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Anarchists Go To The Mall!!!!

A theory on spreading the word, and tactics for growth. It's long, but hey....
So let's face it, we're (the anarcho/feminist/vegan/whatever we ares) are really good at making personal decissions. We boycot (usually with the help of a small group of friends) whatever it is we feel is a not just product/system/area ext. We sit in our own little worlds with our tables made out of stollen electrical spools, our dumstered meal, and our comfy neighbors and we participate in what is really a silent protest against consumer culture.

We drop out.

This is not an argument about if boycotts work. I think they do, I think dropping out is the best possible thing any of us can do in this society, and that it is really the strongest thing we can do to really change anything. But, we are dropping out of this culture in ones and twos. We are moving to neighborhoods that support us, and that we support. Dropping out is good, but leaving it simply at that is, well inherentlly selfish! All of us, everyone reading this could simply continue to boycott all we want and nothing but "OUR" world will change. And I didn't drop out to change my world, my partners world, and my roommates. I dropped out to change the world the kids nextdoor live in, the world the pissed off skaters, and the depressed housewifes live in. The world that surrounds me, is killing me, and you, and all of us, including our children (whether they are alive, or will come about in the future).

So how do we spread the love?

Well I say go to the mall, go to Wallmart, go to the movies, ext!!!! Don't buy anything of course, don't get a "made in china" lamp that will match well with that spool sitting in your living room. BUT FUCKING GO!!!! Go to WallMart and graze! and while you are grazing talk to people, tell people that the system is fucked. Hand that kid (you know the one, with the bleached spiked hair, and the pre-fab punk outfit, standing with his mom), when he looks up at you with those "wow" eyes hand him a flier. Talk to the workers. Pick up the phone and state the number of casualties that have happened in Iraq so that it comes on over the intercom (the "employee only phones").

Or go to the mall, and go to that store Hot Topic, or Spencers, or something and walk around. Stick fliers in "punk" shirts that say shit like "think Blink 182 is cool, check out the Crass". Stick stickers up with web pages, or information about Free. If anyone in this world is a future anarchist it's the skater/proto punk kids that think their rebelion comes in the form of "made in china" leather belt with spikes on it!!!! These kids are looking for something, and well we are it!!!!!

The havoc you can wreak at the mall is awsome!!!!


The frustration in the air right now (in this country) is so apparent. You can feel it.

Did you know that Urban Outfitters (a fucked up store if I've ever seen one) is selling shirts with slogans like "Make Pizza Not War", and "Another Baby for Nukes" (with a picture of a three eyed smiley face? I will never buy a shirt that costs 20 bucks, but there are kids out there that are! Imagine if they bought that shirt, only to take it home, and see stuck to the inside of the sleave, a website with information on it about how our government is screwing over the Denali people!

Let's step outside our little boxes for little bit and try and spread the love!!!!
trickle down 26.Jun.2004 01:24


Hey!, would you buy that shirt or another abercrombie, or gap, or old navy shirt for, say, $7-$12, 5 years from now, or less, from redlight or buffalo exchange? Would you wear it if someone gave it to you for free now, or 5 years from now? Someone has to buy that shit in the first place, so people can shop retro

Good Point, Dandelion 26.Jun.2004 10:08


What you're describing is what Joseph Campbell referred to as the "hero's journey." According to Campbell, the hero's journey is only half complete when the hero reaches nirvana, finds salvation, or whatever. Lots of people get stuck there and go no farther...but the true hero brings all that wisdom back into the world to save others.

I, too, believe dropping out and turning our backs on this system is the best way to deal with it. When we stop feeding it, it starves. No reform, no redemption, just ignore it to death. Grow up around it, and let it compost.

By turning our backs on it, we discover all the wisdom of the world. We learn to do things for ourselves, we learn to live authentically, and we gain salvation. But there are all those people out there who are still lost in it. They're hurting us as well as themselves, because their consumption habits take down more than just their corner.

So, the heros among us head back to the wal-marts to save the masses....

Independence not Alternative Consumption 26.Jun.2004 10:16

Cassette stardustrcrds@hotmail.com

Although I think that you are hitting on a great topic for direct education through outreach, I can't help but think that perhaps we would be pushing kids into yet another sterotype (ie: anarcho/feminist/vegan/whatever we ares). In other words, what I'm saying is that instead of telling kids that they should listen to Crass instead of Blink 182 (and that's a far leap to ask someone to take if they're just looking for catchy pop music), tell them to do something original by creating THEIR OWN BAND, Making their OWN SHIRTS, etc. The DIY culture, wheather it is kids recording their own rap music, educating themselves, making independent films, or cooking their own meals, is one of the most important steps to take away from a capitalist machine. If society can back a progessively DIY culture, they are much more likely to develope their own thought process and therefore cultivate a more individualistic approach to progessivism. We should not just give them another road by which to consume in a different way.

So young, so naive 26.Jun.2004 11:50


You people need to grow up and realize THIS IS WAR. Simply paying five or eight or ten bucks to see Michael Moore's latest is NOT enough. LOL> Going to the mall and attempting to convert pink-haired pseudopunks is NOT enough. LOL War requires WARFARE. Get it? Peace is long past. The hippies are old and grey and still wear ponytails while they run Internet companies and shop at Starbucks. Look around and get a clue. Who cares about current punk bands? Punk died in 1978 (with the last Sex Pistols concert in Frisco). It was great but that was then and this is NOW. People who run websites are in PRISON (Sherman from Raise the Fist). Guys who burn SUV's are doing twenty plus year terms. We are at war with our own "democratic" bureaucracy! Quit hiding out in adolescence and actually do something. Shop local (unless their markup is too high, like most tourist traps), eat vegan, steal what you can, and BUILD YOUR FREAKIN' CELL. Stick together. Plenty of resources on the web. But stayin' whiny, suburban babies is NOT going to help.

Great 27.Jun.2004 12:59

Marwan A E P Marwanimus@yahoo.com

I agree with the initial post. And Sex Pistols were poseurs buddy. They only talked the talk to look badass. Big MAN Big M.A.N.
Anyways yeah I dont know if going blink 182 to crass is such a great idea. You may as well tell kids about crass records at abercrombie. Personally I think its great. I have told a few of my friends about CRASS and unfortunately they dont care much. Its difficult. But I keep trying. I think now is a great time to do all of this especially with the release of Farenhiet 9/11. Especially to the younger kids. Who initially just might take the reccomendations in efforts to be cool. But its better than nothing I suppose. If they listen they might learn. Especially with Anarcho-punk
Not supporting the system is great I agree. But there are capitalists that breed capitalists that breed capitalists, and it most certainly outweights us, so lets try to inform more and more, whether its on foreign policy or, the rights of animals and veganism, or social policy. Inform and elighten fellow anarcho,vegans,animal right activists,punks.


lets see it happen 27.Jun.2004 14:10


bullshit philosophy is really easy to come up with...campbell's a great guy but you got to do more than talk about how rotten the consumer world is...something more than sticking flyers in the clothing at hot topic...buying local is a great concept, but there is an entire globe to provide for....pet, exclusive consumer notions are going to require realistic planning in order to provide all the people that live on planet with the opportunity to buy local...good luck dreamers

so how do we spread the love?? 27.Jun.2004 18:41


...force the youth to listen to chumbawamba

yes 28.Jun.2004 01:51

made up

haha, yeah. chumbawumba. haha. thats great. nice.

save the suburbs 07.Aug.2004 00:01

jo johan_is@yahoo.com

Also and especially,
go to small prefab towns where all they have is a Macys a Safeway, a few gas stations and some corporate California Burrito stands (like in California, Livermore, Castroville) and recruit there. Those kids are dying, Columbine in the works.