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Sadam, USA had pre-war deal, evidence given that capture was faked

A moscow official concludes the war was set in advance. Evidence he gives includes legth of deard vs. established growth rates, blooming of plants in background of tape that were out of season, disappearance of Iraqi aviation and armor units without battle, and more.

The above link is just the original article.
'Saddam, US had pre-war deal'
24/06/2004 16:52 - (SA)

Moscow - Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein cut a deal with the United States before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, former Russian prime minister Yevgeny Primakov said in an interview published on Thursday.

"There was an understanding with the Americans, as paradoxical as it may seem," Primakov told the Russian daily Gazeta in a lengthy interview.

"Why weren't the bridges of the Tigris blown up when the American tanks approached Baghdad? Why weren't Iraqi aviation and tanks used, and where are they now?" asked Primakov, a former head of the Russian secret service and a specialist in Arab affairs who was formerly on good terms with Saddam.

"Why was there an immediate ceasefire? Why was there practically no resistance a year ago?" he added.

Primakov, who now heads Russia's chamber of trade and industry, also cast doubt on the authenticity of footage of Saddam's reported capture that circled the world on December 14.

"They showed two soldiers with guns with palm trees in the background near the hole (where Saddam was reportedly hiding). At that time of year, date palms are never in bloom," he said.

"Finally, any man can tell you that such a long beard (as Saddam had when he was reportedly caught) could not grow in seven months," he said.

"All evidence suggests that Saddam surrendered earlier and the story of the hole was invented later," he said.

Primakov, who was also Russian foreign minister, made two secret trips to Iraq at the request of President Vladimir Putin, shortly before the invasion by US and British troops.

Edited by Anthea Jonathan

Reminds Me... 24.Jun.2004 13:51

Tampa Boy

Can anyone confirm/deny a rumor for me? I heard that some intellegence agency was given notice that the US would be mounting a war in Afganistan in mid-october 2001. They got this intel PRE 9-11. Sounds like a false rumor to me, but...dotdotdot

Not New 24.Jun.2004 14:10

previously pointed out

This is not new and there is some dobt that saddam is actually captured as well. Saddams wife I think has pointed that out some time ago.

Facts are few to rare given our sources.

some people will believe anything 24.Jun.2004 15:08

i dont think so

i dont doubt this story about pre-war deals and an advance capture of saddam - but the story about his wife is false. you'd think if they (USG) had a double, the real saddam would not have said something by now. making the case that he is still out there highly unlikely.

can't confirm or deny... 24.Jun.2004 15:48

this thing here

... but it was reported that a pakistani newspaper published "rumors" in the late summer of '01 about an american military offensive in afghanistan. the source of this "rumor" was the pakistani intelligence agency. some rumor...

folks, in this world today, the way things are, appearences are deceiving, and things are not as they seem...

This might be what you're looking for 24.Jun.2004 16:03


India in anti-Taliban military plan

India and Iran will "facilitate" the planned US-Russia hostilities against the Taliban.

By Our Correspondent

26 June 2001: India and Iran will "facilitate" US and Russian plans for "limited military action" against the Taliban if the contemplated tough new economic sanctions don't bend Afghanistan's fundamentalist regime.



Spot the spin... 24.Jun.2004 21:04

Tony Blair's dog

""There was an understanding with the Americans, as paradoxical as it may seem," Primakov told the Russian daily Gazeta in a lengthy interview."

Paradoxical? Only if you do not tell the whole story
about how Saddam came into power, through the CIA.

He was and still is a CIA asset.

That his wife said that it is not the "real" Saddam
who she met in custody makes perfect sense if the "real"
Saddam is now living a nice new life somewhere or is dead.

Then one of the Saddam doubles will continue to
be useful for the Bush administration.