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'Environmentalist' Nader Joins Forces with Corporate Front Groups to Win OR Ballot

With a "friend" like Nader, the environment doesn't need any new enemies.
Sacramento Bee: "Two conservative [corporate front] groups have been phoning people around Oregon this week, urging them to attend Ralph Nader's convention Saturday in hopes of putting Nader's name on Oregon's presidential ballot. The groups make no bones about their goal - to draw votes away from Democrat John Kerry and help President Bush win this battleground state in November. "We disagree with Ralph Nader's politics, but we'd love to see him make the ballot," said Russ Walker of Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group best known for its opposition to tax increases. The Oregon Family Council also has been working the phones to boost attendance at Nader's event - with the idea that it could help Bush this fall. "We aren't bashful about doing it," said Mike White, the group's director. "We are a conservative, pro-family organization, and Bush is our guy on virtually every issue."" If Nader accepts this kind of help, then he is a Judas to his own cause, indeed.