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Berkeley Resolution: Corporations are not People

Berkeley City Council says no to corporate constitutional rights
The City Council of Berkeley, California last week approved a resolution in support of amending the U.S. Constitution to say that corporations should not enjoy the same constitutional protections and rights that real people enjoy. The resolution also supports amending the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution to say that the First Amendment free speech protections should not apply to corporate expenditures.

As the resolution notes:

"WHEREAS, under the United States and California Constitutions, all sovereignty resides with "We the People," such that people hold all inherent political power and government derives its power from the consent of the governed; government is created by the people and for the people for our health, safety, and welfare; our system of government is a representative democracy, through which the people govern; and "We the People" are entitled to inalienable constitutional rights to wield against oppressive governmental regulation; and"

"WHEREAS, "corporation" is not mentioned in the United States Constitution; our founders did not grant corporations rights; rights were reserved for natural people; historically corporations were created as artificial entities, chartered by state governments to serve the public interest, cause no harm, and be subordinate to the sovereign people; and yet by judicial interpretations, corporations gained personhood status, free speech and other protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment;"

In approving this resolution, Berkeley becomes the third and largest municipality in the country to pass such a resolution, which is non-binding and only advisory. The other cities to pass similar resolutions are Arcata, California and Point Arena, California.

For more details on the resolution, including ideas on how to get such a resolution passed in your hometown, see:  http://www.reclaimdemocracy.org/personhood/berkeley_resolution.html
Way to go Berkeley! 25.Jun.2004 16:07

Tony Blair's dog

Congratulations to the good work :-D

Stupidity 25.Jun.2004 16:20


In other news, the ACLU is not a person and does not enjoy any protections on speech. Please cease discussing the loss of certain civil rights resulting from the USA Patriot Act immediately. You are not a person!

Way to go, Berkeley! Congratulations for working towards tyranny! You've taken the first step. May we all follow your lead.

James 25.Jun.2004 16:31


The ACLU isn't a person and nothing you can argue will change that. You should read Unequal Protection if you're interested in why people are acting to remove corporate personhood (something that was never actually granted to corporations in the first place).

People deserve the protections of the Bill of Rights and the amendements to the Constitution. Corporations deserve whatever rights are bestowed upon them by the people.

"I hope we shall... crush in its birth the aristocracy of our
moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our
government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of
our country." --Thomas Jefferson to George Logan, 1816.

mighta known 25.Jun.2004 17:19


...this would get James' panties in a bunch, poor baby.

One quick question? 26.Jun.2004 14:19


Is Berkeley a corporation?

Are corporations controlling colleges?

keep in mind that the corporations already have lawyers working on how to get around this change in the law.

With this in mind you can prepare for their next move.

If you think about it.
It's just like playing chess.

BRAVO Berkeley 08.Jul.2004 05:48


YAY! Eastham, MA, has also passed a resolution. Legally binding ordinances were adopted by several Pennsylvania municipalities, which are being challenged in court by corporations espousing preposterous statements.

Yes, it's like chess or jitzu...point, counterpoint. Citizens try to limit corporate rule. They sue us, which provokes more outrage and PR and grows the movement against them.

The award-winning, independently produced documentary, THE CORPORATION, is helping educate and motivate citizens around the issue of corporate dominance. Don't miss it.