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Standing Up For What's Right Now

Hi. I've been reading Portland Indy for a while now from Florida. I thought I might post something here.
A favorite book of mine is "The Hipster Handbook". It's a book written by hipsters about hipsters making fun of hipsters. It's a book that I've read aloud in a crowd of hipsters and non-hipsters alike and have rarely heard such laughter in my life. A brief excerpt: the definition of a Hipster.

Hipster - One who possesses tastes, social attitudes and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it's is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool": a Hipster would instead say "deck".) The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not apart of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. A Hipster ideally possesses no more then 2 percent body fat.

I sometimes worry about something I call "the tyranny of the hip." Holding to certain ideas or causes because... well... they ARE good ones but we don't know why we started believing in them. I call them "standing up for what's right now, instead of what's right." Standing up for the issues we are handed to us, because the rest of the world is standing up for it so we might as well try to pick a winner. Are we doing that?

Before you answer that question, I ask you to read about what's happening in Sudan. It was a story on Democracy Now! that I have to admit to not listening to very much.

<A HREF=" http://sandiego.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/104704.shtml">It's Happening Again</A>

Someone on San Diego Indymedia is asking where the solidarity groups and marches are concerning this, "The Biggest Humanitarian Disaster in the World." At the bottom of the aforementioned link he says:

"I'm all for sending U.S. and UN troops in as peacekeepers here. My question is where are you? Where are the human shields and solidarity movements with the Africans being slaughtered by these militias and tyrants? Where are the protest marches and direct actions versus the Janjaweed and other Muslim militias?

I say its because you're a bunch of hypocrits who'll make a fuss and play the victim with Israel and the US, but refuse to confront those who violate human rights when it might actually risk your own necks instead of just being deported."

We can call him a troll, but that would require us not listening to him.

We can say he's just trying to make us angry, but I ask what would his point be in doing that?

I know nothing is happening en masse because this is a new story, but this is the important thing.

I know we have our own problems, but this is well, the bigger problem.

I don't think we have to drop everything and fly to Sudan. In fact I don't think that would be good, putting ourselves in harm's way. It may be something we can't do that much or even anything about, but something needs to happen. I don't know what I'm trying to say exactly.

I guess the kind of movement we are building isn't quite ready to send numbers out to stand against this. I just hope the movement I'm building is the kind of movement that would do this if we had the numbers. I just hope we will have the numbers to send. I hope that when we do have the numbers to send, that we DO.
cheeky bastard 24.Jun.2004 16:22


this is brillant, if i were a moron. one of the reasons people dont go crazy over the sudan situation is that they dont see how the u.s is involved, ie their tax money. if you cared, you could address this and maybe convince people to take action in a way that isnt insulting. as for the exegesis on "hip" i really couldnt give a shit. the tactic of defining people then showing how they arent living up to it is so middle america i think i just puked all over myself. all portlanders might not be as pissy to newcomers as me, and then again all those from tampa bay might not be as dumb as you, either way where are you yourself? - i've been to sudan. man it's hot there. all i could think was "how does a hipster be hip when it's that fucking hot?" is that in your damn book, t boy?

Huh? 24.Jun.2004 19:16

Tampa Boy

Um... When did I say you were a hipster?

None needed. 24.Jun.2004 19:21

Tampa Boy

"in a way that isnt insulting..."

No comment.

White Man (tm) should save the day? 24.Jun.2004 23:59


Sudan is in the midst of a 21-year long civil war. Do you think that the US should come in, guns blazing, slaughtering Muslims (is that what you want?), and that will solve all of their and our problems?

I have heard much about Sudan lately in the corporate media because of the Muslims displacing possibly 1 million people in Darfur. And the corporate media is banging the war drums pretty loudly. Lord knows there is a lot of money to be made there. War pays very, very well, after all. All the juicy private contractor deals and all the multi-billion dollar rebuilding contracts are probably making the ruling class salivate just thinking about it. And a possibility of killing Muslims? That makes your typical US general very excited indeed!

But those who agitate about Israel do so because they want the US's greedy, ultraviolent nose OUT of that situation. Israel gets more US financial and military aid than ANY other country on the planet. And it should stop. And the US going in and "keeping the peace" (read: killing thoudands and taking the place over) will not solve any problems. It will instead inflame the civil war there, making matters worse. Let's not pretend that the mighty White Man can solve all of the Naughty Savages just for once, OK, hipster boy? With every new country that the US invades, the US civilians (you and me) gain millions of enemies we do not deserve. Quit with the war-cheerleading. Better yet, go fuck yourself and start working for FOX or CNN or NPR.