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Help Us Find a Venue for a Benefit?!!!

Hi. PLEASE HELP US OUT! WE LOST OUR VENUE!! We need a space to
seat/hold about 100 folks to hear a speaker & music on Friday, July 30th, 7pm. It's a Benefit for the legal defense fund for a forest & community activist. SE and NE. Thank you.
Julia Butterfly, local musicians and speakers with art and MORE!! BUT, WE NEED A VENUE due to circumstances out of our control. Let us know!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.taldf.org

How about Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St.? 24.Jun.2004 16:17

Pravda or Consequences


Good Luck.

The Goodfoot 24.Jun.2004 17:23


Try the bar on SE Stark street, The Goodfoot.

I would 24.Jun.2004 18:11


the mult-art space, (actually two spaces 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs)
116 NE Russell = just off MLK.

Nate Preston

Friends 25.Jun.2004 09:07


Multnomah Friends Meeting House, SE Stark and 47th -- but it can get hot upstairs in the summer.