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9.11 investigation

F911 Midnight showings tonight (Thursday) night!

Regal Cinemas added some midnight showings of F911 at the Fox Tower.
Not sure if anyone will see this in time to matter, but I just noticed the Fox Tower has added TWO midnight showings of F911 tonight! (one listed at 12:01, the other listed at 12:02). You can get tickets at Fandango.

For tomorrow's official opening, the Fox Tower is playing it on THREE SCREENS and every showing after 3pm has already sold out.

Lloyd Mall added a second screen today, and Century Eastport apparently moved their two showings into bigger theaters (because shows that were listed as sold out this afternoon are no longer sold out).

Apparently there's going to be a good turnout!
Let me know if Michael Moore talks about the fighter jets 25.Jun.2004 09:29

not showing here

This is really all we need to know- These guys are guilty of treason and murder!

Air Defenses Faltered on 9/11, Panel Finds
By Dan Eggen and William Branigin
Washington Post

The chief of U.S. air defenses testified today that if his command had been notified immediately of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings and ordered to intervene, U.S. fighter jets would have been able to shoot down all four of the airliners.

Air Force Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), told the commission investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that had the Federal Aviation Administration conveyed word of the hijackings as soon it knew of them, "yes, we could shoot down the airplanes."

[In fact, the FAA did not have to wait to confirm and relay word of "hijackings. Regulations followed routinely at least once a week at the time saw FAA controllers calling for fighters on ready alert, or already aloft in the vicinity, to escort commercial planes that had lost radio or transponder contact. At least one Boston Center FAA controller says word of lost communications with FL 11was passed to the military immediately. WT]

The chairman and vice chairman of the commission later expressed surprise about Eberhart's claim.

According to the commission's new staff report, Vice President Cheney did not issue orders to shoot down hostile aircraft on Sept. 11, 2001, until long after the last hijacked airliner had already crashed, and that the order was never passed along to military fighter pilots searching for errant aircraft that morning.

The commission staff concluded that NORAD had received notice of the hijacking nine minutes before Flight 77 hit the North Tower.

"The nine minutes notice was the most the military would receive that morning of any of the four hijackings," the report says.

[If that is the case, they could not have been watching there own radar screens. And they must have been the only Americans that morning not watching network news or answering calls from worried spouses.