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Audio Report: Statewide Initiative Petitioners File Suit Against Oregon Secretary of State

This morning, June 24, 2004, a press conference was held in downtown Portland toannounce a suit in the US Disrict Court against the Oregon Secretary of State, "to stop implementation of his entirely new and completely unjustified policies that are trashing tens of thousands of valid signatures on statewide initiative petitions for no coherent reason."

The Press Conference was intoduced by Dan Meek, who "along with Linda Evans and Lee Burger are representing campaigns which are collecting signatures for statewide ballot measures. It includes the Oregon Medical Marijuana 2 Campaign and Term Limits, and also the Oregon Taxpayers Association Campaign to repeal the Multnomah County income tax." Meek goes on to state that, "while all of us may disagree on issues of substance, we do not disagree that the Oregon Secretary of State has begun to enforce brand new and arbitrary and unnecessary rules that have the effect of throwing out 10's of thousands of perfectly valid signatures on statewide petitions that were submitted recently for early for verification....." Announcement and Suit documents

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