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GI sent back to Iraq: "I am back in this s--t

The new issue of Traveling Soldier is out!
This issue features:

1. "I am back in this s--t hole" - Traveling Soldier reprints an email from a tank gunner whose deployment was extended by the Iraqi uprising, as well as an email from his father who is active in Military Families Speak Out.

2. Army vet and former prison guard Lou Plummer says that instead of trying to get to the bottom of the torture scandal, Bush should get to the top - he can start by looking in the mirror.

3. Traveling Soldier analyzes whether it was a "few bad apples" that were responsible for the torture at Abu Ghraib or the nature of the war itself.

4. Mike Hoffman, a marine who participated in the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, calls on his fellow troops to speak out against the war and for recent Iraq vets like himself to join the anti-war movement.

5. On June 30, the Bush administration says it's going to give sovereignty back to an Iraqi government. Yeah, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

6. Hate the war in Iraq? Try voting against it when both the Democratic and Republican candidates want to get control of Iraq's oil and set up military bases in the heart of the Middle East.

7. Wolfowitz forgets how many soldiers he's killed in Iraq.

8. An update on the first soldier to quit Iraq war, Camilo Mejia.

9. Words from the front-lines, a compilation of what soldiers are saying about the war in Iraq.

10. Download the new Traveling Soldier to pass it out at your school, workplace, or nearby base.

homepage: homepage: http://www.traveling-soldier.org