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a very special CRITICAL MASS this friday

this friday is a very special critical mass
its part of pedalpalooza
also a ride in rememberance of the bicyclists who were killed last year on belmont and 40th
there will also be a benefit show later featuring bands who were friends of the deceased
if there is one critical mass ride this year you should attend
its this one !
much fun to be had ridding with others from the 5:30 ride
to the 7:00 ride

there will be a huge marching band at the 7:00 ride

here is the info

critical mass
5:30 pm friday
north park blocks
ride leaves at 6:00 pm

memorial mass
7:00 pm
se 40th and belmont
ride leaves sometime later

come join the fun ! be ready for the first mass to head on over to the other mass !
see you there !

more info about pedalpalooza and other bike fun at www.shifttobikes,org

Don't forget Eugene! 25.Jun.2004 07:59

banana seat bandit

Critical Mass Eugene meets at 17th & Charnelton (just west of Willamette) at 5:30pm today!

See you there...