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Summary of June 12 Day of Action & Solidarity with Jeff Luers

The June 12 International Day of Action and Solidarity for Jeff Luers was a total success. All in all, there were 27 events scattered on three continents! Despite harrassment by the FBI, people went ahead, organized wonderful events and agitated for Jeff's release. Over fifty media articles ran the week of June 12 and the www.freefreenow.org website recieved over 20,000 visits on June 12 alone.
community meal in Bradford, England-benefit for Jeff
community meal in Bradford, England-benefit for Jeff
Russian anarchists tag 'FREE JEFF LUERS' on US embassy
Russian anarchists tag 'FREE JEFF LUERS' on US embassy
Russian anarchists tag 'FREE JEFF LUERS' on US embassy
Russian anarchists tag 'FREE JEFF LUERS' on US embassy
San Francisco on June 12
San Francisco on June 12
Worcester cop (right side) busted by reporter at press conference
Worcester cop (right side) busted by reporter at press conference
Worcester activists respond to FBI harrassment at press conference
Worcester activists respond to FBI harrassment at press conference
Eugene, Oregon-The main event
By Eric and Ben, Break The Chains

This article represents the views of Ben and Steven but not necessarily the Break The Chains collective or the participants in the June 12th Day of Solidarity with Jeff "Free" Luers in Eugene, OR and elsewhere.

"To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else." - Bernadette Devlin McAliskey

This June marked the fourth year that our friend and comrade Jeff "Free" Luers has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at a Eugene car dealership to protest ecological destruction, and numerous trumped up arson charges, Jeff has remained active in prison and continues to fight back with his words and inspiration. This June 12, Break The Chains and Free's Defense Network, and many other groups throughout the world, organized a day of solidarity with Jeff to protest his absurd prison sentence and to make a show of force for him before his appellate hearings.

This was the first annual international day of solidarity with Jeff, and it was a great success. Events and protests were organized by anarchists, environmentalists, human rights and prisoner support activists in countries as diverse as Australia, England, Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, and North America. The main event was held in the city where Free was originally arrested - Eugene, Oregon. It was organized by Break The Chains, with the help of the Cascadia Media Collective, Eugene Peace Works, and others.

Due to the threat of police violence, including FBI harassment, we decided not to do a public protest but instead to organize an indoor event focused on community education about Free's case, to mobilize people to take action in support of Free - and other political prisoners - and against Oregon's "Measure 11" mandatory-minimum sentencing guidelines and other forms of state repression.

The event, which was held at the WOW Hall, was attended by approximately 200 people. The main attractions at the event were presentations by former political prisoners Ramona Africa of MOVE and Claude Marks of the Freedom Archives, and a musical performance by the American Indian (Dine) "Alter-Native" punk musicians Blackfire. The event also included a showing of an edited version of the Australian documentary film Green with a Vengeance about radical environmentalism in the Northwest, combined with unseen footage of an interview with Free; plus presentations by members of Break The Chains, as well as Kevin Price of Friends of Move, and Free's father, John Luers.

At the opening of the event, a member of Break The Chains greeted the audience and explained his reasons for supporting Free, noting that Free is a principled, compassionate person who belongs on the streets working for change, not held in torturous conditions of confinement. He also emphasized the ridiculousness of Free serving 22 years for actions that harmed nobody, when local cops are getting five years sentences for using their positions of power to sexually coerce women. Before handing over the mic to Claude Marks, he urged people to take action for Free now because if they get away with keeping him down for 22 years, then all activists and dissidents will be more vulnerable to the wrath of the ruling class. Claude Marks, the director and founder of San Francisco's Freedom Archives Project, gave a compelling speech about the importance of prisoner support and the importance of being an ally, allowing those you are allies with to determine the direction your support will take. He said that, despite what you may think of their tactics, political prisoners as diverse as Jalil Muntaqim, David Gilbert, Marilyn Buck, and now Jeff Luers, are all fighting for a more just world free from racism, war, and ecological annihilation. They are targeted most severely by the state because they are dissidents who see through the big lie of American "democracy."

Following Claude, Blackfire members Jeneda and Clayson performed traditional Dine singing and drumming while band member Klee performed his award-winning, awe-inspiring hoop dance. The intricacy and sophistication of the dance is breathtaking. Klee spoke about the meaning of the dance for his people and his reasons for performing it at the event. After the dance, another member of Break The Chains got on stage and read a statement by Free. This statement was written just for the event and was supposed to be read by Free over the phone and recorded to be played at the event. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties the statement was not recorded so instead a collective member read it to the audience. The statement is very powerful. This is the closing paragraph:

Look around you. The people you see are your hope. They are your community, they are your allies and they are your source of strength. One person in this room has the power to make a difference. Imagine the difference you can make by working together. You want to be free from the control of multinational corporations that only care about profit? You want to be free from a police force that protects the corrupt? Do you want an alternative to a society and civilization that is destroying its own world? Then take the initiative and create it, build it, and fight for it. Lead by example. If you want change, then take it street by street, community by community until power has been reclaimed.

The edited version of the film "Green with a Vengeance", provided by the Cascadia Media Collective, refreshed everyone's memory about the spin that law enforcement and corporate media put on Jeff's case, and the actual footage of Free - in the forest and then behind bars - gave the event a sense of urgency. "Green with a Vengeance" was originally shown on mainstream television in Australia - something that would never happen here in the US. The filmmaker, Olivia Rousset, had the courage to interview Free, allowing him to explain his real motivations and debunk the lie that he is an "eco-terrorist" when in reality he is an eco-defender who acted out of frustration with continual attempts at making change only to be ignored by the status quo. Adding to the immediacy of the event was the presence of Free's parents, John & Judy Luers. John Luers had a short but impassioned statement prepared for the audience. Here it is in its entirety:

Good evening... .Thank you all for coming... .Today is intended to be a day for public education and awareness about Jeff and his case... .The FBI, in it's bulletin to law enforcement agencies, has chosen to make it sound like an ELF (Earth Liberation Front) call to action. That's wrong, but it got Jeff and his case some good publicity in places such as Morgantown, West Virginia and Palm Beach, Florida that may not have developed otherwise....My wife, Judy, and I want to thank all of the organizers and attendees at this event and similar events around the world designed to bring attention to the injustice done to our son, Jeff "Free" Luers.

Kevin Price, a longtime MOVE supporter coming from Philadelphia (the home of MOVE), spoke with fire about the lies surrounding Mumia Abu Jamal's case. He proceeded to draw analogies between the misinformation around Free's case and the severity of Free's sentence, with Mumia's case, where he clearly wasn't the person who killed the cop (another person has even confessed to the shooting). Mumia is on death row for his political beliefs, for his refusal to stop reporting the truth. Kevin started doing work for Mumia and MOVE political prisoners at the age of 14. He's now working with International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and is publisher of the Friends of MOVE newsletter. His passion was well-received by the audience. The last speaker was Ramona Africa, the Minister of Communication for the MOVE Organization, a former political prisoner and one of two survivors of a Philadelphia police assault in 1985 which killed 17 people and burned 200 neighbors out of their homes. Ramona spoke eloquently about the absurdity of the same government that refused to punish police for murdering MOVE members and their children in a bomb attack has the nerve to call Free a "terrorist." She reminded us of the oppression and brutality suffered by people all over the world at the hands of the thugs who run this insane system. She pointed out that to go to the oppressor to ask them to stop oppressing you will never work. She gave many analogies for this, encouraging people to understand that the system itself will never change willingly and that power concedes nothing without a struggle. Ramona finished off her talk shouting this message over a loud applause:

Long live John Africa! Long live the Earth Liberation Front! Long live the Animal Liberation Front! Long live the Puerto Rican Independistas! Long live the Zapatistas! Long live Mumia Abu-Jamal! Long live Free! Long live all political prisoners! Death to this rotten ass system!

Blackfire got us dancing for the rest of the night with their inspirational political music, pointing out that whether we are fighting against injustice caused by homophobia, sexism, racism, or classism, it is all the same fight, we are all fighting against the same oppressive system and we need to work together to become a force to be reckoned with. They brought the message from the Hopi and Dine people on Black Mesa, that their mountain is being ravaged by Peabody Coal, and that the same company that owns half of Peabody Coal is also linked to privatized prisons.

Another thing that Blackfire pointed out was that walls continually are built to create a sense of separation between people and the earth, and between each other. In Palestine, in Iraq, at anti-globalization protests, in prison, on the reservation in Flagstaff... these walls are up to keep people feeling isolated, separated from the community and the natural world. We need to work hard to get past the physical and psychological barriers that separate us so that our struggles can become more powerful and the alliances we make can grow stronger as we face oppression on all fronts. Blackfire's awesome music combines traditional American Indian with punk rock for a truly unique sound (hence the term "Alter-Native"). They played to a very appreciative crowd whom demanded a triple encore! Finishing the night with AIM song, followed by a cover of The Ramones tune, "I believe in miracles".

Despite a lower attendance than expected (which we attribute to college graduation parties, conflicting events and FBI scare tactics), the event was a great success. Over 200 people came together - despite the corporate media and FBI attempts to slander our efforts with hysterical falsifications about our "terrorist" plans - to show their support for Free and political prisoners, and their opposition to state repression and unjust sentencing. Although we realize that it will take a lot more than this to get Free out of prison and back where he belongs (in his community), we feel this was a real step in the right direction. Free's supporters are gaining ground. The amount of international support for Free is indicative of this fact. We are doing what we can to get Free's sentence chopped back because we know his sentence is our sentence, and that today's dissidents are tomorrow's political prisoners. We know we can't afford to let them get away with locking away our friend, our comrade, for the most important years of his life. So we won't. And once we get him out, we won't stop there. Because this isn't about one person, this is about every life stolen by the prison industrial complex. This is about struggling for a world where all lives are valued and equal, a world free of prisons, torture, genocide, and ecocide. And, to quote Buenaventura Durruti, that world is growing this minute... .in our hearts.

Free Jeff "Free" Luers! Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Free all political prisoners!

Worcester, Massachusetts[see photos here]
The past couple of weeks have been very interesting for us in Worcester. Our solidarity event was scheduled for the Friday the 18th instead of the 12th because a couple of folks organizing it were going to be away the 12th. We didn't know at the time how complex the fact that we were away would become. I had a heads up on Wednesday about the FBI bulletin, but didn't think much of it until I came home on Saturday to find my cell phone and email full of messages from the press and concerned friends. I was told to watch the TV news and on every channel the headlines were "possible eco-terror attack tonight in Worcester". This made me laugh at first until I realized that we would now have to deal with this. The next day there were reporters in front of our space.

Since folks were away we couldn't get a good feel for what our next step should be. On Sunday night we had a long meeting with folks that were in town and decided not to hold the event at the space and to hold a press conference to discuss the allegations. We learned that the FBI had contacted the space's landlord two weeks ago and had visited him more recently. The morning before the press conference there was conflict with the space's landlord regarding the event and the FBI's involvement. This has not entirely played out yet, but it is not looking good for us.

The press conference went well. There were two really great articles written. One in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette and another in Worcester Magazine. At the press conference one of us noticed a woman taking pictures toward us from about 50 feet away. When he approached her she admitted to being a cop and working for the Worcester Police Department. We got photos of her and one was included in the Worcester Magazine Article.

Later that week there was a suspicious vehicle that circled an outdoor meeting of the Worcester Global Action Network (WOGAN), slowed as it passed than parked a few yards beyond us. Some folks saw a flash come from the car. I also saw a Black SUV with tinted windows and government plate # 259 in two locations about 15 miles away from each other on the same day. Right before the event some folks spotted a van parked directly across from the entrance to the building where we were holding the event. When they approached it the back was all curtained off, but sitting between the front seats was a package addressed to the Worcester Police Department from a camera company. We took photos of the van and the box and posted them on Worcester Indymedia.

With all of the press we had a far larger showing at the event than we had expected. At one point someone counted 50 people in the room and more people came in after that. The crowd was very mixed in age and preferred tactics which made for a great conversation after the film. The community was very supportive of our right to hold this event. After the film and discussion we had dinner provided by Food Not Bombs and had a lively open mic/Earth First! song sing along. No uniform cops were present at the event and we had no problems with Clark University Security.

I feel the event was successful, we got the word out about Jeff's case and we were able to unite parts of the community by concretely showing how fucked up our "civil liberties" are in this climate of fear. Everyone could see that we had the right to show this movie and have this discussion. The reaction we received showed even more concretely how trumped up Jeff's sentence is. Our hearts and minds have been with Jeff since this began and they will continue to be until he is Free.

San Francisco, California[see photos here]
On June 4, the Autonomous Collective hosted a 'Night of Support and Resistance' for earth liberation prisoners Jeff Luers, Tre Arrow and Billy Cotrell. The next day, they established a "Free Free' State in Golden Gate park to protest anti-poor people policies of the San Francisco city government and in support of Jeff Luers.

Boston, Massachusetts
The Boston Anarchist Black Cross group hosted a screening of Green with A Vengeance with a book release party by political prisoner David Gilbert. Former political speaker Kazi Toure spoke as well as a representative of Friends of Jeff Luers.

Fresno, California
The Moving City Collective and Sierra Nevada Earth First! event was attended by 30 or so people, with a few giving what little they had in their pockets. We showed the video Green with A Vengeance" and had discussions throughout the night on the environment, its defense and the case of Jeff Luers. Most in the discussion believed in spite of his actions, that the legal implications were not parallel with the "crime" committed. With the Occupied Territory gathering, move city activists at the Reclaim the Commons biotech mobilization and this event, we believe we are gaining momentum for our movement in Fresno.

Cincinnati, Ohio
There were events happening in Cincinnati all day around a variety of issues. At the annual Reverend McCrackin Day, we discussed Jeff's case and took some donations. The response from the crowd there was really good, with many people in disbelief about the length of Jeff's sentence. That evening, we held a screening of Green with a Vengeance, along with a potluck and letter writing. Throughout the week leading up to J12, many of us flyered and discussed the case with a lot of people, so a lot of awareness was raised in Cincinnati.

San Francisco, California
On June 12th San Francisco activists showed their solidarity with political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers, by taking a large banner to multiple locations in the city to raise awareness of his outrageous 23 year sentence. Our first stop was the Haight Ashbury district. We hung the banner ("Free Jeff 'Free' Luers! Free All Political Prisoners! www.freefreenow.org on a fence and handed out literature about Free's case and appeal. Next we took the bus down Market street to a busy shopping area, where many people saw the message, took literature and signed the letter of support for Free. Once we ran out of literature we headed to our final site, a Ford dealership on upper Market street. We stood on the corner where drivers and passersby could read the banner. We talked to several interested people and got a few more to sign the letter of support. A local reporter from the NBC 6 o'clock news came by to film us with the banner and take a few statements. After he left we put our stuff away and went to go tape the news.

In typical fashion the mainstream media story was full of misinformation and inflammatory statements. The banner with Free's website had a short spot on the evening news and was featured prominently in many news articles. Our hope is that people will go to the web-site to get an accurate story of who Free is and the injustice that is the U$A.
Bay Area Jeff Free Luers support group bashback@ziplip.com

Morgantown, West Virginia
On June 12, Mutiny Productions put on a benefit show for Jeff "Free" Luers in conjunction w/ Free's International Day of Action and Solidarity. The show was held at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown, West Virginia. It was an amazing event and proved to me the practical possibility of anarchy and basic goodness of our common woman and man. My friends Ben and KB ran the kitchen for the free community dinner. Steve and Ben put their charm onto the local restaurants who donated a slew of food. Contributions were given by the Mountain People's Co-op, The Great Wall, Fatty Loafs, Margarita's, Casa Di' Amici, and more I can't remember.

We were able to feed everyone who wanted to eat, for free. (The excess food was donated to the Bartlett House homeless shelter.) I even invited the police who were out in force due to a FBl memorandum (thanks for the publicity!), but they didn't make it. We showed the documentaries pickAxe and Green with a Vengeance, and listened to live music provided by Without Eyes, Law Biting Citizens, Fairweather Fan, M Iafrate, and The Librarians. The band scuZard, scheduled to play, couldn't because their drummer punked out, but came anyway, and their presence was much appreciated. Duff from the local anarchist group tabled right next to xbogackix and Evonne of Mutiny Productions. The show was a huge success getting attention from the Dominion Post, West Virginia public radio, and local news stations 5 and 12. We raised a ton of awareness and four hundred dollars to contribute to Free's legal fund. Thank you to everyone who put forth a ton of energy to make the show a success. Thanks to the Morgantown community for all their support and the police department for being so damn cool about it all. Especially Jeffy from LBC (w/out whom we would've had only two bands) and the FBl (who, really, put the show in the public eyes).

Long Island, New York
Activists ticketed SUVs at Target and Walmart parking lots.

Lake Worth, Florida
We got hit pretty hard by the FBI media hype, but used it to our advantage the best we could. The video was shown, along with a brief talk, to a group of Quakers after their Sunday service on June 6th, then again to a group of 16-18 local/regional activists. It was also lent out to other interested people throughout the week. Due to interest generated by the media, we will have a follow up public screening on July 7th, at the local Quaker Meeting House. We also had a local direct action (tripod blockade) against Luxury Condo Development on June 11th which the news juxtaposed with the larger movements against over consumption and over-development. It helped generate curiosity about our local efforts as well.

Olympia, Washington
Activists participated in World Naked Bike Ride Day to support Jeff. The bike ride was short and sweet with over 10 people in participation. People put their clothes on when the police arrived and no arrests were made.

Lawrence, Kansas
About a dozen people gathered in front of the Douglas County Courthouse in support of Jeff Luers. Protesters held signs and distributed information about Free's case to passers by. The previous day the Lawrence Journal World had run a front-page article about the FBI's 'eco-terror' alert. Subsequently, there were two TV crews and a reporter from the Lawrence Journal World. Later that afternoon a showing of Green with a Vengeance was held at the Lawrence Public Library. About 14 people attended. There was a brief discussion after the film. Some money was raised for Free's legal fees and photocopies of Free's artwork were distributed.

Portland Maine
On June 12th, we held two events for Jeff "Free" Luers. In the afternoon in the main square we held a "Free Food for Free" event and served up some yummy food and distributed fliers about Free to people. A few hours later we held a video showing of Green with a Vengeance and had a lively discussion afterwards with about 25 people showing up to the event. The police were supposedly conducting surveillance on the event but according to the local paper, they had the address wrong.

New York, New York
Friends of Jeff Luers spent a number of hours ticketing Sport Utility Vehicles with global climate change ticket in NYC's Lower East Side neighborhood. There tickets were acquired from Earth on Empty

Supporters of Free showed Green With A Vengeance to their college class prior to June 12 and solicited signatures for the solidarity statement. They also set up an info table at a local music show, gave out food, collected signatures and donations from people.

Moscow, Russia[See photos here]
On June 11, a group of anarchists in Moscow wrote "FREE JEFF LUERS!" with huge letters on the wall of the US Embassy in Moscow. Protesting this way against imperial "justice", radical activists gave moral support to their comrade Jeffrey Luers. All participators of the action successfully escaped, so security of one of the tightest guarded buildings in Moscow was put in shame.

June marks the beginning of the fifth year of imprisonment for our friend Jeff "Free" Luers, held captive by the US state. Sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for burning three ecologically harmful Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, USA, Jeff has continued to be active in prison and fight back with his words and inspiration.

Jeff decided to burn three such machines to fight against global climate change, made by big oil corporations and their allies who govern states. Vehicles of SUV category release 43% more pollutants causing global climate change than normal cars. SUV's are marketed for individuals seeking luxury- their inflated size has no any practical justification.

Jeffrey's sentence is far greater than that faced by many offenders convicted of violent acts against individuals. For example, in the state of Oregon, Manslaughter 1 carries a 10 year sentence; Attempted Murder, only 7 and a half years; Rape 1,8 years four months. Clearly, Jeffrey's sentence is vastly disproportionate to the crime of burning three vehicles. Today, supporters of Free are organizing actions in at least 26 cities like Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, the UK and USA.


Anarchist Black Cross 12th of June 2004

Pictures from the action in Russian Indymedia

Oslo, Norway
Twenty people attended a film screening of 'Green with a Vengeance' on a beautiful day in Oslo.

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne ABC had a card table with information about Free, Rob Thaxton, Critter & other political prisoners We had a banner in the background that said 'FREE JEFF FREE LUERS IN DEFENCE OF MOTHER EARTH". It was a good peaceful rally. Flyers were handed out and donations were received.

Bradford, England[See photos here]
Over thirty people turned up at Bradford's long running anarchist social centre, 1in12 club , for a three course benefit meal for the June 12th International day of solidarity and action with Jeff 'Free' Luers. After everyone had eaten, a short talk was given about Jeff's case and his most recent prison dispatch was read out. Then the film 'Green With a Vengeance' was shown. There were displays up around the room which gave more information on Free's case and cards had been made for various political prisoners, including Free, that everyone signed. Around $180 was raised by the event for Free's defence campaign.

Brighton, England
Early this week, a display was put up about Jeff in the window of The Cowley Club which is at a bus stop on a main street, so lots of people look at it. Then on Sunday, the 13th, we hosted an afternoon in the club, with leaflets, a card, the sign on letter to sign, and a vegan roast dinner (a roast is traditional Sunday pub fare here!) with proceeds from the dinner for Jeff. It was very busy, with families and groups of people coming in throughout the day, we went round the tables and talked to people about Jeff if they weren't already reading the leaflets, and sold all the food we'd made. We raised about $240 through this. In the early evening, we then showed the film 'Green with a Vengeance' and the whole bar watched it, and someone from Brighton ABC answered questions afterwards. All in all, it was a pretty successful event, and probably 80 people came throughout the day, even though it was a beautiful sunny day outside!

Edinburgh, Scotland
On Tuesday the 15th of June, we in the Bilston Glen Collective held two solidarity events for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. First we made an attempt to hold an solidarity action outside the US Consulate in Edinburgh. Due to being a bit too disorganized (people turning up on different times) we didn't have time to do anything before the police turned up. The security probably saw those of us waiting outside and called the cops. And according to the police officers it's illegal to make protest outside of the consulate and we would all be arrested if we tried. After deciding it wasn't worth spending the night in a police cell we accepted the offer from the police that one of us could go inside and leave a statement of support for Jeff. The statement was as follows:

Statement of support for Jeff "Free" Luers
To whom it may concern:

As part of the June 12th international solidarity day for Jeff "Free" Luers, we in the Bilston Glen Collective are doing this protest outside the US consulate in Edinburgh, UK, to draw awareness to his case.

On June 11th 2001, 21 year old forest defense activist Jeffrey "Free" Luers was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison for the burning of three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV's) in Eugene, Oregon, US, on June 16th 2000. To make a statement about global warming, Free and a friend named "Critter" set fire to 3 Sport Utility Vehicles at a car dealership. Their stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs play in that process. Both activists took measures to make sure that no one would be injured as a result of their action and scouted the location for months beforehand. An arson specialist later confirmed that the action did not pose any threat to people based on its size and distance from any fuel source. Despite the fact that this action hurt no one, caused only $40,000 in damages and the cars were later resold, Jeff was sent to prison for a sentence considerably longer than those convicted of murder, kidnapping and rape in Oregon state.

The three counts of Arson that Jeff "Free" Luers was charged with for the single fire that he set, should have only been one count. Furthermore the action itself did not pose a sufficient risk factor to qualify as first-degree arson; therefore it should not qualify as a Measure 11 crime. The court should consider the actual harm and not the risk to greater harm which is a "what might have happened" scenario that the prosecution likes to entertain to scare juries and judges. In other words, the sentence Jeff was given has little to do with what he actually did what rather what the prosecution thinks might have happened in a worst case scenario.

Jeff's sentence is cruel and unusual under the 8th Amendment. Also, the evidence gathered by the illegal search and seizure of the vehicle Jeff was driving is a 4th Amendment issue. A motion to suppress evidence may have been filed. The classification of Jeff's incendiary device (a milk jug with camping fuel) as a bomb is inaccurate. Jeff and Craig "Critter" Marshall should have gotten separate trials. We also attack the circumstantial evidence and speculation that convicted Jeff of an attempted arson at Tyree Oil which Jeff denies any knowledge of. Our main point is to attack the "amplified" sentencing. The court has drawn out as many charges as possible. For example, Jeff was charged and penalized with both possession and manufacture of a destructive device when manufacture implies possession. By interpreting the criminal code and applying it in this way the court is able to inflate the sentence and amount of time Jeff has to spend in prison.

By inflating the risk factor the prosecution invokes the idea of "deterrence". For example, they are in effect saying that "the risk is so great that we must punish severely to deter future similar crimes". The intention of the state is to discourage those who might take similar actions with a similar motivation. In light of Jeff Luers stated political beliefs and the unusual length of his sentence, we recognize him as a political prisoner. We also support his appeal process, and call for a review of his sentence that would lead to a reduction in time served.

Edinburgh, UK
June 15th, 2004

The Bilston Glen Collective

After that we walked towards the city centre handing out flyers about Jeff. In the evening we showed the film "Green with a Vengeance" to about 30 people at the Forest cafe in Edinburgh. After the film we gave updates about Jeff's case, ideas about how you can help Jeff and updates on the Earth Liberation Fronts struggle. The showing was finished off with a poem from our own Fruity Blue. After it some people signed the Sign-on letter of support for Jeff and some stayed to discuss whether burning SUV's is a good idea or not. All in all a good event.

Leeds, England
Leeds' contribution to the day of solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers was the showing of 'Green With a Vengeance' at the monthly 'Incitement 2... ' radical film showing event at the Packhorse. Jeff's most recent prison dispatch was read out before 'Green With a Vengeance' was shown, a documentary about the 'Earth Liberation Front' including an interview with Jeff Luers from prison. Afterwards a 10 minute video that had been smuggled out of a French maximum security prison was shown. This unique film showed three heavily disguised 'long term prisoners' discuss the horrific conditions and policies that could quite easily transcribe to the UK prison experience. The ex-anarchist prisoner Mark Barnsley gave an interesting an informative talk about various aspects of the prison industrial complex, the introduction of American penal policies to Europe through Britain, prison privatisation and the panoptican prison society, followed by a short question and answer session.

At the end of the evening cards were signed for Marco Camenisch, who has recently been sentenced to an additional 17 years on top of his already 10 year sentence. Also cards for the "Il Silvestre" group in Italy six of whom have been arrested. Two of the six, Alessio Perondi and Costantino Ragusa, are being held prisoner by the authorities.

All six are being investigated for allegedly encouraging militant protests through the publication of the anti-civilization anarchist orientated paper "Terra Selvaggia". They are also accused of involvement in actions claimed by COR (Cells of Revolutionary Offensive), this is despite the fact the six are all anarchists and COR is a Marxist group!

Hull, England
On Wed, 16th, Anarchist Prisoner Support (Hull Branch, UK) contributed solidarity to Jeff (Free) by the screening of "Green with a vengeance" which includes interview with Free from prison, and the wider issues of the "Earth Liberation Front". We had a stall, with Free's recent prison dispatches and information on other political prisoners. Turn out was small, but to be fair space was limited, after the film, there was a good debate, on issues from state repression to how the ELF carry out their direct actions. Cards where signed with messages of hope and some pictures taken. This was followed by a RTS meeting. Many thanks to Repressed, for the video.

E-MAIL: freefreenow@mutualaid.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org
address: address: POB 3, Eugene OR 97440