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Four new songs from The Compassionate Conservatives

Four new anti-war/anti-Bush songs from The Compassionate Conservatives. Free download.

Now that Summer has arrived, we wanted to make sure you would have some good music with which to celebrate the season:

1. "Black Box Voting" (based upon "Concrete Jungle" by The Specials, 1979) -- this is a ska barnstormer with a self-explanatory subject. Insist upon a paper receipt when you vote!


2. "White House Crock" (based upon Elvis' classic "Jailhouse Rock") -- our best attempt to chronicle the Shrub Saga -- from Katherine Harris to Abu Ghraib -- in a three minute pop song. Of course it's impossible, but we couldn't help trying.


3. "To All The Troops I Sent To War" (based upon Willie Nelson's "To All The Girls I've Loved Before") -- this is a bit somber for Summer, but it has to be said, especially considering the irony in an AWOL chickenhawk leader foolishly sending troops into harm's way based upon his lies.


4. "Snatch Defeat From The Jaws of Victory" (original music) This is one of our 'golden oldies', written during the Reagan/Bush #41 era. Given Reagan's passing and his subsequent deification by the sycophantic media, we felt that it was highly appropriate to resurrect this rocking tune.


As always, we invite you to download these songs (and their corresponding lyrics), and share them with your friends and family. Please spread the word, and keep fighting the good fight!

Yours in peace,

The Compassionate Conservatives

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