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Communist "israeli" Parties

Communist "israeli" Parties

Ziad Shaker elJishi

I did research on this a few years back. I found two important references to this issue:

1.Yassir AlAzamah, the Zionist Left, PLO publications Beirut January 1969
2.Abdul Wahab AlMasseri, the Encyclopedia of Zionist Concepts and Terms, AlAhram Strategic and Policial Studies.

The first reference is in Arabic and the second is in Arabic but could be found in English and i am suspicious that Almasseri is so famous he might be found on the internet.

The names is in this article of persons are translated from Arabic so they may appear different in an English book.

When i did the research Alazameh shows you the development of the leftist/communist Zionist parties and in their history from the very beginning they could not get rid of their affiliation with Zionism (fascist-chauvinism) and their committment to the colonization project of Palestine and in that regard their service of imperialism.

Alazameh starts his surveying in Europe with Moses Mendelson(1729-1786) who called for assimilation of the Jews in their European societies. One of his famous followers who continued his work was David Fredlander (1756-1834).

Alazameh traces the call for segregation of the Jews from their European surrondings to the Dreyfass affair in France and the Russian pogroms of 1882.

The first leader to call for segregation was Leo Pinsker (1821-1891) in a book he published in 1882 (after the Russian pogroms immediately) called Self-Liberation.

Then of course came along Theodre Herzel (1860-1904) and his Zionist movement which was launched by the publication of his book the Jewish State.

The famous Basil Zionist meeting took place in August 1897 and the formation of the Zionist program.

Leftist Jewish history begins with the formation of the Jewish Workers Bund in September 1897 in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

Lenin wrote in Iskra:

That the idea of the Jewish Bund is scientifically wrong and politically reactionary.
He continued to say that by the Bund refusing assimilation it is not helping the isolation of the Jews but helping to grow this isolation further; it does this by adopting the idea of Jewish nationalism and propagating it. Lenin Collected Works Vol. VII Moscow 1966.

Alazmeh continues that Nekhman Serkin is the spiritual father of leftist Zionism and he was born in Mohaleiv Russia in 1867.

Zionist leftist organizations:

Polai Zion founded in Mensk Russia in 1897.

Workers of Zion Party founded in January 1905 joined world Zionist organization.Borshov was the intellectual father of Workers Zion born in Zolotoniski Ukrania in 1881.

Workers of Zion Party created in Palestine in 1906 and David Bin Gruion sat as head of its founding meeting.

The point here in my opinion is that the Zionist nature of Jewish communist parties did not start in Palestine but was an extension to their Zionist committment in Russia where most were founded.

These organizations formed in Russia and Eastern Europe combining their Zionism and Marxism (an oxymoron) and then joined the World Zionist organization and then immigrated to Palestine as settlers-colonialists.

They never stopped being Zionist foresmost.

In 1920 the Hestadrout was created (Biggest Zionist Workers Union).
David Ben Gurion was elected head of it in 1920.

It contained in its membership:

4433 Jewish workers
It had as its representative 87 elected delegates.

37 belonged to a group called Labor Union
26 belonged to Young Laborer
16 Young Guard
6 To the Leftists of Workers of Zion Party
2 Others

Alazamah divides the history of the leftist Zionists into three periods:

1921-1948 A Time of Construction
1921-1939 This time was characterized by a time of agreement with British imperialism to advance the Zionist program
1939-1948 Conflict with British imperialism around the Zionist program and moving towards US imperialism instead

He cites that in 1926 the Zionist left controlled completely the Hestadrout with 98.8% of the total vote.

The two most powerful Zionist organizations of the left at this time in Palestine Alazameh says are:

Young Laborer
Labor Union

Then came the Mabai, Jewish Workers Party of Palestine. The program of the Mabai was:

To hold the flame of Zionism and to accomplish its goals, while to be a member and supporter of the international socialist movemement.

The Mabai will join the World Zionist Organization and will teach its members Zionism and socialism, and will work on increasing Jewish settlement in Palestine.

Mabai was the continuation of Labor Union and carried influences of the ideology of the Young Laborer as Alazameh describes.

In 1934 there was the Mapai led by Ben Gurion and the Mabai led by Jabotansky. The two were combined into the Mabai.

Vladmir Jabotinsky(1880-1940) is a right-wing fascist who joined ranks with the "leftist" Ben Gurion.

Jabotinsky is who created the terrorist army known as Irgun and committed the Deir Yassin massacre.

Zionists meet in Baltimore/USA and call for a binational state in Palestine in 1942.

A new political party called Mapam is founded based on the Baltimore program in January 1948.

Mapam joins the war in 1948 and helps to create the Zionist state.

Abdul Wahab AlMassari pickes up this history by examining the continuing trend of the Zionist and chauvinist nature of the socalled leftists taking over newly formed and created communist and leftist organizations in now occupied Palestine.

Macai ("israeli" communist party) itself was created in 1919 and in 1944 was split into two:

The National Liberation Bund(which contained Arab communists) and the other was the "Jewish" Communist Party.

Rakah(New Communist List) is founded in 1965.

Rakah was created due to the split from Macai the "israeli" Communist Party in 1965 because Macai took on a Zionist line.

Rakah had two leaders an Arab and a "Jew". Fils from the "Jewish" side and Tawfic Toubi from the Arab side.

The organization took on the position that the Arabs have a right for self-determination and supported the Palestinian resistance, but not at the expense of "israel".

The Labor Party is founded in 1969.

As to the Soviets, Almasseri says that after the Soviet Union recognized "israel" in 1948 it went back and cut relations in the 1950s.

During this time the Soviets declared that:

Zionism was a reactionary movement that creates a class for the Jews that alienates them from their revolutionary potential.

That Zionism was an instrument for British colonialism and for the interests of capitalism.

That the Soviet Union does not recognize Jews as a nationality and favors Yiddish over the Hebrew langauge.

To prove that there are no real Communists in Palestine today is easy enough.

Not only does a survey of the history of the socalled leftists in Palestine is a history of supporting and aiding the Zionist settlement project in Palestine, but it is also a history of losing the socialist identity and ideology in favor of the Zionist one.

This is simply because the two can not coexist.

Everyone of those hypocrites today in Palestine is a settler colonialist and is benefitting from the rape of Palestine and serves the imperialist.

To expose the fakeness of those one simply can find out about them through a series of questions:

1.Do they recognize the Zionist state's right to exist?
2.How do they feel about the Right of Return for Arab refugees?
3.Do they consider Jewishness a nationality?

A yes to any of these questions bankrupts their communism.

We found this out with the "israeli" communist forum who participates in the Zionist government and then has the audacity to call itself communist.

التجمع الإشتراكى العربى فى أمريكا الشمالية
Socialist Arab Coalition in North America
For A Socialist Future
A Liberated PALESTINE--->Arab Unification---->SOCIALISM

Workers of the World Unite
يا عمال العالم إتحدوا

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/arabsocialistcoalition

Contrary to implications here 25.Jun.2004 13:10

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

None of this sort of stuff is secret, and so if you want to learn the history of various Jewsih political factions there is VOLUMINOUS material available and in which you'll get it all spelled out (hey, it's Mapai, and silly to treat Mapam as being from '48 since its MOVEMENT, HaShomer Hatzair kept its kibbutzim seperate from the kibbutz movement supporting Mapai ab initio.

Context is important --- and in THIS context the term "communist" is best reserved for the usage "international communist" as opposed to "national communist" or even "community level communist". Otherwise you go crazy thinking of terms "left" and "right" in Israeli politics. The ARE (actual) communist parties in Israel too. But the terms "left" and "right" can mean "dove" vrs. "hawk" as well as "collectivist" vers. "capitalist" and there is only poor correlation.

In terms of "Russian" connections, remember that much of that was "occupied territory" (at least in the minds of the Letts, Esthonians, Litvaks, Byelorussians, etc. etc.) and you the history of Communism (capital C) was written by the victors/survivors of its internecine fights. Thus for the origins of the kibbutz movement one would do better to consider "back to the land" influence of the SRs rather than the SDs --- I suggest studying the Russian revolutionary movements of the 1880's (BILU was the first to go "Zionist" --- but other groups went back to the land where they were).

Until perhaps the 1930's the "assimilationists" WERE dominating the Jewish scene and the "Zionists" rather a small minority. Developments in both the Solviet Union and Germany taught them better. I know it might seem hard to believe, but if in 1920 you were asked "where were the Jews most assimilated, most accepted in the surrounding society, most integrated within it and subject to the least discrimiantion you should have answered GERMANY. THAT is the reason why the Jews today do not trust the "assimilationist" vision and are primarily "Zionist".