingenourmous meritous service to the Korean nation and mankind through superb political ability. The Gerneral Secretary has built the WPK into the Party of the leader and developed it into the mightiest and most dignified revolutionary Party which guides the era of Songun."

"The General Secretary has built up the military strength of the country in every way with the KPA as the hard core, thereby firmly defending socialism in the Democratics People's Republic of Korea."

"Under his bold plan and prodigious leadership the DPRK ushered in a 20th-century Renaissance, accomplished amazing miracles in economic construction..."

"The General Secretary endowed with matchless courage and prodigious resources has shattered with an iron will and great courage every vicious attempt made by the imperialists without cease to isloate and choke the DPRK

"Led by Kim Jong Il, socialist Korea will have a brighter future ahead."
40 years of 26.Jun.2004 10:41


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