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Why a SALES TAX system would be VERY BAD for our Country

There are some who want to "do- away" with income tax and just collect sales taxes.
"Let me tell you why this is a bad decision. First, there are basic necessities in life that people need in order to survive food, water, heat, housing, clothing. These necessities have been constant throughout humankind's trek through life. In our modern age we have accumulated new necessities automobiles, air conditioning, refrigeration, toiletry, communications, schooling, prescriptions. If we did away with income tax and instead institute a sales tax system, the following necessities would continue to be taxed at higher and higher rates to keep feeding government abuse of funds gasoline, electricity, natural gas, water, personal hygiene (soap, toothpaste, toilet paper), telephones (land & mobile) etc. Moreover, keep this in mind these are American life necessities, even if you have no job income, you would still have to pay these taxes. This fact causes our government employees to be less aggressive in ensuring Americans are working in America . We are already seeing this as millions of Americans are being laid-off while corporations move their business to other countries. Secondly, now start adding other goods that although they are not termed as life necessities, they are luxuries to hard working Americans tobacco, alcohol, fast food, potato chips, popcorn, soda, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, beer, gum, ice-cream, etc.. All these "goods" would require your hard-earned tax dollars whether you have a job or not. In addition, unemployment benefits are also taxed. This system will not eliminate political abuse and waste."

"Now let's look at the effects of the Universal American Citizen Tax.10-30% of your income is taxed. All other taxes go away. Now our government(s) will work very hard to ensure every American is working in America . They will ensure that the Citizens of this great nation are taken care of first and foremost. Under the U-ACT proposal, the 16 million Americans currently unemployed would be costing our government(s) approx. 75 billion dollars a year in tax dollars. You had better believe that our political employee's would be working very hard with corporations to keep Americans working in America . Also, if Americans are thriving in their business life with annual raises and bonuses, so will our government(s), because as we receive them so will they. This is a win-win for this entire nation. With Americans keeping more of their own money, business will thrive because we will spend more money. Our political employee's will need to make some serious government reforms and stop wasting the money they receive, plus they will have to ensure the contracts they give to private sector businesses are fair for the nation. No more of these no-bid deals to friends and family. Lastly, our political employee's will need to restructure our political offices. Do we really need multiple levels of Secretaries, Directors, Governors, and Senator Aides etc.? In addition, with our technology revolution, do we need all of our political offices? Every corporation in this country and throughout the world has streamlined their operations to ensure cost effective business objectives without jeopardizing quality operations. Our government will have to do the same. For example, 50% of our non-capital military budget goes to non-military personnel. Do we really need civilians within our military operations?, and if so, 50%? Our political employee's will not make these changes now because there are too many political favors, friends and family, and pet projects that in turn feed their Campaign election funds. Under the U-ACT proposal, they will not have a choice. It is time for our employees to clean up their house. The U-ACT tax system will also eliminate taxation as a political issue. No more tax lies during campaign speeches (i.e. "read my lips"). Under U-ACT, taxation will never again be a political issue. Now our elected employee's will be able to concentrate on real human needs without trying to "tax-lie" for votes."

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Not sure about that 25.Jun.2004 12:51


Now, this isn't a scientific assessment or anything, just one observation:

Washington state has a sales tax. Food is exempt from this. And Washington has great public schools (at least in Vancouver).

Oregon has a state income tax instead. Whenever I hear about Oregon schools, the news is that they are going to shit and that they have to hack 2 more weeks off the year.

So which tax structure is doing a better job of funding public programs? I know this a limited and unfair assessment, but it's just an example I've noticed. The discrepancy between Vancouver & Portland could just be due to money management and allocation differences, and because Vancouver is full of rich suburbanites that demand and get good schools. Just food for thought.

If you do some research! 25.Jun.2004 14:02


You will find that the income tax was enacted as a temporary tax for the war.
And it was said, when the war was over so would be the tax.
But as we well know we are lied to every day by the neo-corporate cons.

With this in mind you can trust that they only know how to lie.
They do not tell the truth!

Keep this in mind when you hear their spin and you can see their plans.

FUCK the "flat tax" 25.Jun.2004 14:57


Anything Steve Forbes totes as good science, be wary. I wouldn't trust him if he said gravity exists (well...)

Forbes Plan Sucks 02.Jul.2004 10:45

Concerned comments@UCAnation.org

A flat tax is one flat number, and it has only been proposed at the federal level. No other proposals target every tax at every level.

This organizations tax proposal is not flat. And it appears to re-do tax withholdings at every level.

I agree that a sales tax system would be very bad. And Forbes proposal seemed to overly benefit the rich. This organizations proposal seems very fair across the board, but tying every tax dollar, at every level, into income, would take a revolution. Our politicians would probably kill-off the leaders of this organization if it ever started gaining momentum.

However, an income only system will definitely keep many more jobs in our country, and will probably start returning jobs that have already left.

Here is some interesting information:

On average, Americans now spend more time working to pay their taxes than they spend working to provide food, clothing, and shelter combined. According to the Tax Foundation, the typical middle-income taxpayer in 2003 had to work until April 19 to just cover their federal and state income taxes. That's almost a third of the year, 109 days, or 2 hours and 23 minutes of each eight hours in earnings. Now add on your local taxation fees and your homeowner tax. Each American is working almost half a year just to pay their annual tax burden. Close to half of your 8 hour work day is going directly to pay your tax requirements. In comparison, in 1930, it only took 30 seconds of an individuals daily work time to cover their tax burden.