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9.11 investigation

Ford Foundation continues to finance Democracy Now

Links directly from Ford's site
Here is 2004


Here is Deep Dish 2002


Ford Foundation has big time CIA ties. Amy is out there complaining about "corporate media" when Democracy Now has been bought and paid for. What the directives of those two grants really mean is 1)Don't mention the real connections between corporate America and the alternative left 2)NEVER INCORPORATE the truth about 9/11 in your future broadcasts.

homepage: homepage: http://www.septembereleventh.org

This is worthless 25.Jun.2004 11:44


Stovepipe is being ridiculous. I just opened the links and they certainly don't say anything that Stovepipe claims they do. Funding is important to be aware of, but I think Amy should be judged by her journalism. DN! has repeatedly exposed the connections between corporate America and the Sept. 11th attacks, and the fact that they received a grant to continue doing this should only lead us to conclude that the Ford Foundation supports the DN! reporting. I don't know who has a bone to pick, but I don't hink its right to attack people for being good journalists and good fundraisers.

The Monopoly Rulebook 25.Jun.2004 13:10


"...and good fundraisers."

Nothing at all wrong with playing both sides a bit, as long
as you're always certain of the outcome, right ?
It's just market-share. Good Old Capitalism.
Most organic food brands are now owned by huge corporations.
Do you think they are going to print it on the label ?
In our system, if you control to money, you can pull the plug at any time.
(Better still, simply threaten to do so, and keep everyone working.)
The illusion of diversity and participation is extremely valuable.

I wonder, has Goodman ever addressed directly, on the air,
the relationship with her sponsers, and what this might mean?
She is no radical, and besides, who knows what to do with the truth
when confronted with it ? Would we be sitting here, speculating ?

Call effectively and eloquently for Revolution (or even some real overhauls -
something beyond 'beating the Bush') and watch how quickly they'll shut you up.

The spectre of impartiality serves the controllers, and it is worse
than futile to debate shades of blue when the sky is falling.

Now get back to work.

"Amy should be judged by her journalism" 25.Jun.2004 13:55


I agree. Amy vastly underplays 911 and Israel. Nuff said. She is capitalist. She is pacifist. How defanged can you make the "left"? She is neither socialist nor anarchist. Go figure. Easy CIA money, for the likes of her AnybodyButBush crowd.

Ford smears 9/11 truth 26.Jun.2004 02:19


The Ford Foundation has apparently also interest to smear, belittle or discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement.

When 9/11 Truth author David Ray Griffin was in her show, she decided to confront him in a dialogue with yet another Ford Foundation "client", Chip Berlet:


Amy Goodman and the CIA

A letter to Goodman (5/2004)

By Scott Loughrey, 911Hoax.com Baltimore Indymedia -May 27

Dear Amy Goodman:

We, the undersigned, would like to state that the recent (5/26/04) appearance of David Ray Griffin on Democracy Now! (DN) repudiates every principle of press freedom that you claim to represent. It was a shameful betrayal to the movements opposing the Bush Regime around the globe.

First of all, it is very revealing that you chose to have Griffin appear on your show in a hostile "debate" format. This contrasted remarkably from the easy, non-confrontational (and extended) interviews recently given to Richard Clarke, Peter Lance and Sibel Edwards. (Richard Clarke is a "defector" from the Bush Regime. Peter Lance is an author. Edwards is a "whistle-blower". All three uniquely advocate the official story of 911.) The clear implication is that DN is biased in favor of sources who advocate the official propaganda of the State.

Second, while Chip Berlet's affiliation with the Political Research Associates (PRA) was made known, you failed to mention the controversy related to PRA's alleged ties to the Ford Foundation:

It is also known that the Ford Foundation has a long-term connection with Democracy Now and Pacifica generally:

Recall that the Ford Foundation has been reportedly linked to the CIA for decades. By specifically choosing Berlet to challenge Griffin this episode of Democracy Now! strongly resembles a CIA propaganda campaign.

Third, Berlet's major contention against Griffin's book is that Griffin is relying on experts who lack the qualifications to offer opinions about basic engineering and physics. So why not have on an expert promoting the official science of the Bush Regime with one of the many researchers who dispute it? We are appalled by Democracy Now's guest Berlet demanding that Griffin defend the scientific work of researchers who have never been invited to appear on your program.

Fourth, Berlet specifically (and very crudely) dismissed the crucial research of "Holmgren" (i.e., Gerard Holmgren). If Democracy Now! does not invite Holmgren on to defend his highly significant work then it is working on behalf of no democracy that has ever existed.

Fifth, during Griffin's ordeal he made many important points concerning specific anomalies with 911 (e.g., the Pentagon, WTC 7, etc.) that were ignored by Berlet. When will these be addressed on your program?

Lastly, we'd like to emphatically state that the science which disputes the official story of 911 can be understood by almost every high school graduate in your audience. By having Berlet and Goodman both dismiss Griffin's sources because they lack some unspecified credentials Democracy Now! seemed medieval. Surely DN can no longer claim to represent "Resistance Radio" when it discourages its audience from making the most basic of inquiries about the innumerable flaws with the official story of 911.

Until Democracy Now reexamines what happened on 9/11/01 with some intellectual integrity we will regard you and your program to be speaking on behalf of the CIA. To quote the Clash, you are solidly "Working for the Clampdown."


Scott Loughrey

Democracy Now - Ford Foundation anti-Democracy Subsidiary 10.Jun.2007 14:24

Elisheva Dovid_Protect@yahoo.com

Yes, Ford's anti-democracy campaign funds pretty much all the anti-democracy propaganda fronts.
The truth is that the Left is in the back pocket of a major corporation - Ford Foundation
------------- 1998
Pacifica Foundation (North Hollywood, Calif.) $75,000
For a marketing promotion and program development activities for Democracy Now!
Ford Foundation Report 2002
Deep Dish TV, Inc. ( New York, NY) $75,000
For the television news series "Democracy Now" to continue incorporating the aftermath of the September 11th attacks into future broadcasts.
Ford Foundation 2004
Democracy Now Productions, Inc. (New York, NY) $150,000
To produce, broadcast and distribute a series of radio, television and Internet reports on the media reform movement in the United States.
Pacifica Foundation (Berkeley, CA) $25,000
To catalog, preserve and make available to the public audio recordings of rallies, demonstrations, protests and other historic events in the United States between 1950 and 2003.
Ford Foundation Report 2002
Deep Dish TV, Inc. ( New York, NY) $75,000
For the television news series "Democracy Now" to continue incorporating the aftermath of the September 11th attacks into future broadcasts.
National Public Radio ( Washington, DC) $1,000,000
For the operation and expansion of its international news reporting division.
Highlander Research and Education Center, Inc. (NewMarket,TN) $50,000
To plan a national gathering of progressive media and technology researchers, advocates and activists.