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government selection 2004

Nader convention bus leaves Eugene 2 p.m. Saturday

All aboard.
From another thread: "Here in Eugene I have yet to see ONE Nader sign. Is the bus really leaving from S. Eugene High at 2 p.m.?"

We put up posters, but most of them have been torn down. Part of the Democrats' committment to democracy (NOT).

Yes the bus is really leaving the South Eugene High School parking lot Saturday at 2 p.m. We'll be back in Eugene sometime between 9-10 p.m. It's free but we'll probably pass the hat for gas. Don't worry about it if you don't have any money, you're welcome. Let's get together and strike a blow for democracy, however you plan to vote in November. The more state ballots Ralph is on the more our issues will get debated.

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