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9.11 investigation

PSU town hall meeting on 911 fiasco

Thousands of people nationwide will meet this next Monday to discuss Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11". Portland State University will host the local town hall in Portland. Michael Moore will appear via satellite.
Have you heard about Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's new movie (which opens Friday, 6/25)? It's an incredibly powerful film that lays bare the cynicism and greed behind Bush's war policy. Apparently, it's full of footage that few people in this country have ever seen -- footage that has the power to sway the 2004 election.

Tens of thousands of US citizens are gathering in living rooms and meeting halls on Monday June 28th to discuss the movie. In the Portland area house meetings will be planned and a large Town Hall meeting will take place at PSU's Smith Center Ballroom. We'll join a live, online, interactive audio conference with Michael Moore, we'll discuss the movie, and we'll plan local actions to help win back the White House. And, of course, there'll be snacks.

So go see the movie this weekend, and, if you can, join the national town meeting! You can sign up to join me at the gathering below, to find one near you, or to host your own Turn Up the Heat party at:


Here are the details:
HUGE Portland Community Town Hall on Fahrenheit 911 with Michael Moore
Portland State University, Smith Center Ballroom
Portland, OR 97205
Monday, June 28, 07:00 PM

I hope you'll come!


You can see the movie at the following Portland Area theatres this weekend

Hillsboro, OR Regal Tualatin Valley Highway 16

Portland, OR Century 16 Eastport

Portland, OR Century 16 Eastport

Portland, OR Regal Fox Tower 10

Portland, OR Regal Fox Tower 10

Portland, OR Regal Fox Tower 10

Portland, OR Regal Lloyd Mall 8

Vancouver, WA Regal City Center Cinema 12

homepage: homepage: http://action.moveonpac.org/f911/

The world according to Bush 26.Jun.2004 15:50

AmigaPhil AmigaPhil@ping.be

Seen on TV in Europe, actually on theatre, and soon available on DVD (1st July 2004):


A film by William Karel
in collaboration with Eric Laurent

Eight years apart, George Bush and his son, George W. Bush, have succeeded each other at the head of the world's most powerful nation. An unprecedented phenomenon in American history. The key events of the last twelve years have taken place during their terms in office: the collapse of the Soviet empire and the Communist bloc, the first Gulf War, the events of September 11, the globalisation of terrorism and the new conflict with Baghdad.

Who are the Bushes? Apparently, the "quiet dynasty" of modern America. But in reality a "dynasty" whose inconceivable family secrets are painstakingly concealed. The grandfather of the current President, Prescott Bush, made his fortune by managing Nazi companies after Hitler seized power. In 1942, his companies were confiscated for collaboration with the enemy. George Bush Senior, Ronald Reagan's Vice-President and then President from 1988 to 1992, armed and financed Saddam Hussein. He approved the shipping of germ warfare strains to Iraq, thus enabling the country to launch a chemical attack against Iranian troops and the Kurdish population.

This film aims to pass through the looking glass and to show how the Bushes, father and son, have not only dined with the devil but have often invited themselves to his table. The bin Ladens and the Bushes have always been business partners and the family of the future terrorist chief indirectly financed George W. Bush's political career. This unnatural alliance has continued since the September 11 attacks: Bush Senior is a top official in one of the biggest private investment funds in the USA, Carlyle, a group that has invested heavily in the arms industry: the Bradley tanks and the missiles used in the latest war against Iraq are made by firms controlled by Carlyle... and the bin Ladens. For the latter are Bush's associates within this investment fund.

"The World According to Bush" is based on fully verified facts and eyewitness accounts. It offers a disturbing and striking portrait of the exercise of power at the head of the world's leading democracy, as well as of the unacceptable alliances that have been forged and that remain painstakingly concealed.

The Bushes' feelings of total impunity have attained their peak during the professional career and the political ascension of George W. Bush. His decision to attack Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime already appears as one of the most fascinating historical and political conundrums for historians to ponder over in the coming years.

No thriller or political fiction screenplay could have imagined the workings of such an intricate plot. Unfortunately, its actors are not fictional characters but, on the contrary, a man and a team who hold the fate of the world in their hands. For the first time in the political history of the USA, a small group of people, working together for thirty years, has more or less taken over American foreign policy and totally overhauled it, silencing all opposition. Behind the proclaimed global strategy, we find not only considerable economic interests but also a possibly more disturbing aspect, a religious project that George W. Bush identifies with completely, initiated by extremists who are part of the President's direct entourage. Religion has taken on an all-important role since his arrival at the White House.

Never before in the history of the world's democracies have one man and his team acted with such arrogance and impunity, defying international law and creating an unprecedented grouping of interests: the project blends politics and personal interests in an atmosphere of total cynicism. The latest war against Iraq, with its totally unforeseeable consequences, hides another danger, that of seeing America launch further "civilizing" operations of a similar type, imposed by force, fired by ideas that are at best na?ve and at worst totally hypocritical, calculated over a dangerously short term.

With, opposite Washington, the rest of the world confined to the part of a mere extra...


The documentary exclusively includes testimonies by several figures of the CIA, journalists and politicians, who have been ruled out due to their discomfort with the US policies particularly with regard to the Iraq invasion.

Chief among those figures are former CIA agent Robert Steel, writer Norman Mailer, former US President Ronald Reagan's advisor Michael Liden, head of Public Integration Center Char Louis, Washington Post journalist Jim Hogland, Robert Baer, Richard Perle, Frank Carlucci (Carlyle Group), ...

The director emphasizes that "the history of democracies has not witnessed a President and his team dealing with such arrogance as did Bush, as he lacks consciousness and despises international legitimacy despite an unprecedented link of personal interests."

In his testimony, Stanley Hoffman, a Harvard University professor, underlines that the US hawks led by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Undersecretary Paul Wolfwitz, vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Department retiree Richard Perle "have made use of September 11 events (gift of heavens) to implement their strategy that is based on re-drawing the Middle East map under the slogan of fighting terrorism."

The director shows, through official testimonies, how the US neo-conservatives have even linked their strategy to ousting the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime as being responsible for September attacks and in possession of mass destruction weapons that threaten the safety and security of the US and the whole world.

The documentary also includes testimonies for (retired) David Kay, senior U.S. inspector for Iraqi weapons and Hans Blix, ex-head of the international inspectors.

The director has managed to obtain the testimony of David Ferron; the only person from the current US Administration who approved to give testimony in the documentary. David Ferron, writer of Bush's speeches, is known for devising the "Axis of Evil" term.

Karel revealed that he has attempted for over 20 times to meet Wolfwitz but the latter refused to give any statements. As for Dick Cheney, Karel underlined, nobody allowed him even to approach any of his acquaintances.


Note: As bonus, the DVD will include the full speech of Senator Robert Byrd.

The world according to Bush
The world according to Bush

Hmm 26.Jun.2004 17:36


i wonder if we'll be allowed to bring up Kerry's complience and willingnet to give Bush a free ride for all that he did.

or how kerry is going to keep us in this illegal war and how he will probably bring us into a draft.

or how he will further the neoliberalization of trade, give away more power to corporataions.

or how kerry's wife's foundation is headed by Ken Lay, the bush family friend who was the CEO of enron.

or how Kerry is a memeber of Skull and Bones allong with the entire bush family.

the best way to control people is to give them the illusion of controll by asking the wrong questions.

"Would you like arsnic, or would you like cyanide? if you don't vote you can't complain!"