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'Officer Blow Job'

Cops think they know that they can get away with anything.
Roger Magana
Roger Magana
'Officer Blow Job'
EPD didn't respond to complaints about Magaņa.

Roger Magaņa, accused of raping or sexually abusing a dozen women while a Eugene Police Department officer, was known on the street as "Officer Blow Job," a woman victim alleged last week in court. Other victims claim EPD did not respond to their complaints about Magaņa's behavior.

Roger Magaņa
One alleged victim, a 39-year-old recovered heroin addict and mother, appeared to be the most frequent target of Magaņa. She cried as she alleged how Magaņa molested her and forced her to give oral sex numerous times by threatening to arrest her, kill her or have her child taken away.

At one point, the woman pleaded with Magaņa to stop forcing sex from her after he had touched her breasts and put his finger in her vagina, she alleged. Magaņa had taken her in his patrol car to an area near Chambers Street where school buses are parked.

"I was upset," she said. "I just said I couldn't take it anymore." Magaņa responded angrily, she said, "he acted like he was just doing me favors or something."

The woman alleged Magaņa put his police gun against her chest and told her, "If you ever tell anyone, I'm going to fucking kill you."

Later, Magaņa threatened to tell drug dealers she was ratting on them to police, the woman alleged. On the street such an action "can be life threatening," she said.

The first time Magaņa picked her up off the street in his patrol car, he drove her to a remote area of the Eugene Airport and threatened to jail her for possession unless she gave him oral sex, she alleged. "I was crying and panicked and shocked."

The next time he picked her up, Magaņa repeated the threat and drove to a remote area near the Whiteaker railroad tracks. She says she feared the "absolutely horrendous and physically painful" drug withdrawal she would have in jail and felt she had no choice but to perform oral sex.

Another time Magaņa threatened arrest again and took the woman to a "disgusting" restroom in Monroe Park where junkies shot up and forced her to get on her knees and again perform oral sex, she alleged. Afterwards, "he walked out of the bathroom and I vomited."

The demands for oral sex on threat of arrest happened over and over again, the woman alleged. "Every time it got worse and worse. There was more aggression and more threats," she said. After she was excused for the day, the woman left the courtroom and sobbed in the hallway.

On cross examination the next day, defense attorney Russell Barnett asked if she was motivated by her civil lawsuit against the city.

"I don't think there's any amount of money that could ever make it up," she said of what happened to her.

Another woman, a 28-year-old former heroin user and prostitute, alleged Magaņa directed his trainee officer Juan Lara to drug search her "in a very demeaning way."

At Magaņa's direction Lara touched her vaginal area and breasts and pulled her pants down on a busy street corner at rush hour, the woman alleged. The woman said she asked for a female officer to conduct the search, but Magaņa threatened to jail her. The officers found no drugs and let her go, she said. Officer Lara was convicted earlier this year of sex abuse and sentenced to five years in prison.

Later, the same woman alleged Magaņa picked her up in his patrol car in the Whiteaker neighborhood and said he would arrest her unless she performed oral sex. Magaņa told her that no one would believe her if she complained, saying, "you're a prostitute and a heroin addict and I'm a police officer," the woman alleged.

Magaņa pulled over near a vacant lot and "took a handful of my hair and forced my head into his lap," the woman alleged. She said, crying, that she fought back yelling, pleading and elbowing and finally struggled free and out the car door.

Magaņa hopped the curb in his patrol car after her and nearly hit her, the woman alleged. She said she managed to escape into the night. "I was running for my life. I was scratched up and bleeding from blackberry bushes, nails from fences."

When Magaņa later saw her on the street, the woman alleges he threatened, "if you tell anyone what happened, I will make your life a living hell," she said. "I was scared for my life, so I moved to Springfield."

On cross examination the woman denied she was motivated by a $2.25 million lawsuit she has filed against the city. But she said, "I think Magaņa needs to pay for what he did to me and others."

Another alleged victim, a 43-year-old woman, said Magaņa responded to a domestic dispute at her house four years ago. The woman alleged Magaņa threatened her with arrest and made her perform oral sex on her knees in the hallway. "I was very intimidated," she said. "I felt like I had no choice."

Another woman, 26, alleged Magaņa followed her home and tried to hit on her. She said Magaņa held her hand tight and asked for a kiss on the cheek outside her home. Feeling like she had to kiss him, the woman said she tried to kiss his cheek, but "he turned his face and slopped his mouth on mine," she alleged. She said Magaņa left after she told him her uncle worked for the county Sheriff's Department.

A 31-year-old woman alleged Magaņa also forced oral sex from her numerous times by threatening to send her to jail or take her daughter away. She said she grew fearful that the officer would kill her and at one point she spat his semen out on a pair of sweatpants to keep as evidence. Prosecutor Bob Lane alleged the semen DNA matches

The woman's 10-year-old daughter testified that she saw "officer Roger" French kissing her mother while Magaņa was in "his officer suit."


The trial, expected to last until mid July, continues to raise questions about how Magaņa was allegedly able to sexually abuse and rape so many women without the EPD stopping him.

The 39-year-old woman testified that she told Eugene Police Officer Jerry Webber what Magaņa was doing, but the department did nothing. "I hollered for help to the police department and he didn't do a damn thing for me," the woman alleged angrily.

The lack of action by the EPD left her feeling "hopeless and helpless," the woman said. "I didn't understand how he [Magaņa] could do this and not get caught when he's supposed to be someone you could trust."

The only apparent result of her complaint was more abuse from Magaņa, the woman alleged. Magaņa came to her "infuriated" that she had complained, demanded more oral sex, ripped off her pants, "touched my genitals with his gun," and said, "If you tell anyone anything about me, I'll blow you up from the inside out," she alleged.

Magaņa later threatened her until she would restore his reputation by writing a glowing commendation letter, she alleged. "He was going to hurt me, kill me, hurt my daughter, take my daughter away."

Officer Webber testified that he asked Officer Magaņa about the woman's allegations, but Magaņa denied it. Webber said Magaņa told him the woman had made the same allegations about him.

Webber said he asked the woman if she had accused him of abuse while the officer drove her to jail. Webber said the woman denied she had and also recanted her allegations against Magaņa.

Another woman screamed out to municipal court Judge Wayne Allen that Magaņa had made her perform oral sex, Allen testified. But Allen and his clerk did not report or pursue the incident.

A female police officer, Dallas Hall, testified that Magaņa once called on her to arrest a naked "bitch" in a bathtub at a hotel. She thought the incident "very strange" and "unprofessional" but she did not report Magaņa to her superiors. The woman in the bathtub was one of Magaņa's most frequent alleged victims.

The EPD might have saved a dozen women from sex abuse had it acted on a sexual harassment complaint against Magaņa almost a decade ago. An Hispanic woman testified that when she was 17 and a police cadet, Magaņa hit on her and pressed his chest against her breasts and pushed his crotch against her against her will. The woman said she complained about Magaņa to Officer Jennifer Bills.

Officer Bills testified that she told Magaņa that his sexual advances on to the woman were inappropriate because she was a minor and he was married. Bills said Magaņa continued to flirt with the cadet, but she said she did not file a written report on the problem nor did she tell superiors. Bills is now in charge of investigating officer misconduct for the EPD.

The cadet alleged Magaņa retaliated after her complaint by having another cadet spray foam on her. She said she dropped out of the cadet program and gave up her dream of becoming a police officer. "To become a police officer it seemed like I had to deal with a lot, like officers like Roger Magaņa."

The 28-year-old victim who struggled away rather than give Magaņa oral sex said she asked the officer how a cop could expect to get away with forcing sex. She said Magaņa replied, "Oh, you would be amazed at what I can do, and I can get away with."

cop threat 25.Jun.2004 16:33


a cop threatened my life ,and when i complained about it ,his 'chief' said 'oh, ive known officer so and so for 15 years and he would never do a thing like that''.thats just what bush is doing.they seem impermeable.maybe the beheadings are what these people need to happen to them. nothing else is working

Nobody wants to believe bad things about their friends and family 25.Jun.2004 18:36


Nobody wants to believe these things, and cops are just as bad as anybody else. The fact is, a whole lot of really rotten, evil people wear badges, but none of their friends wants to accept it.

This same thing happens elsewhere, ask the wife of anybody who knocked up their daughter; they never want to believe their husband is raping their kid, and just brush off the kid's allegations as "oh, daddy would never do that."

How about the parents of criminals? When I was a cop, I arrested a guy who had shot a security guard at a night club. This was the guy's third or fourth felony arrest, which included sex crimes, robbery and assault (as well as drug crimes). This was a bad guy, yet all his mother could do was scream at us "_____ is a good boy, he just made some mistakes! You don't understand!"

People who ignore evil make me sick. Everybody listen up: You May Know Evil People. Friends. Family. Co-workers. Neighbors. Just because they are dear to you in some way does not excuse you from your duty to stop them. If somebody accuses your friends of evil deeds, do NOT brush them off because you "know in your heart your friends would not do that." Turn the accuser over to an impartial investigator, and let THEM get to the bottom of it.

"ex-cop" 25.Jun.2004 19:35

Who are the evil people?

Granted, people who inflict physical harm or threaten another human being without cause are evil. Who are the other "evil people"?

You pretty much summed it up 26.Jun.2004 05:37


"people who inflict physical harm or threaten another human being without cause are evil." That pretty much sums it up, what other evil people do you need? The definition you gave covers everything from rogue cops to random street thugs to wife beaters to corrupt politicians. Sounds definitive enough for me.

It should be noted that harm is not just physical, it can be emotional, economic, political and many other forms.

I hope Eugene is bankrupted 26.Jun.2004 18:42


Then, just maybe, in the future they will think twice before ignoring multiple complaints about the same cop doing the same thing to numerous people. It's sad that authoritarians only change their ways when they are financially or physically threatened.

ex-cop? 19.Jul.2004 14:42


if you are an ex-cop, then you must know lotsobad of evil people, and those who protect evil people logically are evil also.

justice prevails 22.Sep.2004 21:00


No one seems to mention that the same EPD that neglected to realize the abuse that was going on is the same one that put an officer in charge of investigating the abuse. How about an appreciation for those who supported that change. Maybe change happens slow because there is a reaction on the part of the EPD against and ingrateful heckling activist group in Eugene.

inside job 15.Feb.2006 11:33

eugene graybeard jojo_97405@yahoo.com

I know officer magana from first hand contact on the streets of eugene. His behavior is no surprise to those who understand the basic exploitation process. Those in power victimize those who are not. note; American Hisory 101 Stolen from a less technologically sophisticated peoples, this country is the last "EMPIRE". We rape, pillage and murder our way to what we feel is our "devine" right. The poor officer was simply doing his thing - "The American Way" but had to be sacrificed to the gods of expediency. "You takes your chances with the law" We are no safer with Magana in prison. The great and powerful OZ is still pulling levers and pushing buttons.

Bad Menace Cops 03.Nov.2006 10:27


I Think The Eugene Police Oughta Grow Up And Pull There Fuckin Heads Outta There ASSES.. It's Proven Already That They Are Known [NATION WIDE AS THE EUGENE SEX POLICE] The Eugene Police In Eugene Oregon Are Infact The SEX POLICE Names Like OFFICER BLOW JOB/
Seems They Have a Sexual Perverted Problem......