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Decorated Retired Irish Army Officer Seized by US at AmBush in Ireland

Anti-war activists including a retired Irish army officer who served many times with the UN are being held on a US vessel.

ANTI-WAR IRELAND condemns arrest of one of its spokespersons and two other anti-war activists

Anti-War Ireland condemns in the strongest possible terms today's arrest of Edward Horgan and other anti-war activists while they were engaged in 'an entirely lawful and peaceful anti-Bush protest on the River Shannon'.

Mr Horgan, a retired army officer who served many times with the UN, is a long-time opponent of the misuse of Shannon airport by the US military. He is also a spokesperson for Anti-War Ireland, the group organising this evening's anti-war march in Shannon.

According to Dr Fintan Lane, convenor of Anti-War Ireland, 'These arrests are an utter disgrace and demonstrate the extent to which the Irish Government is in bed with the Bush administration. Mr Horgan and his fellow peace activists were engaged in an entirely lawful protest against the presence of George W. Bush in Ireland, and there can be no justification for their detention.'

'The involvement of the US security services in these arrests is particularly sinister.'

He concluded: 'We demand the immediate release of these anti-war activists, and we are asking the Garda to explain their heavy-handed behaviour. This is about the civil liberties of everybody in this country. Do we have the right to engage in peaceful protest or not?'

Do we have the right to engage in peaceful protest or not? 25.Jun.2004 15:37


Unless you're protesting Michael Moore's new movie.