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The Daily Poetry Movement

Code Pink SISTERS! "If an event was not witnessed by the media- the journalists- then it did not happen." Amy Goodman referring to the mass arrests of journalists before they arrested the poets at a Code Pink protest! As recalled by Maxine Hong Kingston, an arrested poet. Now is pink- now is the time for a mass rebellion of feminists and lovers!


Statement of Conscience
Maxine Hong Kingston

It is the profession of the poet that she knows truth and beauty.
Listen: Iraq has already been divided into three parts. We have
already destroyed the north and the south, the No-Fly Zones; we have
destroyed the water treatment plants by bombings every week for a
decade. We do not need to saturate-bomb the rest of the country. We
have been at war with Iraq for a decade - this latest Bush plan means
to kill off the country entirely. We Americans are already the only
people who've ever dropped nuclear bombs - Let's learn our lesson
from the past, and not do such evil again. War will only make things


Oh my Kittens how wonderful to see our wonderful Kirsten Anderberg's Stinging Nettles article in this months ( Volumne 12 number 4) Adbusters! Kirsten has written soooo many lovely articles here on pdx indymedia taht I was happy to reread this orginal article in Adbusters...

People, we are the media, what are you waiting for???? Write the news because as long as you allow your voice to be marginalized you will be penned.

1 out of 74 men are penned! Free Mumia! Free Peltier! Free the pen! Free America! Free America!

Pick up your pens america! Stop being sheep! Stop demanding sheep!

And last of all remember to rock and roll my kittens for we should enjoy life! Enjoy your resistence! Have fun! BE creative! Smile, life, create stinging nettle recipes!

Bless you my kittens, I have missed you but I am in the process of a migration...

--Migratory Bird