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Mike D vs. Judge Dread

Mike D was not released at his release hearing today at 3pm. His bail was reduced. Still waiting to see if Mike D wants to be bailed out. Mike D. had his release hearing this afternoon at 3:00pm in the courtroom of Judge Ronald Thom aka Judge Dread. I witnessed one defendant after another chopped down by axe of Judge Thom. He barely allowed any defendants to speak. When they asked to speak, he simply said, in his authoritarian manner, "NO!" Defendants were not brought into the court room. Instead, they were viewed on monitors. Whether they were in custody or not the monitor made everyone look like a criminal. The personal aspect of the courtroom was nil.

When Mike D's case came up Judge Dread's justice was also swift. To his credit he did reduce Mike D's bail from $50,000.00 to $5,000.00. But, he would not release him on his own recognizance though his lawyer argued that he had a place to stay and based on his two weeks in jail he would definitely take his court date seriously. When Mike D asked to speak to his lawyer, Dread said "NO!" Mike D's physical reaction was to basically throw his hands up in the air. He also raised the fist to show that he was continuing the fight. [ read the full article... ]

UPDATE: Mike D. was released at about 6pm thursday. He was bailed out at his own request.